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Course - Seminar: "Like selling in Internet"

Comments of participants and organizers.


The seminar of last week fulfilled our expectations fully and it opens definitely the development of the Internet world as one more route of business to be born much in mind with immediate character.

The assistance was multitudinous, with 17 persons that we were representing to 7 enterprises of Managerial group of Würth Spain, overcoming the due initial number and with assistants whose profile performed the most mixed thing.
Managers, Managers, Programmers, Designers and TV/radio commercials we could listen with supreme interest all to the exhibited for Francisco Segura during an intense and productive day.

First of all, from a point of view merely technical, he confirmed that all the initiatory startings for a pair of months go in good direction, obtaining also an endless number new knowledge and skills to consolidate the already made work: position, web optimization, emailing, bulletins, etc.

On the other hand, the designers could learn skills to improve the position and to do a more attractive, practical web and
functional: Flash Vs. Code.

The TV/radio commercials opened his mind for new ideas that probably they were not even considering before the seminar.

The managers saw how to establish a few work rules for the sake of exploiting this business route.

The Managers could verify like a global strategy promoting the world of the marketing in Internet, with already available technical and human resources and a few negligible costs they might bring very good results in short, average and long term. In only two months some of us have example that this way they demonstrate.

Würth Modyf, Wasi Hispania, high W Industrial Services, marbet Creative Services, marbet Trips Spain, marbet Events Spain and Wúrth Spain, companies with different business lines between themselves, will be able to apply common strategies of electronic marketing for the securing of individual benefits.

Before the seminar, only 2 of 7 companies we were employed actively at some of the exposed skills. Today, two days later, the practical totality, they are opening projects, and the most important thing of everything, making use of the synergies of the effort of the work in team.


Juan Carlos Villegas
The director Informática Allied Companies

Würth Modyf, S.A.->
Wasi Hispania, S.A.->
High W Industrial Services, S.A.->
marbet Creative Services, S.A.->
marbet Trips Spain, S.A.->
marbet Events Spain, S.A.->
Würth Spain, S.A.->
[Organizing Seminario in company in company Wurth Modyf - Barcelona]

The course of Francisco Segura has been an excellent option, our clients of the whole country have remained very ardent and liked with the clear and opportune information.
Some of them have begun having very favorable advances on his web pages and have asked us to come again to Mexico.
It is a practical and simple course given with very much professionalism and that we will promote not only in our country but in different countries in Latin America.

Martha López Willars [Organizer  Seminar
in Mexico D.F.]
It spreads, a program of the New People
International agency of lecturers and operation of events

Of: federico collateral acceptances rock []
Envoy: on Tuesday, August 06

hello. I am of the Foundation Miguel Angel Cornejo, of Mexico D.F.
you gave us course 2 weeks ago.

I believe that you are a super professional these very well qualified.
congratulations and only he adds laptops to your courses to be more practical
or that after the courses, was making Internet route an ejexrcicio to himself where
the people you made solved his new web page, and do you check it, that seems to you?

thank you!

Of: Paulina Reyes []
Envoy: on Monday, August 05 
For: Francisco Segura -

The seminar seemed to me of big transcendency especially the tips for
to register in the searchers since it is something that had always asked me
and he did not know how to do to him so that a searcher was finding you more rapid.
Also it helped very much the advices to me on the electronic bulletin since still
when I am employed at an ONG, the marketing is equal of important. In ours
Foundation the technology is important part to be better persons
since thanks to her we make more growth opportunities come and
professionalization to different institutions without time limits not

Lic. Paulina Reyes Guízar
Communication director
Foundation Favor BC.
Mexico D.F.

Of: Antonio Arellano []
Envoy: on Wednesday, July 31 
Matter: Greetings.... From Tijuana / San Diego


My name is Antonio Estuve in the seminar that impertiste in Mexico D.F.
last July 25 and 26.... alone I write to greet you and to mention to you that I am already setting in
he practises the learned, I already did my first links exchange. I you do not go to
to deny that at first if I was a little afraid on not having known that me
they would answer but anyway I did it and believe to me that up to images.gif me
they were in charge; in spite of saying to you that I am already in conversations with my future associates for
to initiate a small business of Digital Graphic design and I think of putting in
he practises everything learned...

Good alone he wanted to notify to you that I feel super good and thanks for
shared knowledge and I will be in contact with you to greet you and to notify you of my advances like Designer of Web I say goodbye with a hug and one see you soon....

I wait and when you should come to give a seminar to Tijuana invite me to help to, since they are very interesting and with vital information for the mkt. branch in the sale of the product or business...

look after and we will be in contact....

ATTE.: Antonio Arellano C.

Ing. in Digital Graphic design

What more I liked of the seminar there were precisely the tricks and "tips"
for the engines of search, skylight that we cannot discard
hardware as and website garage. Excellent!!!

The form of coducir the seminar was very good, easy and interactive.
bad only one was the Internet connection that I understand that it is a cause
completely foreign, this had allowed better learning.


Gildardo López.
Economic impression of digital poster.
Permanent savings.

(Assistant to the Tijuana-MéxicoX seminar).

"Thanks to your Seminar on Marketing in Internet I could develop much better my professional work in this ambience.
Also, without the theory taught in your seminar, he might not have tackled any of the hardware that at present I realize, as there are, between others, the edition of an electronic bulletin on promotional marketing directed especially to Advertizing agencies.
Once again thank you.

Albert Jacas
General manager of THE HEAD OFFICE, company of Promotional Marketing.

Barcelona - Spain.
Tel. 669 44 08 09
93 424 18 40"


A Cordial greeting and my congratulations for his excellent oration in the Seminar dictated in Saint Cruz-Bolivia. It was of big benefit to increase my knowledge on the Marketing for Internet.

Magdaly Chilo Justiniano
Eg. Ing. TV/radio commercial

Hello Francisco I am one of the participants of the seminar realized in Santa Cruz Bolivia, I want to congratulate it on so excellent oration that gave to us.

Personally it has been of big help, since I realize my thesis of the university on this topic, thank you very much and go forward.

Rosángela Arnez

.. the most interesting of the seminar given in Lima, to me to be understood is the practical examples and the experiences that you count, based on your experience in companies point com in USA and principally the use of the hardware of marketing in your web. The participation of the assistants, they enrich very much the same ones and it extends the knowledge in particular realities of every country.

Good Francisco, who keeps on being successful your seminars and I hope that we should keep on keeping in touch.
A Hug,
Web Design and Marketing Solutions
(511) 451-5421 LIMA - PERU

"Thanks to your seminar I have obtained my current work
in that I am very satisfied.
Your information about the management of the bulletin as tool of
"effective marketing" was key in the interview. Thank you Francisco."

Javier G. de Quero
Community Manager
eCircle Communities, S.L.
"It creates your free list... at the moment."
Big Route 80, office 711
28013 Madrid

Francisco, I am satisfied and satisfied of having received the seminar, now I have put into practice your recommendations and the results of my projects in Internet are very positive.

Carlos Pinedo
System chief.
You beat Peru.
Lima - Peru.

... the people have found the course very interesting and we have remained short of time. After the summer we will speak to organize again the same course and even to include it in the Master's degree of Marketing that we organize here in the Chamber

BARTOLOME ZUZAMA - Dpto. Formation
Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Valladolid
Av. Ramón Pradera, s/n - 47009 Valladolid (Spain)
Tlf. - 983 370400  [
] Seminar

We have detected that the human team of the depto. of image and creation of web pages knew very well the technical part, but we have learned many things of the commercial part, of sales, which we had careless. I have liked very much the seminar.

Alfonso Cortell
Group Setel - Alicante
[Organizing Seminario "in company"

"Excellent Course! Congratulations both to the exhibitor and to the organizers.
The content of the course was very interesting and especially practically, attached to
the real life and our business. I would like they were keeping me informed of
this type of courses, Marketing, Internet, Effective Communication...".
Thank you!

Lic. Claudia Narváez C.
Coordinating committee of MKT
Self-propelled of the Vale
[Assistant to the seminar in Tijuana - Mexico]

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"Francisco Segura:
It receives you and your collaborators a cordial greeting and my congratulations from El Salvador, I center America, for fulfilling one year with your bulletin "The Useful council of the week", which has been helpful for persons that as I we begin to sail in the world of the Internet. I hope to keep on being provided in a lot of time with your advices. Congratulations.
Margarita González

Bienesraices (Peñaflor S.A. of C.V)"

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