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Marketing in Internet:

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Are you going to initiate a business in Internet?
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Marketing in Internet. There is on 200 million persons worldwide connected to Internet, with more than 64 million regular users in America. It does not wonder that such a vast hearing has done of the marketing in Internet one of the sectors of more rapid growth in the world. Nevertheless, half of the best skill to lead visitors to his web and to do an electronic commerce of success, comes practically without help: Publicity in line:

The Internet that he announces generated one to amaze $ 1,92 billion in 1999, double of the quantity generated in the previous year.  

According to the Association of National Advertisers, almost half of all North American companies sells in line. The North American reports of the Newspaper of the Business of the City that the business that use the Internet grows 46 % more rapid than those that not, that's why we use Marketing in Internet.

The advertisers in line are careful; selling the tendencies in this industry often they become senile more rapid that you can say “publicidad automation. ” Here they are it departs from the skills in line, you expire and very common of the marketing that they must be avoided:  

- The Announcements Pop de Ups - the announcements of automatic publicity are like the publicity boards of the superfreeway of the información—Usted it cannot go anywhere without seeing at least one. The Marketing in Internet has gone so far as to be so saturated by automatic publicity eses general times of the traffic of web go more slowly. Most of the users of web unload software that eliminates them of his system, so that they are not the best way of reaching future consumers.  

- The places ELECTRONIC COMMERCE - the shops of the Internet have become the too abundant ways, especially when probable 99 % of for what you look can be found in Amazonas.com, the place that the Selection boasts ” more Big “de the Earth. Unless his product is so much extraordinary that cannot be bought in another part in the Web, a place electronic commerce can be scarcely a wasting time and the money.  

- It resells ELECTRONIC BOOK - ELECTRONIC BOOK looks like a big idea of Marketing in Internet. Nevertheless, most of the places that they sell offers to the seller that the right to resell the book to others. Therefore, the market has become saturated with the books that are often available for free of some places. And why would anybody like to buy your electronic book that they can obtain for free in another part?  

- Safelist that He Announces - How electronic book, this is theoretically a good idea. Safelists is the groups of members that safelist neighbors have chosen to receive the