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Marketing manager.El New Marketing manager and the Exhibition Designs

the director of the depto. of marketing - marketing manager

The question is - Our new marketing manager spent scarcely € 65.000 for a new exhibition of the trade fair, I believe than in Madrid. She adores it, but there does not seem to be election for the financial director.

There are the different scripts but the principal problem is - there is a new Marketing manager. New broom sweeps I clean. He wants to begin throughout. It does not work. What failed"? T here five basic concepts are to understand before changing the designs of the exhibition.


Remember - Form Continues the Function. The sometimes new directors come with big ideas, sometimes more time the message would have allowed a better integration of form of exhibition with the marketing. Do a commercialization plan for Every Exhibition.

WHY? Because every exhibition will draw different assistants with different hopes and you need to focus in the assistant, not his ego. All messages of the marketing must be integrated, so that a new exhibition with an old message - or vice versa - it is estremulador to his hearing.

2) This marketing manager NEVER DESIGNS anything IN A GAP ….

Allow that the people that they will work the position they have the entry. The experience in the apartment is invaluable on having improved or having designed a new exhibition.

WHY? They know the problems with the absence of the space of storage, of lost keys, of the theft, of areas filled with declaration, with the poor lighting, of the off-center graph as for the message, of difficult arrangement, and of the mailing the disasters.


The designs of the exit can frighten the perspectives because you do not look alike to "his" type of the company. Insurance is entertained to explode in the apartment with something really fantastic, but unless the exhibition pairs the image that the assistant has of the company, unless it is centred on the suitable message, of that time some potential clients do shy background.

WHY? There is a psychology to the trade fair and assistants – if the first time or experienced – It Avenges with desires of the consolation. The trade fairs are rapid, intense and overwhelming sometimes in assaults in the senses. The assistants do not want to spend time and the psychic energy to solve the strange exhibitions.


Have you ever been to an exhibition where to enter was part of the mystery? Or where to go next, or the stations of the declaration are in a secret place, or in you scarcely cannot it think that you present yourself to answer his questions? Never design an exhibition that is a labyrinth or the barrier to persons.

WHY? Most of the persons will not take time to solve anything new. They want that the option between, it goes out or stays on in his free time. It notices – The areas of the declaration and the conference they need the intimacy. The most important aspect of a good exhibition is Good Signs. Empty. Easy to read and multi-lingual when to his advantage. Especially important in the current need for ADA and the knowledge of the diversity.


There are many reasons through that a new exhibition does not live in accordance with sleep. One of the very obvious one, the laziest happening, is the personnel. Are you in charge the same the people? Are they tired, spitefully, boringly, boring? The enthusiasm - earlier and during the exhibition - he can conquer many damages of the design.

WHY? You must see every exhibition as a new exhibition and that they need a new sight every time. The most fresh and the message chose better the personnel, the best. The Center for the Investigation of the Industry of the Exhibition – www.CEIR.org – The estimations that 85 % of the reason for a sale is the personnel in the position. An exhibition only draws persons to his space. It is the personnel that does or breaks the introduction, the discussion, pursuit and sale.

Spiff arrives his entire presentation with the instruction earlier every exhibition to help it to do better design and provide the decisions.

When a proprietor of the business, you have the option to take several different approaches to handle his Marketing and the Publicity. You can choose to handle the responsibility yourself, with the idea that nobody understands his enough business the way that you do. You can consider also using a marketing manager replete with time or assigning still the tasks, as they arise, to someone already working inside his organization. Consider this …: When does his business need the work of installation of pipes it does to him you do it yourself? Does he use a plumber to be in the personal replete time? Or does he ask that his book-keeper handle it?

Call the Experts.

Although any adventures of the publicity and the marketing seem sufficient simple to company be handled ’ ‘entre ’’, nothing is so costly as a mistake of shot of the marketing. Not only him be able it sends the wrong messages, to the wrong markets, but also when you seize it, his budget can be in no way of recovering and redireccionar. The truth is, nobody can do the work as really and actively like anybody who lives and breathes the daily industry. Also, the aggregate fee of coherent means contacts that it will turn out to be financially beneficial to his business.

To see the forest and the trees.

When do you use a consultant you use an objective opinion, as well as a fresh point of view. Sometimes a business can lose the perspective in itself for also being immersed very much in the daily operations, and gets lost in the big portrait, losing the small details … Or vice versa. Sadly, sometimes a business marketing will reflect clearly this. The president of a focus to reaction deprived of the company is in the bells and hisses of his fleet. This is what he sees as important in his opinion about his business. Inevitably, his marketing can focus also in this portion of his business, ignoring what he sells really to his potential clients: The feeling and the position of jet deprived.

If you add another ball, technically it does malabares with.

If you, like a proprietor of the business, or an employee they take the aggregate tasks of the marketing of the business, the attention are taken of other projects and responsibilities. Inevitably, the focus and the demands have to pull one and to go of others until something falls down to the apartment. The consultants are dedicated to one, and the only one, the portion of his business. His focus is committed, and they allow him to support his where it it must be.

The Factor of Gumby.

The consultants are very flexible. Immediately ready and available to take the tasks immediately. The accessibility to obtain a new project far the soil is scarcely a called phone companhy far. On the other hand, trying to use a new employee to handle specially his needs for the marketing they take valuable time to places announcements; interviews of conduit and type of that time for petitioners, hoping to find the correct person for the work.

The M –Redacte Money.

When do you add the real cost of causing a new employee, you do most of the probable finds that using a consultant are much more an effective cost. The hourly tariffs can seem to favor an employee replete with time, but when you factor in employee's benefits, training time, time holidays / patients, 401 (k), the aggregation of above implied in placing a new employee, and in the finished fact that you can be paying the salaries replete with time for something that cannot need the attention replete with time, the price-performance will fall down in favor of a consultant. Which brings us to....

The C - Writes the Commitment.

To use an employee replete with time is a commitment. And causing an employee to handle a special project of the marketing, or the set arrives a plan of initial commercialization, can in the long sheet of the period that you climbing to find a new project or the position for this employee. Or worse still, you find that yourself paying to a marketing manager replete with time to do the basic conservation. To use a consultant does not need long-term commitment. When does a consultant complete a project, they have the flexibility to change to him to any position forward that you need them, from the quarterly analysis, to the basic conservation, to completely out of the portrait, but in the touch lines when you are ready to take a new step towards.

"There are still many ways of advancing, but only of only one felt of the position".-Franklin D. Roosevelt

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