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"Like selling your product or service in Internet"

Readership comments:

Hello Friend:

If I could have unloaded all the manuals without problems, it is an excellent one
work the one that you have printed on the e-books, this helps very much without place to

A question that took time him turning is to the cgi topic: For
coincidence will not you know of any place where they facilitate cgi programmable?, more
that I need nothing one for the passwords to private accesses, that is to say
an area deprived of access to members.

Congratulations for this big manual.

Thank you very much

Javier - Pontevedra - Spain

"Dear Francisco,
Your book has seemed very interesting to me on marketing in Internet. 
It is difficult to find good literature on this topic in Castilian and your book is a good way of beginning in this exciting world. You offer the base to obtain a global vision of the principal skills of promotion in Internet and it is written in a clear and direct way.
I congratulate you and cheer you up to which you keep on writing on this topic.

Luis A. Navarrete
General manager - Dagonet Solutions
Oviedo - Spain

Thank you, Francisco.

I have liked very much your manual. Very much common sense and a good dose of marketing applied to Internet. I hope to be able to tell you that soon the good results that I estimate are going to be had by me. In these moments I am applying everything learned.

A cordial greeting,
Ian Hinton
MundoTren S.L.
Alfredo Marquerie, 5
28034 Madrid

Mr. Francisco,

My most cordial congratulations for the deep and detailed knowledge and experience that has transmitted us with his book.
I consider that to continue these examples, allows to the companies to improve significantly his efficiency and notoridad of mark in the network. My clients and I congratulate it on his work, which to helped to multiply the ROI of the actions in Internet avoiding dumb errors, and like not, to improve our EBITDA. To continue his advices is as American "Do not reinvet the wheel" says



Victor Navarro
CEO - President
"What could do a machine, which a person does not do it
The persons are TO THINK and to take DECISIONS."

Int'l E-marketing Consulting Group SL
Hotline: 902 181908


Dear Francisco and team,

Many, thank you very much for the magnificent bulletin, for the manual
and especially for teaching me something new whenever I receive news
I would like to be part of the program of affiliates and
if you do not put any objección I will do it.
Without much ado, my congratulations for the manual that has served to me and
it will serve very much, practically it is my head book.
Greetings and up to next, a grateful friend:

vidal escalante perez

.... He sent to you the detail of the deposit as soon as it has it.

I forgot, thanks to your councils of optimization for searchers, if
in Yahoo you write "courses over a distance" my place appears in the position 6
:-) and in other searchers also it turns out to be enough above.

The results are:
Yahoo: 6
Google: 7
Altavista: 12
Lycos: 6

Greetings :-)
Diego Pérez
E-mails: red21@red21.c?m
Tel 598 - 2 - 6131238

Dear Francisco:

As soon as the manual was read, I have not left any more than
to be grateful to you for the availability of the above mentioned document
that, undoubtedly, is going to be an excellent reference
in our marketing performances.
A cordial greeting

Carmen Rodríguez
General manager
The Vega, 34 Seseña (Toledo) 45223.
Electronic commerce solutions for PYMES in


... we put into practice a the majority of the recommendations of
marketing of your book and we are very satisfied of the results. The month of
In December we have multiplied by 8 the sales with regard to November.
Certainly, that our products are ideal for the Christmas campaign. This way
that congratulations for your recommendations. We already have registered users that
they have signed up to the lists, etc.

Carmen Rodríguez
General manager
The Vega, 34
45223 Seseña (Toledo)

... I make the most of the opportunity to congratulate you on your "book and" since, from my humble opinion, it has three important keys that any manual debit to possess: It is clear, concise and applicable of immediate form. Congratulations and I hope that soon you should give our intellects a new publication.

Cordial greetings
Roberto R. Closed
CEO - Untelephone numbers, architecture of the information, S.L.

Hello Francisco:

He wanted to be grateful to you for your help, definitely I believe that I am going to decide for
paysystems, because they have this type of commission that is lower than that of
2checkout, that one that you have (3.79 % + 1$) although the checkout page is better
explained, and in that of paysystems doubts appear before me as the commission of
return of the client, the change euro/$, and the commission of mailing of money to
Spain, which in 2checkout is explained perfectly.
As for the seminar I am sure that I am going to organize it, here I have
any good contacts, and it is not that it has any lucre fortitude in this topic, it is
only that in my business, a small school of Spanish for foreigners,
sales for Internet are the life, and I believe that I owe the life to you. Only going to
end a small part of your advices I have experienced a sensitive improvement.

So, now I go to center on carrying out all those of your
recommendations that me are possible, and that till now I have not realized, and later I go to start working to organize this seminar although everything goes out of my pocket.

P.D. I will need your help to organize the seminar, because it is never

Again, thank you very much and see you soon

Pablo Herzog Vera
Manager general.
c/Enrique Wolfson nº41
38004 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Good in the evenings, friendly Francisco Segura.

I was reading your manual of "Like selling your product or service in
Internet" looked like to me an excellent bibliographical material, where I can
to obtain more material of this style or if you have more publications on
this topic. I tell to you that I am employed at my postgraduate course thesis on
new means of carrying on electronic business in the Venezuelan banking and
really I need very much materially, but so well as yours.
Thank you in advance and I congratulate you very much so that you keep on doing
works of this quality, a hug from Caracas - Venezuela

Lic. Edgard A. Farrier Aveledo
Specialist in Services of Computing
Unit of Technological Support User of Mike
Merchant bank
Caracas - Venezuela
Phone: 58 0212 503 0308 / 1139
e-mail: eherrera@bancomercantil.com

"I tell you that we have your book daubed of many notes that we have put nearby as we are reading it.
Sincerely I believe that our business idea as we are focusing it
at marketing level it is good and it is different from the current existing ones. (If you are already interested in I will comment to you on it)
Once again, excellent book.

The big difference of yours with regard to the others is the tremendously practical thing that the book proves. Rest of sound too general. You speak about real cases put examples, code, information, percentages, exercises (CRT), give SPANISH directions (this is the most important since most of the books of marketing are originals of the USA, and therefore they quote in his books URLS in English of which the half they have remained obsolete). Anyway, in a word:

Till now the best book of Marketing that I have read."

Luis Almeida
General manager
Formative classroom. Formation Online

Alcobendas - Madrid.


Dear Francisco

This mail, is just to inform you of that at present in my web
I am having a ratio of sales of 3,8 %.

We take only 2 months online, and from the first month we are obtaining benefits.

And that that I could not have dedicated myself to the promotion as much as I wanted.

They are still missing for putting into practice many marketing skills:

autoresponders with pursuit (now I am in it), I exchange of linkage,
programs of affiliation, contests, position in the searchers, etc...
and the most important thing, to correct the current promotion mistakes (that also I have them)

Nevertheless, partly, you are in certain way responsible for that one a 3,8 % thanks to that one
your magnificent book.

He was very wanting to tackle a project as nice as that of formation online.
I believe that we are doing an excellent work and this way it is demonstrated by letters of congratulations and congratulations of other companies of the sector.

He knew that the technical part of the project, although he supposed a lot of work to develop it would not have problems, since I take many years being employed at other companies like programmer and educator

But what had me really worried is the marketing topic, since it was the first time that would have to take charge personally of a good promotion and sale of courses online.

I believe that your book, it placed in me the trust that I was lacking to tackle the project with more safety.

Anyway, once again thank you very much for everything.

Your book has been undoubtedly the most profitable buy that I did last year :)

PD1: Thanks for that thing about Verotel, already I have the system mounted
PD2: I had liked to go to the conference that you give in Bilbao, but it catches me very far. Again it will be

Luis Almeida. The director
Formative classroom. Web The Learning School
" Formation online for professionals Web"
Alcobendas (Madrid)


I have just stopped reading your manual and... CLEARER NOT EVEN THE WATER!

"Like Selling Your Product or Service in Internet" it contains
direct information and to the point. Explained in a clear way
and concise to be understood by all, even without being experts
in Marketing and/or in Internet.

I hope there were more Marketing books in Internet like this one,
since the hundreds of books of "traditional" Marketing occur rarely
to fail at the time of applying the resources to the Internet.

It is much that to learn. And this manual, finally, is of
that it must not be missing in any collection!

Thanks for so valuable information."

Eduardo Romero
Consultant of Marketing in Internet
E-marketing Center
Cancún, Mexico

On having got connected with you and with your book at first it seemed a little rare to me,
since my task since religious it is different from that of a merchant or
seller, we like missionaries do not sell, but we offer one
free "service"
. But little by little I understood, as it was going
reading your book, which exists very much together, since if one knows how to offer
better the service, and to give more opportunities to the interested person
we will go out gaining both parts.
Of these to say to you that it has been a speed, dynamic reading and practises already
that the form in which the book is written facilitates and faces to begin to
to be employed at the project of a web page. Tambián the quantity of
informacián that you offer about consultation pages or to look
help is hardware of great.
To conclude, I would like saying to you that although
Internet is a "world" and that every time has more force, as quite
work tool, if one uses it for good can construct big
things so that we all live better, and if on the contrary, this tool
it is used badly and to provoke badly, it will bring big consequence for many.
Our task as Christians is to construct and that's why this of having one
web page will be one more tool to do it, to keep on spreading
Jesus's life and his Palabra. -

We will pray for you and your projects, that the Gentleman blesses you.

Delfina Segura
Missionary of Christ Resucitado - Argentina.

The manual "Like selling a product or service in Internet" offers one
excellent and didactic introduction to the marketing in Internet. It covers topics of
radical importance as the beginning of creation of a web site
cash, the suitable use of the e-mail included
autorrespondedores and the planeación of a campaign by e-mail.

It offers the bases for the starting of an electronic bulletin like
marketing tool, between other topics. It is a Manual extremely
practical, fruit of the experience of his author: Francisco Segura. There not
they will find nothing of theories. Francisco goes 'directly to the grain' and uses one
language easy to understand and to continue.


Alvaro Mendoza
Creator of http://mercadeoglobal.com

.... I have received the information and I already have the manual in my computer and printed inclusive. I have read a part and really I congratulate you on your work because it is exactly what one has to know to create a successful web page.

Thank you again.

Ricardo Páez G.


"... Also to emphasize that since I am applying the skills that you describe in the manual and some councils of the bulletin we are increased visits and sales. I congratulate you on your advices I am a very practical person and I like the form in which you raise the bulletin and the manual."

Daniel Riu.
http://www.andalucianshop.com. On-line shop of select products of Jabugo.
ANDALUCIAN SHOP S.L. C/Juan of the Thing, 6, 1st
29600-Marbella-Málaga. Telf: 95 282 40 50 Fax 95 282 40 50

The manual is very practical and understandable. It helped me to arrange very much my ideas
preexisting and after others added many that or it did not know or did not know like
to help in practice. Worn-out money? No, inverted gentleman is said.
If you believe that my manual cost me expensively, you must see what it was costing me earlier
the ignorance! Thanks. And really very good the service to the client, earlier
and after the sale.

from Argentina
Guillermo Schmid

I have received with agreeable surprise the manual. During
a lot of time was necessary to cover different places to be able
to compile at least departs from the information than from a didactic way,
tidy, clear, and practical you present in the manual.

I am sure that it will be many utility so much for those who begin in
this world of the communication for Internet, since it will be also one
important consultation material for those who already have someone
experience. The information appears in a way tidy and written in
a language of easy comprehension still for who we do not have one
technical formation.


Ealvarad Group - the project Director
Communication strategies Internet route
tel: 6783321

Congratulations Francisco,

You have managed to compile in your "Manual", of a form
brief and concise some of the necessary points for
to realize an activity or Business in Internet.

Treaty in direct tone and leaving aside aspects
unnecessary, the Manual "Like Selling your Product or
Service in Internet", it presents so important topics in

Electronic commerce like the WEB, the E-mail, the Autoresponders,
the Bulletins, the Classified Announcements and He Guides one of Searchers.

And so, the Manual, it is a complement
and necessary support to be born in mind at the time of initiating
a Business in Internet or of developing our "Business

Pablo Martín Tharrats
Manager. CyberKyosco.com

<<Your manual turned out to be very good to me like starting point, he is a general, it includes
many topics and it gives me a general vision of as the marketing works online>>
Alexandra Lairet
Santiago - Chile

... your manual came to me and I printed it to myself, I have reread it to myself some
all the times and I have it full of notes. My idea is to do one
web page of general culture for women. I have taken to the practice almost everything
at what you aim, that seems very interesting to me, since he excites me
marketing, and to start in Internet knowing what is done, has me
very hooked...

The web master's degree is hallucinated of the indications so precise that
I give to him when he comments to me on ideas, and on the tied and developed that he is
given the whole material...

Maria Cervera.

The first thing that I want to do is to congratulate you on your book.
... I found your very good book and of great it helps, already
that exhibits all the points of major relevancy.

Marcela A. Krause Porter

<<Mr. the Francisco Segura the first allow to congratulate me for so
valuable information that exists is his course I help myself especially that we were beginning
correctly, we have only in June in the web since we go out
on June 1 and we have already as sponsor to yourself to compaq contact and linkage with
newspapers of my country as with other news networks
really we are directed in the business but we were lacking
that one final guidelines so that now
www.issc-ve.com be a page of managerial information and
soon of electronic commerce from venezuela we congratulate it
sincerely all that we work in intranet services c.a issc>>

Humberto Blanco
The director ISSC


<<... I am applying little by little the skills that appear in you
manual, since I am in several fronts, but I promise you that
when it is
web I you already will count 100 %.

With regard to your manual to say to you that I love, since it fills some
gaps or lagoons that exist between what is read in the articles and when
really one starts applying it.>>

Carlos Alvarez

"A notable effort to compile the skills for the sale of products and services across Internet. Of seguró it will have to turn into a valuable tool for all those who are thinking to penetrate into these fields. Easy and rapid reading, a suitable organization and contents that bring value to the reader, shape a publication for a long time waited on the Spanish-speaking market."

Roberto C. Neuberger
The director
Urban shops,
The Magazine of the Business in the Network
Buenos Aires, Argentina


A very interesting manual, in the line of those who are already habitual in the Internet in English but that did not exist up to today in Spanish. A good compendium of information, norms to be continued and tactics to apply to manage to sell in Internet. Advisable for those who need a rapid and direct introduction to the diverse mechanisms and Internet tricks.

Alain Jorda
The director,
AJComercio Consultancy
C/Verge of l'Alba, 4, 1st E-08240 - MANRESA
(Barcelona) - SPAIN Tel.: +34 629 629 869
Mail and: ajcomercio@ajcomercio.com

To congratulate to you, not only for the contents and the form that he is imprimido to your Manual, but also on the initiative.

In Internet, a way that is in constant renewal, there become necessary initiatives as yours that make possible, especially, the comprehension of this new tool of work.

The adaptation of the traditional skills of sale to this support, they need from "translators" that, as in your case, they get overturned in the publication of the new technologies and in the most suitable way of using the hardware.

That's why, your Manual, it becomes essential at the time of planning the jump to Internet of the companies, that like mine, they do not want to remain behind in the evolution of the markets.

Congratulations and thank you.

Alfonso Muñoz
Managing director of PUBLIC ROUTE PUBLICITY S.L. and
Barcelona - Spain
Alfonso Muñoz - head office of Advertizing Resources
http://www.viapublica.com - crp@viapublica.com

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