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Strategies of marketing, tricks and ideas to promote your web page in Internet. Secrets that your sales and visitors will increase in your small or medium business in Internet.

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on-line marketing, electronic commerce, online marketing, Internet sales, Internet publicity, electronic commerceLike selling your product or service in Internet
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Courses of Marketing in Internet and Position in searchers,
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Seminars of Marketing in Internet:

"Marketing in Internet and Position in searchers"

"Francisco, I am satisfied and satisfied of having received the seminar, now I have put into practice your recommendations and the results of my projects in Internet are very positive".

Carlos Pinedo
System chief.
You beat Peru.
Lima - Peru.

            If in your web you are not having turned out or are gliding to open a business in Internet, this seminar is for you.

Our web has to be a new business channel. It finished the time in which to have a web was a curious, modern thing. Your web must sell!!. Without excuse.

Many are doing it. www.internetmarketingtest.com it has highest profitability every month, and I am ready to tell how this is obtained, and as you can apply it to web.

Marketing seminar in Internet in Cesvimap

It does not matter for me in that sector you are. If you have clients, Internet you agrees and I you mostraré how to apply it to your sector.

This web page in which you are is an example of that in Internet can do money to himself if marketing skills are applied in Internet. Like selling in Internet. I take it doing from 98: from software for the company where I started in Silicon Valley (NetUSA), to my own marketing book for Internet from 99 (Like selling your product or service in Internet) happening for courses of other authors, the service of Posicionamiento-eficaz.com, pages webs entire, created to be promoted by announcements Adsense and then to sell:

In 2007-2008 I have sold more than 30  webs of announcements Adsense (I still have left more than 100 that are "maturing" in the searchers and keep on doing every month several piece of news):

All these webs were mine:

medicalschoolrankingsguide.com (it cost 95$ (artículos+dominio+promoción in searchers), I sold it for 600$)
bankruptcy-reviews.com (it cost 90$, I sold it for 400)
cellularringtonescentral.com (it cost 110$, I sold it for 928$)
and others even more than 30.

I sold them throughout 2008 with an average benefit of more than 350 %.

With all this I mean you that in Internet it can sell OF EVERYTHING. And we all know things of the most unusual thing that we have seen selling in Internet. So that if your products or services are not selling in Internet or you are not managing more called, you quote, budgets requests, etc., of course you will have to appear if the fault is of your product or (the most probable thing) it is that you are not applying specific rules of marketing for Internet.

"The people have found the course very interesting and we have remained short of time. After the summer we will speak to organize again the same course and even to include it in the Master's degree of Marketing that we organize here in the Chamber"

BARTOLOME ZUZAMA - Dpto. Formation
Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Valladolid
Av. Ramón Pradera, s/n - 47009 Valladolid (Spain)
Tlf. - 983 370400 http://www.cociva.es

We are already in the phase in which the companies realize that simply in spite of having a web on his company does not serve as anything.

In many cases it was only to give the catalog of his company to a designer who was making them "the paginita" and nothing was signing it in thousands of searchers.... Profitability for the company: 0, nill, not at all, nothing!!!.

It is time to take Internet seriously because it is demonstrated that a web has to be a source of income for the company, one more business unit, a new channel where to manage new clients, new sales etc.

We have detected that the human team of the depto. of image and creation of web pages knew very well the technical part, but we have learned many things of the commercial part, of sales, which we had careless. I have liked very much the seminar.

Alfonso Cortell
Group Setel - Alicante


It is called this seminar Like selling in Internet and is directed to:

Managers and top scales of the company
Business persons in charge in Internet
Professionals of the communication and the development of Webs
Personnel of departments of marketing, computer science, sales, TV/radio commercial and entrepreneurs with plans of taking a business to Internet. Etc...

It is structured in the following parts:

1. - The sale in Internet. Where we analyze the peculiarities that the sale has in this way with regard to the traditional one: Since visitors make faithful to turn them into clients. Since confidence is generated to do that the visitor goes so far as to trust in us and buys. Visitors' reception to be connected to them.

2.-Marketing in Internet. This is the thickness of the course and the most practical part. Multitude of examples is analyzed. Here there see the most effective skills to manage visitors, clients and sales. Here we treat in depth:

1. - Beginning of a web faced to the sale.

Payment means. Those who more are convenient and like installing them.
Statistics: like installing them and like interpreting them to obtain more visits and to improve our web.
Visitors' conversion ratio to sales: like increasing it.

2. - Searchers: This is the best tool to obtain a lot of quality traffic (potential clients of our company) at the best price: free!!  

It is vital to optimize your web for posicionarla as high place as possible. If the searchers produce a list of 34.678 pages and yours represents in the position 4.565 nobody is going to come to her. Really rarely a Net user goes on from the second page in a searcher. If it does not find for what he looks on the first two pages, often it does a search with a new criterion.

3. - Publication of a Bulletin. Tool responsible for 40 % of the sales. It is, together with the searchers and programs of affiliates, the best tool of marketing and promotion of your web and products. We see like doing one, which is what it is necessary to include and like there manage subscribers (mine has more than 10.000).

4. - Effective Email. Like increasing sales with the email (without effort). Like closing sales of doubtful clients. Like managing actively the email.

5. - Autoanswering machines. Like obtaining them, using them to sell and to manage emails.

6. - Email Campaigns: since I do to turn emails in sales.

3. - Internet: Opportunities and threats. Specific characteristics of this new way. Here we see like a pyme it can make use and gain him the game to a big company in Internet: agility and specialization. Examples.

4.-Adaptando our business to Internet. Steps to be continued to take our company to Internet of the most profitable form and so that it is successful in sales.

The seminar or course can adapt itself at 8, 12 or 16 school hours depending on the needs of the organism or company.


Francisco: I want to organize a seminar in my city or a course "in company" in my company. I want to contact with you: click here to request more information and to see availability of dates, programmes....

Fees: 100 €/hora + VAT - Minimum: course of 8 hours.
Expenses of trip, accommodation and meal in charge of the organizer.


Francisco: warn me when a seminar of yours is celebrated in my city. I leave my contact information to you: click here.

The registration price in a course or seminar is variable and it depends on the duration and on the organism who organizes it.

More information about me, click here.

Other comments of participants and organizers: click here

"Excellent Course Francisco! Congratulations so much for Francisco as as for the organizers.
The content of the course was very interesting and especially practically, attached to
the real life and to our business. I would like they were keeping me informed of
this type of courses, Marketing, Internet, Effective Communication...".
Thank you!

Lic. Claudia Narváez C.
Coordinating committee of MKT
Self-propelled of the Vale
[Assistant to the seminar in Mexico DF]


Place: Information and reservations:
Chamber of commerce of Valladolid  
Company Cesvimap - Avila Deprived - (In company)
Group Setel - Alicante Deprived - (In company)
Lima - Peru http://www.viajeroonline.com/seminario
Barcelona -  
Tijuana - Mexico http://www.ci-training.com/seminario1967.html
La Paz - Bolivia Contacts: jotanet@unete.com Telf.: 591-2-228968
Santa Cruz - Bolivia Contacts: jotanet@unete.com Telf.: 010-71077
SANTIAGO OF CHILE MBA in Business address.
Euromanagement - ESEM Chile.
More information in: http://www.idemaster.com/
Alicante Business school Fundesem.
MACE: Master's degree in Electronic commerce
Module: Banners and programs of affiliates.
More information in: www.fundesem.es
Barcelona There confers in the business School They Heures (Universitat of Barcelona):
"Banners: like increasing more than 1000 % the result of a campaign".
I contact: Inés Giralt
Madrid for the Master's degree in Marketing and Commercial management
of ESEM (Higher institute of learning of studies of Marketing).
More information in: http://www.esem.edu /
Santiago de Chile for the MBA in Business address.
Euromanagement - ESEM Chile.
More information in: http://www.idemaster.com
Madrid for the Master's degree in e-business
of the EOI (School of Industrial engineering).
More information in: http://www.eoi.es
Valladolid - Chamber of Commerce. Opened term of registration:  
More information and inscriptions:
Bartolomé Zuzama. Tlf. - 983 370400
E-mail: formacion@cociva.es  www.cociva.es
Madrid - School ESEM For the Master's degree in Marketing and Commercial management of ESEM (Higher institute of learning of studies of Marketing). More information in: http://www.esem.edu
Bilbao - Institute of Marketing of the Basque Country. 12 hours.
Precio:150 €
Contact person:
Patricia Alzaga
Tfno.: 94 4541603
Mexico D.F.

Postgraduates' school in Alta Dirección
Mexico City


Tels. 55 2504584 to 86

55 2504368 to 70  


Elche (Alicante)


Reports: Jose Maria  


Telef. 629674300

Oviedo (Asturias)

Course advanced on the incorporation of the e-business in the Pymes. I project NETWORK CNL

Reports: Luis Alberto Navarrete

Tlf: +34 985142488

Villanueva of the Linnet (Madrid) It dates: On November 13, 2008

Organizing company: Servigraf
Place: Facilities of the company Servigraf in Villanueva of the Linnet.
c / Thicket 1, accessed for Avda. Madrid,
28229 Madrid
School hours: 8 HOURS.
Registration boasted: 150 €
More information and registrations:
Luis Mariano Blas
blasca (25 pound) servigraf (point) it is
Telf. 902 933 311

Barcelona It dates: On November 20, 2008

Organizing company: Wurth
Seminar "In company"

Free weekly bulletin:
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Privacy: I never rent, sell or trade with the information of contact of nobody for no reason. I respect your privacy and hate the Spam so much how you!
"Francisco Segura:
It receives you and your collaborators a cordial greeting and my congratulations from El Salvador, I center America, for fulfilling one year with your bulletin "The Useful council of the week", which has been helpful for persons that as I we begin to sail in the world of the Internet. I hope to keep on being provided in a lot of time with your advices. Congratulations.
Margarita González

Bienesraices (Peñaflor S.A. of C.V)"


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