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Direct marketing:  Many business proprietors of the hearth have spent the sleepless nights. They think about ways of changing his adventure into a higher profitable unit and want that it is his primary source of income. This is not easy for a home-made business because most of the company piece of news faces the initial absence of money and cash flows. A small cash would find also problems to obtain financing out.

We suggest the direct marketing that it puts on his list. Why? There are several reasons:

- More it is an effective side that the mass media strategies want the Publicity

- There is minor “rocia – on ” that mass media want the publicity and the public relations

- You “puede to measure ” the effects of the direct marketing

To solve the riddle of the direct marketing

For the direct marketing of the definition it is a skill of sales and promotion in which the promotional matters are delivered individually to potential clients route the direct mail, the televenta with Marketing manager, the home selling or other direct means. The direct marketing is one of the marketing more efectivndo to equip with tool a proprietor of the business of hearth can use to expand his business and makes it more profitable. It can help it to create the visibility for his company and educate the hearing directed about the products and/or they attend to him to vende.

The direct marketing with Marketing manager is not a complicated one, disconcerting the option of the marketing that you will go out it frustrated and down with few ones thousand dollars. If executed with the appropriate planning, the focus and some creativity, these instruments can do the marvels for his hearth business. Some of the most popular time and it proved instruments of direct marketing they are:

1. The leaflets: A leaflet is his sales person in the role. It gives to his potential client all the information that he needs in his company; an opportunity to evaluate his products, the services, his skill and a platform to get in touch with you for more information. A leaflet created with the serious prudence and to detail meticulously can make everything this and more for you. A few tops:
* ONE to force covering letter is a debit to obtain the perspective to read the entire leaflet
* A well designed leaflet must support the hearing of the target in the mind, the sophistication level in the style and the content and on the market on that you operate in.
* A leaflet must be aimed to finally to obtain the perspective to order a question of the business. Not olvíde to add the details of the contact; a postage on full of answer of business connected to the leaflet would be a good idea.

2. Direct sending: To send directly the Marketing manager implies ordering the sales letters, the aviators, they answer cards and another promotional literature for the mail of the snail, to a list of pre-determined mailing of potential clients. If directed to a precise hearing, it can obtain more rapid answers and not have to cost very much. The most important part of sending directly constructs a robust list of mailing with the correct names. You can or it develops you are ready yourself for your own records or he buys the lists of a Broker of the List. You might treat also and to be able to take help of the SBDC (the Center of the Development of the Small-scale enterprise), a program of the government sponsored by the SBA that provides skill to child and at home business proprietors and has access to directed sending the lists, that it can be offered by you like a client of SBDC. Throw a look to www. sba. gov/sbdc http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/0,4621,317818,00.html

3. The televenta to the Marketing manager: For televenta you can use the same list as for his direct mailers. Take the care the message is convenient for a called phone companhy; keep it short and colloquial. The televenta, for background obtains the most rapid result. A called phone companhy can obtain his appointments of the plant for declarations or a meeting to speak about his company. Another valuable answer than you can obtain it is a confirmed denial. This will help to his best list fit and to waste neither any any more time nor the money to try to be contacted a person who really needs neither his services nor the flatness they are not interested.

4. The postcards: One of the biggest advantages of using postcards there are his “franqueza ”, literally. Use to force and creative copy in postcards. The team arrives with visual content, and almost always, the recipient is more probable of giving one one he read before it unloads it in the drawer immediately. It is a cash and a very economic way of contacting and of keeping in touch with his existing and potential clients.

5. E-mail of the Marketing manager: With the WWW that is the source of the life of at home business, can you ignore e-mail? It is easily the most economic time and saving instrument of direct marketing, that can obtain his message across to thousands of persons and allows to answer them as well as easily. Decide about the copy very carefully, so that one emphasizes especially the publicity without interest that realizes to holders it receives every day. You can buy sending the lists, again of list brokers. His message fits to be capable of packing in the most pertinent information in a short paragraph. Add visually, the connections to his information of the web site and the contact. This must include a phone and a fax numbers a post office address and a name of contact person.

Earlier you begin an exercise of the direct marketing, it spends considerable time to evaluate what to equip with tool would be the best for his business; cash but it does not cost prohibitively; how does it do to him it does to the measurement his message for leaflets, mailers, orders e-mail etc., to break far from the flood and ride to the maximum the impact. Once you are for with this, it spends time to create the list of mailing with the correct names. If you can lower the cost of his direct exercise that he sends to still 30 cents, but it has a list of mailing of 20, 000 persons, all wrong names …:. Every cent has got lost! Someone said once, “hay a difference between the Efficiency and the Efficacy. The efficiency does the correct thing, but the Efficacy does the right ” of the thing! So that the work in doing an effective plan of the direct marketing and it sees his expanding of the business and becomes financially more robust.

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