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"Like selling your product or service in Internet"

"we have multiplied by 8 the sales,
congratulations for your recommendations"

Are you going to initiate a business in Internet?
Do you want to multiply the visits in your web?
Are you going to take your current business to Internet?

Are you tired of not obtaining turned out in your web?

If you want to sell your products or services across your web and to make her PROFITABLE, or you are gliding to have a web page, this can be the most important information that you have never read. I explain to you porqué...

Two props of the business in Internet:

A web that is effective selling + quality Traffic

The reality is that the majority of companies on the American Hispanic market neither promotes his investment in Internet nor uses this way with all his potential.

In the United States they take us more advantage since a few years ago happened for this stage. There, most of businessmen who have a web today, are conscious of that to have a web without much ado, is a time of time and of money, if marketing skills are not applied online, specific for this way, results will not be obtained.

If you are one of the few ones that is obtaining profitability to his web … congratulations. But it is time for you to turn the benefits that you are obtaining in REALLY BIG BENEFITS.

It is not difficult to obtain benefits in Internet … if you know exactly what you have to do.

Some persons have already all this information:

"... we put into practice a the majority of the recommendations of
marketing of your book and we are very satisfied of the results. The month of
In December we
have multiplied for 8!! the sales with regard to November.
Certainly, that our products are ideal for the Christmas campaign. This way
that congratulations for your recommendations. We already have registered users that
they have signed up to the lists, etc."

Carmen Rodríguez
The Vega, 34
45223 Seseña (Toledo)

" Francisco belongs to few persons who know really how to carry on business in Internet"

... " This manual covers aspects of vital importance for the business in Internet..."


Alvaro Mendoza V.
The director                                                    

You are going to discover the most advanced ideas, tricks slightly orthodox (some), key skills … used by the businessmen who are having more success in this field. It discovers as your web will be one of those who are successful in Internet.

From my experience in the department of Marketing of an American company (NetUSA Inc.-http://www.netusa.com) located in Silicon Valley (California) I could have learned and to experience many marketing skills in Internet that now I put at your disposal.

5.134 monthly visitors. The project development as www.softwarecenter.com (sale of software), www.kidscenter.net (web page for children) and www.candycenter.com (sale of sweets and chocolates) they have allowed me to verify for me the efficacy or ineffectiveness of these skills.

These methods also have been put into practice in our web with excellent results: 5.134 monthly visitors two months after his throwing.

In Internet you can prove what works for your product concerning days and for "four five-peseta coins". In what another way can you prepare an announcement and begin receiving orders 24 hours later?  

Next there are a few examples of what you will learn:

  • Like preparing your web to obtain thousands and thousands of visitors a month proceeding from the searchers (Altavista, Terra, Yahoo …) and porqué the insertion services in hundreds of searchers for 60 € ($ 70) etc. are a loss of money!!.
  • The searchers are important because potential clients provide you, free traffic and of quality … if you do it correctly.
  • The manual shows you, step by step, excactamente how interested clients motivated to your web to attract... proceeding from the searchers and free!!!
  • It dominates this information and you will join 1 % who knows how the searchers to work so that your web appears in the first positions.
  • Like "trying", money tests your offer or announcement nearly and then, as soon as the winning announcement was determined for your product and market, to extrapolate it to all your campaign.
  • Like designing your web so that alone blindfold. There is incredible the quantity of webs who practically "throw" his clients before allowing to them to buy.
  • Like doing that your potential clients read your announcement and if they do not buy to the first one to send to them an offer that they could not reject. This is key for your business.
  • That announcements work in Internet and who are one I waste of money.
  • You will learn like there rake your clients, from which they come, porqué and that words use in the searchers to gain access to your web, which pages of your web are more seen and which less (to eliminate them or rediseñarlas).
  • That words to use in your web to be listed before your competition in the searchers. This will suppose hundreds of orders to you extra every month.
  • Like writing announcements that should shoot the number of answers.
  • Step by step, what it is necessary to do to multiply, yes to multiply, the traffic proceeding from the searchers.
  • Which are three strategies so that your web is profitable, pros and contras of each one and which is that that I recommend.
  • Half a page in The Country every Sunday in Spain costs more than 10.000 €.: is that reasonable? You will see ways of promoting every peseta that you spend, because earlier habrás proved to small scale.
  • As our own friends can help us to eliminate certain errors that would make us seem slightly professional and clients would "begin" out of our web. The first impression is vital, also in Internet.
  • Why can it be interesting to lose a few sales to gain most
  • A banner that working to 4 % of answer changes to double the answer. We have little that to lose and much that to win.
  • An error of very common strategy: to want to be quite for all. Specialize and desmárcate of your competition.
  • That it is necessary to do with the first 100 clients to perfect our strategy and to multiply the sales.
"Valued Francisco:

I want to congratulate you on your digital book, a very useful and practical manual
with that to be able to begin promoting a business in Internet
and in SPANISH!!!.

A written work of a clear way, without tecnicismos, understandable
for any person who wants to have an idea of as applying
marketing solutions in Internet. It contributes practical ideas, without
adornments and with precise information of how obtaining results

and of how using the necessary applications to achieve these
results. Undoubtedly, it is a very useful tool to manage
to increase the number of visitors towards a web."

Abel Chica
The director of Communication and marketing

"Francisco, this manual is essential for any that one that wants to create and promote his web in Internet. In a clear language and without tecnicismos, you offer us the keys to begin to "roll" successfully in Internet.

Your experience in Silicon Valley has served to you to see with clarity the potential of the network, at the same time that you demonstrate to be expert in the existing limitations in these moments."

Pedro Alvarez Bretones
Founder of Columbus Internet Marketing and Consulting
Three Singings (Madrid) - Spain -



  • Beginning of design in a web faced to the sales: it is much simpler than you think.
  • That it is necessary to put under ALL the graphs to support the interested visitor and to obtain major relevancy in the searchers.
  • The page of Yahoo, one of most visited of Internet, slow 6 seconds in be loading by a modem of 28k, most extended still in Internet. How many debit to be late yours?
  • Since it has to be the sale process so that it is effective (example of a big company that commits errors that are translated in losses of sales!!!)
  • Since you can improve the time of load of your web page
  • Porqué what you say in your web is what will sell the product or service.
  • Professional statistics: you can have free professional statistics to do campaigns pursuit and to promote your investment.
  • Like avoiding the absence of credibility. This is key in Internet. If you are not capable of solving this you will not come to any place. In Internet it is vital to turn out to be believable.
  • Every day the new people enter Internet. You cannot allow to yourself because someone is not an expert navigator, to lose a sale. We will see what you have to explain in detail not to lose sales.
  • It is suitable that your order form occupies the least possible thing. He asks for the essential thing or you will run the risk that they leave your web for asking for too much information.
  • Use of autoanswering machines in your order forms: confidence and calmness for the client.
  • That payment means to use and which is the most secondhand.  
  • That you have to do to increase even in 80 % your sales. This is almost the double.
  • Is it suitable to use image maps on your principal page or is it better to use small icons?
  • If the visitor does not do the order to you in this occasion: What do you have to do to have a new opportunity to sell him? Ways of having the second opportunity (and the third one).
  • Since you can use an interesting article about your sector to generate clients.
  • Difference between characteristics and benefits. What will sell your product and what it will leave to the indifferent client.
  • The truth on the shopping centers online. What separates them from his counterparts in the real world and if it is worth while that you use the time trying to sell your products in them. You will surprise this one. I will tell to you who wins really in this type of webs.
  • Do you already have a name of domain http://www.suempresa.com? But, do not reserve it! until you read this information. It quarrels like the proper name of your domain it will make you sell more.
  • Is it convenient for us "to prove Internet" lodging our web in a provider of free accommodation or is it convenient for us to have our own domain from the beginning?
  • 3 factors key to increase your conversion ratio (percentage of visitors who buy something) in 1.000 %! Of nothing it serves to you to have many visitors if they do not turn into sales.
  • The more it grows more impersonal Internet turns. Porqué is suitable to put information (even photos) of the components of the company that exists behind the web.

"I tell you that we have your book daubed of many notes that we have put nearby as we are reading it.
Sincerely I believe that our business idea as we are focusing it
at marketing level it is good and it is different from the current existing ones. (If you are already interested in I will comment to you on it)
Once again, excellent book.

The big difference of yours with regard to the others is the tremendously practical thing that the book proves. Rest of sound too general. You speak about real cases put examples, code, information, percentages, exercises (CRT), give SPANISH directions (this is the most important since most of the books of marketing are originals of the USA, and therefore they quote in his books URLS in English of which the half they have remained obsolete). Anyway, in a word:

Till now the best book of Marketing that I have read."

Luis Almeida
General manager
Formative classroom. Formation Online
Alcobendas - Madrid.


Dear Francisco

This mail, is just to inform you of that at present in my web
I am having a ratio of sales of 3,8 %.

We take only 2 months online, and from the first month we are obtaining benefits.

And that that I could not have dedicated myself to the promotion as much as I wanted.

They are still missing for putting into practice many marketing skills:

autoresponders with pursuit (now I am in it), I exchange of linkage,
programs of affiliation, contests, position in the searchers, etc...
and the most important thing, to correct the current promotion mistakes (that also I have them)

Nevertheless, partly, you are in certain way responsible for that one a 3,8 % thanks to that one
your magnificent book.

He was very wanting to tackle a project as nice as that of formation online.
I believe that we are doing an excellent work and this way it is demonstrated by letters of congratulations and congratulations of other companies of the sector.

He knew that the technical part of the project, although he supposed a lot of work to develop it would not have problems, since I take many years being employed at other companies like programmer and educator

But what had me really worried is the marketing topic, since it was the first time that would have to take charge personally of a good promotion and sale of courses online.

I believe that your book, it placed in me the trust that I was lacking to tackle the project with more safety.

Anyway, once again thank you very much for everything.

Your book has been undoubtedly the most profitable buy that I did last year :)

PD1: Thanks for that thing about Verotel, already I have the system mounted
PD2: I had liked to go to the conference that you give in Bilbao, but it catches me very far. Again it will be

Luis Almeida. The director
Formative classroom. Web The Learning School
" Formation online for professionals Web"
Alcobendas (Madrid)

AREA OPTIMIZATION FOR THE SEARCHERS (TO OBTAIN TENS THOUSANDS OF VISITORS) The truths that nobody wants that you know on the searchers:

The searchers are the way used by more than 90 % of the Net users to come to a web (probably you have come to this web across one of them)

It is vital to optimize your web for posicionarla as high place as possible. If the searchers produce a list of 84.678 pages and yours represents in the position 15.565 nobody is going to come to her.

The whole world does a search and chooses between 10 results of the first page, like very much the second one.

In the report I show you how to optimize yours to obtain the results arrives stated. You can verify for yourself as this web appears posicionada in the stated places clicking in every arrow.

  • That are and since they work. Like doing so that your web is excellent for them and place high place to you in his lists. (It does not serve of anything that your web appears in the position 12.657, if it is beyond the second screen: it is not)
  • Nowadays there are more than 3.000 million webs. When a consultation is done in a searcher, the result there are tens thousands of webs. If yours does not appear between the first 20 a.m., forget the traffic proceeding from the searchers.
  • He is worth while paying 60-100 €. so that they sign our web in 999 searchers? I have proved these services in some of my subpages and I am still waiting for the results.
  • Which are the searchers who really matter on the Spanish-American market. 65 % of the visitors who come to my web comes from Google. 20 % of Yahoo.
  • All the searchers do not index-link of the same form, you will see the skills that work in all of them.
  • That to do if the searcher has international version and Spanish version like Yahoo! (this alone directory admits 15 % of the requests)
  • Top Ten searchers: who matter really. You can forget of "tropecientos thousand" remaining in that your web "is going to be inscribed by these services that 60-100 will receive from you € and that supposedly are going to flood with traffic your web".
  • Which are 4 areas of your web that you have to prepare so that the searchers "treat" well to your web and are a source of continuous traffic (and free).
  • Like preparing the key words, qualifications etc. of your web. Step by step I show you how to prepare these areas in which normally neither the computer programmers nor the designers repair and that are vital so that the searchers treat well to your web.
  • In that category you have to inscribe your web in the directories (like Yahoo) to turn out to be first that your competition.
  • A skill to multiply the appearance of your web in the searchers: this means that it will multiply to eyes of the searchers: more visitors, more clients, more sales.
  • The marketing has always been a numbers question: if of every X visitors, 15 buy your product or service, doubling X, we obtain 30.

(For all this it is suitable to use statistics; in my web use Carry to extremes Digitalis and I am satisfied, but you can use others that you will find in Internet: Webstat, Hitbox, Webaudit …) East point is one of my favorites.

  • Why is it convenient for you to put "key words" even in the buttons of your web...

In the special report I show you step by step how to optimize yours to obtain these results. All the previous information regarding searchers is in the "Special Report Searcher".

..... He sent to you the detail of the deposit as soon as it has it.

I forgot, thanks to your councils of optimization for searchers, if
in Yahoo you write "courses over a distance" my place appears in the position 6
:-) and in other searchers also it turns out to be enough above.

The results are:
Yahoo: 6
Google: 7
Altavista: 12
Lycos: 6

Greetings :-)
Diego Pérez
E-mails: red21@red21.com
Tel 598 - 2 - 6131238

"What more I liked of the seminar there were precisely the tricks and "tips"
for the engines of search
, skylight that we cannot discard
hardware like gifoptimizer and website garage. Excellent!!!

The form of coducir the seminar was very good, easy and interactive.
bad only one was the Internet connection that I understand that it is a cause
completely foreign, this had allowed better learning.

Gildardo López. gildardo@letrex.com
Economic impression of digital poster.
Permanent savings.

(Assistant to the Tijuana-MX seminar).


  • That departs from your email will help you to increase sales without effort. The email is the most important, vital part of your strategy online. (This one is going to love you).
  • Attention to the client for email: comfortable, rapid and cheap. Use it to stand out of your competition and to make your clients faithful.
  • Like transforming a simple email of request of information into a sale.
  • Components of the effective email.
  • The most rapid way of obtaining orders when you begin a business in Internet (nothing to see with the "spam" or not requested mail).
  • Porqué is not convenient for you to buy a CD - ROM with several million directions of email.
  • 11 ways of managing emails of potential clients.
  • You programme to send massive mail and that seems personalized.
  • That it is necessary to do if a campaign does not have the awaited results.
  • 6 keys so that an action of this type is successful.
  • What type of language do you have to use and that have to put in the matter to maximize results.
  • An example of what it is necessary to offer to maximize turned out in the sector of the Software.
  • Like creating urgency so that your orders increase.
  • Since it has to be the body of the message.
  • Real examples (Case studies) realized by me with the results, and used hardware. Sent e-mails and obtained exact results.

", On having got connected with you and with your book at first it seemed a little rare to me, since my task as religious it is different from that of a merchant or seller, we like missionaries do not sell, but we offer a free "service". But little by little I understood, as he was reading your book, which exists very much together, since if one knows how to offer better the service, and to give more opportunities to the interested person we will go out gaining both parts.

Of these to say to you that has been a speed, dynamic and practical reading since the form in which the book is written facilitates and faces to begin to be employed at the project of a web page. Tambián the quantity of informacián that you offer about consultation pages or to look
help is hardware of great.

Our task as Christians is to construct and that's why this of having a web page will be one more tool to do it, to keep on spreading Jesus's life and his Palabra. -

We will pray for you and your projects, that the Gentleman blesses you."

Delfina Segura
Missionary of Christ Resucitado - Argentina.

 AREA AUTO-ANSWERING MACHINES: essential if you carry on business in Internet. -

  • The key to be successful in on-line marketing rests in the skill of doing multiple or similar marketing tasks at the same time: The autoresponders do this work to you.
  • That are and like using them for different marketing works
  • The people in Internet are impatient, he already wants the information!. Since send to him your information … of sales without it it seeming.
  • As the use of autoresponders will increase your benefits in 20-25 %!!
  • Which are the minimal requests that you have to demand to a good autoanswering machines service.
  • Since use the autoanswering machines for testear that announcement you works better and to place where more they have answer them.
  • Pursuit Emails to the interested parties to increase your sales: Do you know that there are many people who even prefers that they contact him more than once, "have the attention" of reminding the question to them, etc.?
  • Like re-designing your offer to obtain a percentage of sales of those who requested information and did not buy.
  • Like using the autoresponders to construct your list of emails. (That later they will transform into clients). 4 ideas and 15 examples of the effective use of this tool. This is one of my favorites.
  • Use of autoresponders to create credibility and professionalism.
  • Like improving your attention to the client and doing that they are satisfied of carrying on business with you.

AREA PUBLICATION OF A BULLETIN.: tool responsible for 45 % of my sales.

  • Like creating and publishing your own bulletin or newsletter (tool of marketing number 1 to promote our web and products).
  • He begins thinking about the publication of your own bulletin: it is easier than you believe.
  • 5 reasons by which you MUST publish a bulletin.
  • That information to publish in your bulletin.
  • Publicity in your bulletin (turns the bulletin into a money generator himself)
  • Components of the bulletin: That parts has to have any bulletin.
  • 7 ways of increasing your list of signed.


  • Classified announcements: a free test bench.
  • 10 keys to write your announcement and that shoots the answer up to 1000 %.
  • One of the most common errors for which many announcements do not obtain turned out.
  • Announcements in bulletins of our sector: a profitable tool. Our direct message to the computer of our potential clients.
  • Porqué is important to put one to autoanswer in addition to the web address where our offer is. We can lose up to 50 % of the interested parties.

In this new edition of the manual also chapters are included on:

  • Banners:

I do not recommend Porqué, unless you use banners as I do it to obtain turned out 1000 % (yes, 1.000 %) over the average.

  • Programs of (Distribution) Affiliates:

My affiliates program has duplicated the sales without investing a peseta: Only it is paid after the sale is done (and received!!! ;-), also the company in question is in charge of doing the payments to my affiliates, quite without beech to invest nothing.

New sales, new clients (who will be able to buy new products of for life) without new investments..., without expenses in marketing campaigns online.... too nice to be true???

  • Studies of real cases:

Campaigns of email carried out by me, with all the details, matter and text of the sent emails, exact results, dates and execution time...

Banners campaigns with the used banners, the webs where they promise to be and the results (as I have said 1.000 % to you over the average)

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The advices, strategies and secrets mentioned previously are the most effective skills to shoot your sales.

There are hundreds in different ways of commercializing your products or services in Internet. You will learn which are the most effective and the most rapid and which are a wasting time.

You do not need to be a genius of the computers, do not need any special equipment to happen to be an expert in marketing in Internet. (99 % of the people there out has not all this information, you are going to happen to be part of this 1 % that really knows these skills)

You can begin gathering benefits 3 days after beginning preparing a campaign.

One week later. Many hope to prosper overnight in Internet. Different we are more realistic, but one week, after studying my advices and skills, you will begin noticing it in your web.

You prepare yourself to work, especially at first, later, once started, you will be able to devote to prove new skills alone for you. Once your business goes on wheels, he will need less dedication.

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"publication for a long time awaited"

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All my experience and knowledge are compiled in this course so that you make use of it.

The price of this course is 89 €: a real bargain. Any of the ideas and skills compiled, put into practice in your web, this money will amortize you often. All the sales extra do you need to do to amortize this quantity? 1, 2. 4, 5?

It does not matter what you are invoicing in your web. This quantity will double in a few weeks. In this manual there are more than hundred ideas of marketing online. Only one of them can result to you in benefits to amortize what you paid for this information often. He remembers that this is not an expense, it is an investment in your business.

Version digital. - In this second edition of the book, we have eliminated the printed version because it turns out to be more expensive enough (then you can print it easily), it is late much more in coming (when it comes) and sometimes it does not come (especially to Latin America). Also the statistics of the 1st edition indicate us that only 8 % was doing the order of the printed version.

So that only it is free in digital format. In this case you receive instructions and passwords there bends (download) the file that contains the book:

  • Price reduction: the price of the digital version is € 67 / $ 98 USD Position that there are no expenses of impression and mailing, the price diminishes. You can later print it on any printer.  
  • Do your order and in 2 minutes (yes, what you are reading, in only 2 minutes), you will have access the instructions and will be able to begin unloading it (you gain access to a discharge page and it takes a half an hour in unburdening itself in a normal telephone connection)
  • The text contains links, linkage to web pages of resources and examples. In this version you can connect with your navigator straight without need to copy to hand of the printed version.
Bundle Click in the lower picture

"obligatory reading for our personnel of sales, marketing..."

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GARANTÍA. - Takes this manual, read it and PUT IT INTO PRACTICE. If you do not obtain turned out in the next 6 months I will return you your money.

Quite for what I ask you is that you prove these skills (that really WORK) and if the results do not satisfy you I will return you the money. Alone bundle a just effort in your web and if you are not satisfied by the results, I do not want your money. I will return it to you, simply show me that you put into practice my advices, and I will reimburse your money to you.

Decide soon and you will obtain 3 "bonus" free, but we can only guarantee them to you if you do your order before the next one at 12 p.m.

  • Bonus special Formless 1.-Searchers. Everything what I have indicated earlier is in a report where any step along step is explained.
  • Bonus 2. - Directions to obtain thousands of icons, graphs and gifs cheered up free, to use in your web, free of copyright.
  • Bonus 3. - Surprise.


You have several ways of doing your order (if you have some doubt or problem send to me an email to mailto:fsegura@internetmarketingtest.com?SUBJECT=PEDIDOS).-

  • By means of Card online: The way more rapid of obtaining it is online with credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex). To request your copy of the manual to         € 67 Euros / $ 98 USD   click here. You will go to our payment section for credit card. You will gain access in only 2 minutes!! to the instructions to unload the finished course with all the bonus.

The printed version, we have eliminated it for three reasons: it is much more expensive for the expenses of impression and mailing, it is late in coming by mail and sometimes it does not come and it is returned us. (Of any form once you have the book in your computer, you can print it, since the version that you obtain is printable)

In case you have no card you can do your payment

  • For draft. Across a draft with agencies as Western Union (with offices in the whole Latin America). The amount sends € 67 Euros / $ 98 USD  addressed to:

    Francisco Segura Ramón
    C/Fray Jaime Torres, 22. Right place.
    03204 - Elche - Alicante

Later you send us email to: mailto:francisco@internetmarketingtest.com?SUBJECT=pedido W.U. with the number of reference of the draft, the name of the person who does the draft and the city where from it is done.
All this information is needed from us to receive the draft.

  • Bank transfer. - 67 Deposits the amount   in the account of our Bank (BCH) addressed to:
    Francisco Segura Ramón
  • It counts number: 0049 2310 28 2194027515
    He sends an email to: mailto:francisco@internetmarketingtest.com?SUBJECT=trans-banc-pw to warn us about the transference and to give us your mailing information: name and surnames, incomer amount, date, direction, population, ZIP code, province, country.

    Local bank transfer to our associate in Argentina:

    Savings bank of the Bank Gallicia addressed to:
    To title: Diego Hernan Repetto
    Checking account in Weight Arg. Nro: 0502/02002500/37
    Savings bank in Weight Arg. Nro: 4027450-1 071-8
    CBU: 00700719 - 30004027450186
    CUIT: 20-23408732-1
    Amount: 250 Argentine $

    He sends the first email to: mailto:francisco@internetmarketingtest.com?SUBJECT=trans-banc-pw-AR to warn us about the transference with your information and let's be able to send to you the manual.  


  • By mail ordinary. It prints and refills this form and you send it for:
    • Mail:

    Francisco Segura Ramón
    C/Fray Jaime Torres, 22. Right place.
    03204 - Elche - Alicante

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"essential at the time of planning the jump to Internet of the companies"

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Once have at your disposal your manual you can begin working the same day. You can begin noticing the results for the following week. All this information is practical, nothing of philosophy on marketing. This is a practical manual 100 %. My experience, my frustrated tests, my wise moves, my tricks … but everything is practical and tangible. Nothing of theory.

You can verify the results yourself in the searchers as it was indicating you above.

A thing: in this manual you will not learn the basic concepts of Internet: like reading your email, like sailing along Internet, etc. I assume that you can already do all that, but, do not buy this manual yet and learn first all that. This manual is to show you skills and methods of marketing in Internet. Real cases, real examples and that you can put them into practice on the following day.

And he remembers, you do not have anything that to lose. If you do not obtain turned out in six months, I will return you the money.

Do not neglect the information that you have just read. It can be of an incalculable value for the future of your business in Internet.


Francisco Segura. (Bio on the author: click here)
The director.

P.D. The free bonus will only be guaranteed up to the next one , (12 of the night).

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