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Strategies of marketing, tricks and ideas to promote your web page in Internet. Secrets that your sales and visitors will increase in your small or medium business in Internet.

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At present we do not accept publicity in the web.

Publicity in the weekly bulletin "The useful council of the week":

There are two ways of inserting a commercial in the bulletin: to make it alone in the bulletin of this web (to see here the last published number) that goes out to 10.000 recipients (16-2-01) or to do it jointly in another two bulletins on marketing in Internet: of www.fenicios.com (20.000 recipients) and of www.mercadeoglobal.com (13.000) recipients.

The conditions of the announcement are:

Individual price (I boast for appearing in only one bulletin): 4 pts for recipient.
Joint price: 3 ´5 ptas (this means that the announcement goes out in three bulletins: 43.000 recipients)

Discounts for inserting announcement in several editions:

1 edition....... 0 %
2 editions....... 10 %
3 editions....... 15 %
4 or more........... 20 %

Number of characters of the announcement maximum 500.
Situation: Before the first article


  • The information of throw of the bulletins is to date February 16, 2001.

  • $ 1 USD = 180 pts.

Interested to contact in anuncios@internetmarketingtest.com


Free weekly bulletin:
Sign up to our bulletin: "The useful council of the week", and you will receive weekly in your mailbox ideas, strategies, advices... that will make you be on the day of the most effective skills of promotion (and sales) in Internet. Suscíbete now and you will receive in a few seconds the article: "7 ways of developing the sales in your web".
Privacy: I never rent, sell or trade with the information of contact of nobody for no reason. I respect your privacy and hate the Spam so much how you!

"Francisco Segura:
It receives you and your collaborators a cordial greeting and my congratulations from El Salvador, I center America, for fulfilling one year with your bulletin "The Useful council of the week", which has been helpful for persons that as I we begin to sail in the world of the Internet. I hope to keep on being provided in a lot of time with your advices. Congratulations.
Margarita González

Bienesraices (Peñaflor S.A. of C.V)"

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