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1. - Note of the Publisher.

Hello friends, How are you?. A greeting from Alicante (Spain).

Today we take one real case study as an article: one
campaign of banners realized by the web
that Enrique Maldonado has made us come. I include my
comments and conclusions.

A greeting to all and up to the next week.

Francisco Segura.
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Article: Real case study:
Banners campaign in

In this article we are going to study a real case of one
campaign of banners carried out by the web and his person in charge Enrique Maldonado,
that nicely has done to us to come all the details
of the campaign. The motive for which I mention of
same is the abnormal result of the same one: an index
of clic of 10 % (percentage of Net users who do
clic on the entire Net users who see the banner).
clic average on the banners has been descending with
the time. At first the banner was slightly graceful, curious
and that was seducing easily the Net users who saw them,
I remember approximately 3 years ago of campaigns of banners that
they were obtaining results of more than 25 %!!!, this was going down and
already some time ago that the index of clic way of the banner
it established in the unit. At present, it is below
the unit.

What conclusion do we extract with this? That if nowadays
someone has obtained 10 % in a banners campaign
we also can obtain it.

We are going to see the material that Enrique has sent to us and
conclusions in the shape of comments that I have to

For it in this campaign it seems that it has been key
to put itself in hands of an established agency like
Ad Pepper.

"In the last November and December,
magazine My Car ( has managed to obtain
an average valuation of clic of 10 % with a campaign
dedicated to promoting his Web place. The campaign there is
been distributed and audited by the agency Ad Pepper
( and in his final report numbers happen
so incredible as that of reaching 28 % in someone of
the Web places belonging to the motive channel of the network
Ad Pepper.", points out Enrique Maldonado, person in charge of

"The campaign of realized banners has not been based in
skills of high technology but it was consisting of two
banners in format GIF, the static one and dynamic other,
formats that keep on demonstrating that there are an alternative
valid opposite to advanced skills like banners Flash
that, unfortunately, cannot be made use by one
the majority of the users that they use still
ancient navigators.

My Car is ( the only magazine in
Internet that has the vocation of improving the safety,
the care and the maintenance of the motorcar, what exists
achieved to place it like a place of indispensable consultation
for modern driver more worried by the piece of news
technologies and for realizing a surer conduction."

To be fixed as often the technology is not synonymous
of success.

"The best reultado was had with adv_micoche1.gif, although
other (es_adv) had 8 %. The campaign was realized in
Channel of Engine of the network AdPepper, and also in the place
Web of opinion, in the section Engine." Fix to you that
it is important that our banner is exhibited in webs
whose hearing is a public target of our products
or services. it is a web dedicated to
car therefore will be necessary to look for the hearing that is
interested in cars. This can suppose paying one to us
little more for our banners but I believe that it is worth while.

" The target of the campaign was principally to try
success of the banner nowadays, with the idea of planning
appropriately future campaigns, due to the big growth
that has been experimenting
Really, the way of measuring the success has been the clickT,
although also it has been observed that most of
visitors did not feel cheated by the banner, since
consigió to increase the number of impressions in
page at which the banner was pointing and at the following ones."

We go to see now the technical information of the campaign:

2 banners personnel is:

* The price of the campaign was of: 60.000 Ptas

* 10.000 printed Banners (sufficient to realize a test)

* You date: 1-Nov to 31-Dic (while we had a campaign
of free review of the car in the centers of the chain
I autodial) Year 2000

* The target was to increase the visits, especially, for
safety campaign that was active. The business model
of the site it is the patronage (right now it is not active
sponsors' page because we are remodeling the site)
and, skylight, the banners and minisites that we create (last year
we did a campaign with Monroe, the same one that this year
it is doing Autocity. We have proved several models of
I negotiate, we even sold breakdown triangles, but none
to worked, the only one that if he answers is that of the banners
and ministes (design of hanging campaigns of
From now on we have other plans, but at the moment not
I can comment to you more. Give to me one month and you will see them :-) "Me
Enrique was commenting.

Well, since as conclusion we can indicate that
banner like marketing tool it is not bad not so
ineffective. It depends of many variables and me like advice
it would bear in mind:

- To lodge the banner opposite to our pubic target.
- That the banner has a fascinating, stimulant message.
- To call to the action: "clic here". These two words
they have always to be present in the banners. Although
seem obvious, it is superverified that the clic indexes
they increase obviously on having indicated or after the clic remembers.
- I recommend also the size of the banner to be
as maximum of 10k. I have banners campaigns
cheered up, with a size of 8k. This does that they are loaded
soon and they are seen from the beginning on the page, with
that increases the answer.
- Another question is the position of the banner, it is important
that this one is in the top part of the page therefore it is
I dress from the beginning. I had a campaign in a web with
a banner in the middle of the same one, and on having put the banner in the part
Superior the index (CTR) spent from 8.25 to 11 %.
- To start with small campaigns to see the results.
It is necessary to request of the agency the campaign as small as possible
to see if the results are satisfactory.

A greeting :-)
Francisco Segura. The director.
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It receives you and your collaborators a cordial greeting and my congratulations from El Salvador, I center America, for fulfilling 5 years with your bulletin "The Useful council of the week", which has been helpful for persons that as I we begin to sail in the world of the Internet. I hope to keep on being provided in a lot of time with your advices. Congratulations.
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