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  Published: 25/November / 2008 

Dear subscriber.

in Posicionamiento-Eficaz.com we keep on investigating new ways of obtaining linkage that are of value to the eyes of the searchers and EFFECTIVE: therefore, reverberate in the progress of our rankings.

It is known that the linkage towards our pages influences very much the rankings that then the searchers grant us. Nowadays it does not also cost of much to look for "poor" linkage and it is better use our time in obtaining linkage of the best possible quality and if it is possible in the calls "authority sites", which as his name indicates, a linkage in one of these pages has much more value for the searchers that a linkage on "current" pages, for calling them somehow.

I want to show you today a way of obtaining a quality linkage in a resource that Google "appreciates" very much. And that any of us can obtain in an immediate way.

This is one of the resources that I always insure myself of that I was not missing in every round of new linkage for the webs of our clients. It is a question of http://knol.google.com/k/
the  encyclopedia of articles about Google.

It is a resource that is in alone Spanish from last September, with which we can be useful to send articles that are published in an immediate way and that, and this is the most important for us, it can contain a linkage towards our page.

This way, ultimately what we are doing is to place a linkage towards our page in a resource that belongs to google!!, with which the time that Google was taking in "finding out" about this linkage exists it is practically a zero.

So that the first thing that it is necessary to do is to open an account in Google (if you already have it, it does not need), for example in http://knol.google.com/k/ in the section to "gain access", that is in the right top part of this page.

The first thing is to create your profile in knol, with which you have to introduce several basic information on you: where you were born, where you live, your name etc...

Then you go to the section "to write a knol", (in a green box), that is as google names to every knowledge unit, or what is the same, every article that we write.

Example: Let's imagine that our web treats on occasion cars, and is called:
www.cochesocasion.com. we want so that a linkage appears towards our web with the tag "cars of occasion", to impel the rankings in the searchers when someone introduces this search.


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Well, so if our web treats about this topic, of course we will be able to create an article about contents related to this topic, of approximately 300 words minimum. IT IS important from the point of view of the laws of LSI of Google (latent semantic indexing), that the key word that is chased appears in the title, in the first paragraph, in the last one and with a thickness of between 1-2 % like much.
(please do not fill the article with the key word in question, this is called "keyword stuffing", and is a skill that Google penalizes). The best thing is that the key word appears in a natural way and there appear changes of this key word (car of occasion, car in occasion, occasion to buy car... etc).

Well, on the page that goes out for us after a knol agrees to "to Write", we have a few fields simple to refill (those that I do not put are not necessary):
- the title, where we will put a title that contains our "chased" key word, in this case: occasion cars.
- key words: here you put the key word in question
: occasion cars, more other 2 or 3 separated by commas.
- we put the article in the last section.
- very important: we have to create the linkage towards our web, so that only we have that: to indicate to (illuminate), the key word in question, in this case, for example in the first paragraph: occasion cars and to click in "linkage" inside the menu of commands of the page. There we select: web address, and we put the direction of the web of destination (in this case:

When we have I list everything, we give him to the button to Keep, that is in the menu of commands of the page. And in the menu of the right part you have to "publish" this knol, if everything is ready (then it is possible to edit if something failed).

Since we already have it: below in the right part, in the profile there us appears the direction where our article turns out to be already released.


in this case the linkage is in the signature, and it was done to promote this web that earlier (of selling it) was mine.

We can create all the articles let's want but it is good that you do not always focus in the same key word, since Google increasingly looks that the linkage appearance arises in a "natural" way: it disperses in the time, with different key words, in a regular way etc.

a greeting :-)
Francisco Segura. Manager.
"New system" posiciona a web in the first positions of Google at an accessible price.
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Margarita González

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