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1. - Note of the Publisher.
2. - Calendar of next seminars "Self-Marketing:
Effective marketing for Internet"
3. - Article: "CRM and eCRM: The focus on the client."
4. - Selection of products and services.
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1. - Note of the Publisher.

Hello friends, How are you?. A greeting from Alicante (Spain).

Again with all of you in this new year full of challenges.

Today we have an interesting article of Gabriela Reinoso on
a topic that is of rabid actuality: the CRM Customer
Relationship Management.

On the program of affiliates of the manual, for all that
you are
waiting, to say to you that the software platform ULISES, where it is going to go
the whole management of the program, it is being changed to a servant
in housing diet, so that it has the hardiness and the reliability

That you are waiting for many but it is worth while that everything is
correctly before throwing it. I believe that it is going to be worth while

Pulbicamos today also an article of Alain Jordá really intere -
sante on a survey and his conclusions, always shrewd of
our friend of Manresa.

Also we gather a note of actuality gathered from the buddy -
ñeros of the bulletin Albanova, that since they had that mistake and they have
changed of lists servant (to it seems that everything they goes
better. A greeting for them from the peninsula.

A greeting to all and up to the next week.

Francisco Segura.

2. Strategy: Reflect on a survey, for Alain Jorda
We complain much about that the users do not adopt the electronic commerce
(Electronic sale to the final consumer). It will not be that we limit ourselves to
"they demand" that they should buy without stopping earlier to think what is what
really do they want?

Let's see the information, very revealing, that provides the recent one to us
survey realized in Spain (I owe the information to Marcial Meleiro It is a question of the principal advantage that they find
THE USERS in the buy for Internet:

42,5 % The serviceability
18,6 % The price
13,0 % The rapidity
7,5 % The biggest accessibility
5,1 % does not find in others his place
5,0 % Is the possible average only one that I have
4,0 % Others
3,8 % has never bought
2,1 % does not know / does not answer

Several very important conclusions:

1) The serviceability is the principal advantage for 42,5 %.
Conclusion: since we it are complicated, difficult, involved,
in a word, uncomfortable, we are not going to sell. And, nevertheless,
you know many places where the buy should be rapid, simple and
agreeable FOR THE CLIENTS? To what not?

2) Only 18,6 % indicates the price as the principal advantage for
Conclusion: it remains more than 80 % of the market for those
companies that they do not try to sell for price but contributing others
services to his clients - quality, service, rapidity,
safety, reliability, prestige, calmness, design, time,
health, etc. -

3) Other 17,6 % gives like principal advantage that in Internet gains access very much
more easily to his buy that on the physical market (adding up
paragraphs "major accessibility", "it does not find it in another place" and
"it is
the average only one that I have"). Even "the rapidity" might be included
it is separated, reaching this way 30,6 % of the answers.
Conclusion: these numbers define clarísimamente a market badly
supplied by the physical channels. That means that, for
to reach
this so important market quantitatively, the companies have to
to define these client's profiles and to go out to look for them,
out of his habitual territorial ambience.

And that is quite. But it seems to me that it is not small and that it gives for great
reflection in each of the companies in which you are.

Alain Jorda <>, Forming and Consulting in
Marketing in Internet, is an Author of the Seminar "From The business to
E-business: How to Create and to Develop YOUR Strategy of Success in
Internet?" and Publisher of the free bulletin "Commerce in the Network"
(To subscribe free in <>).
It is Qualified in Headquarter for EADA (Barcelona) and
Top engineer of Telecommunication for the UPC (Barcelona).


1) The good news: The electronic commerce in Spain overcame all
forecasts in
in 2000
During the year that has just finished the growth of the commerce
in Spain it has overcome all the forecasts, on having increased 250 %
with regard to
previous year.
Only in the Christmas campaign it is estimated (there is no information yet
that the Spanish have worn out in the network between 15.000 and 22.000
million of
pesetas (between 90 and 132 million euros).

Source: Bulletin Albanova

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Next editions of the seminar ""Self-Marketing:
Effective marketing for Internet" dictated by me.
ALICANTE - On January 16, 2001
Business school Fundesem.
MACE: Master's degree in Electronic commerce
Module: Banners and programs of affiliates.
More information in:
SANTIAGO OF CHILE - On January 27, 2001 (8 hours)
He organizes TecnoGlobo. Open inscriptions.
I contact: Marco Ulloa []
Tfno Office: (56-2) 235 0074
Place: Marbella Resort
BARCELONA (Room to specify) 8-9 February (2 evenings) 8 hrs.
Opened term of registration:
I boast:30.000pts + VAT
Contacto:Santi Rivelles.
SANTIAGO OF CHILE - On March 23 and 24, 2001
for the MBA in Business address.
Euromanagement - ESEM Chile.
More information in:
TIJUANA (Mexico) - On March 30 and 31, 2001 (16 hours)
He organizes: IQ Training
Square reservation: Carlos Alarcón []
Tfno: (6) 682 32 52

Contents and additional information about the seminar in:"

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Article: CRM and eCRM: The focus on the client

Thinking about how to establish better relations with the clients
the companies must develop business strategies
of avant-garde for his personalized attention, and to construct
from such knowledge relate highly profitable
and lasting.
In this case, so much the CRM "Management software of
Relate with Clients" (Costumer Relationship
Management) in his classic version, like the eCRM (and Customer
Relationship management) in his modern version of
application to the new economy, there seem to be the key of
a more successful relation with the client.
The company obtains information of his clients or users
route different interaction means company - client like
sales force, call centers, technical services, claims,
etc, and the CRM allows him to reorganize the managerial estratégias
from this knowledge.

It would not be possible to develop commercially marketing skills
direct efficient without gaining access to the use of databases, and
efficiency of such databases will depend on the quantity
as well as of the reliability of the included information.

Across the CRM one manages to have a knowledge
deep of the clients, with high differentiation grade and
individualization between them, which will derive in the detection of
new opportunities of marketing and sale on each one of
they, being able to adapt the offers and services to his needs
punctual. These solutions allow to the companies to rake
automatically what his clients buy, and many of them,
they allow to cross also the commercial information with another type
of information to create clientele profiles, or segments.
Ideal for those companies that see to the service the client and his
satisfaction as primary competitive advantages

His target
The solution CRM takes the increase as a purpose of
benefits of the company across a better relation with
client, achieving that these are more satisfied with
products and services of the company to which they buy and in which
they trust, bearing also in mind possible potential clients.

Advantages and disadvantages of his implementation
One of the big benefits of his application is associated to
costs reduction in marketing campaigns, since they are realized
specific campaigns to every segment of client capable
of answering in affirmative form, obviating this way the campaigns
massive. In any campaign where the answer valuation increases
print reduces the expense, the comeback increases, and it bends for

so much the cost for contact.
There is created an increase of the efficiency of the personnel, since it has access
perm to updated information of the company, his products
and services.
The central concept of the hardware of CRM they point to that every
interaction with every client rests on the only database, which
include all the generated information of the products and
previous, sharing the information of all the sectors of
company, what guarantees the data exchange in time and forms,
generating better sales performances.
As compensation of everything positive of this tool,
it finds
the high cost that has this type of software, in addition to the cost in
training of the personnel that will have to be able to apply it correctly.
The fact of sharing the information of all the sectors might
to turn into a disadvantage before the denial of certain areas of
the companies to share information with others.
70 % of the projects of CRM that do not work owes for one
side to the bad use of the information that is gathered, and for other, to

bad use that the companies give him to the databases.

His application to Internet
The attention strategies in the client in the real world they are
integrating fast with the world online. The version CRM for
the new technology, or eCRM it combines the traditional actions
of CRM with applications e-business.
To add Internet as a new channel across which one could
to obtain and to share information about the client is fundamental.
This interactive technology will turn into an essential tool
of the business since one waits that for 2001 more than 25 % of
the contacts with the clients are realized across Internet, and
eCRM it can give support to the implantation and expansion to
deals B2B or B2C, because it offers the possibility of defining
models of behavior based on the analysis of navigation
of the user, that they will be able to help us to reorient opportunely
our estratégia.

What happens with the safety of the information?
All the CRM factories coincide in that
responsibility of how is the taken information used of
clients it is of the companies that they use the solutions.
The one who supports a database must do all the efforts
so that his personnel expires with the suitable measurements of
safety and confidentiality, and denounce any violation of
the same.
The respect in the use and not vulnerability of the info of the clients
it is
the stone funamental for a successful relation with them.
Information as the name, the domicile, the direction of mail, the number
of phone, not necessary it is secret information not confidential.
But if the same information is taken as a whole or accused
to infer characteristics, tendencies or profiles of his holders,
there might constitute a confidential and sensitive information. Therefore,
all not considered fact personalísimo and/or sensitive as they it are
religion, political activity, illnesses, sexual habits, etc., it is
commendable of being used commercially inside an ethical frame.

The first thing that there has to do a company that wants to help
CRM is to define politics since the CRM represents a change
truly deep.
Many organizations think that it is an only one technology, or up to
a fashion, but so much consultants as "vendors" they indicate that
principal is to recognize the necessary keys to make to work
I negotiate; it will have to use the tool with a presición almost
His central idea: not to do things for the client, but with the client.
To be successful it is not enough to know the needs and desires of
the clients but also to cover then these expectations.
In this frame, the relation with the client happens to be assets, and
mission of the company is defined like "it gives to the clients what
they want"
and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the tool for
to fulfill this mission.

The this key in which his directors use the tool with one
almost entire precision. The integration capacity with others
it is also very important.
Customer Relationship Management is a practice whose development
newly it begins in this part of the world. By virtue of his immaturity,
it is necessary to have in clear that no vendor can replace
necessary cultural change to be produced inside the company, whose end
it is to decide which every contact with the client should turn into one
new business.

Gabriela Reinoso
Dir. Marketing
Other articles published previously are in
our section "Interesting Articles":". Consult them.

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