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The marketing as a set of skills to obtain entirely the targets defined in the marketing.

The marketing is always related to the publicity, which always is always provided with the opportunity to know the possibilities of generating an ambience of recognition of a product or service on a global scale. In most of cases the marketing term makes a mistake with that of publicity but it is that it clarifies that the publicity acts like a marketing tool and the most propitious bases to initiate a business in Internet.

Essentially, the marketing is directed to the service to the client who claims the design of a product, fixing prices, the power to select distribution channels and to choose the communication skills most adapted to present a product and that is of finished satisfaction to the clients. The marketing concept comprises the definition of four P that in English of definen like Price, Product, Promotion and It Pleases. This defines with major clarity the product as any item that can be tangible or intangible that allows to obtain on a market for his acquisition, the use and consumption which debit to satisfy a need or desire. A product can be called a good, service, person, place or organization. These decisions in the definition of a product depend on the presentation and his formulation, the proper characteristics of the mark, his packing and labeling. The price decides as the total that collaborates to a deal. This is fixed by means of the cost of manufacture or process of production, also it means the quantification in what the same product is defined and what is ready to pay for these benefits. The influence is reflected in the fixation of the price in accordance with the prices of the competition, the position wished on the market and the economic requests that the company needs.

Inside the marketing, it handles also the square or distribution the one that it determines where it is located by the handling of logistic channels of sale to determine the suitable place, the suitable moment and the suitable conditions. There exist distribution channels that make to come the product to the potential buyer and to prepare an animation of the product to be an attraction and to establish a step in the marketing definition and finally the client decides to buy it. In the communication sense the marketing of the advertizing environment in a company does that there is promulgated the existence of the product determined by the publicity, the public relations, you offer it and promotions in sales, sales and helps in sale as in the sellers' management you offer phone companhies or by means of e-mails, surveys in line, etc.

Many companies determine the making of strategies of marketing using The last mass media, as it is Internet, which allows to create a pursuit of new users by means of the digital marketing which allows to realize market researches without investing in massive advertizing campaigns and determining the most suitable orientations as the orientation to the product, orientation to the sales and orientation to the market.

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