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1. - Note of the Publisher.

Hello friends, How are you?. A greeting from Alicante (Spain),
where the cold and cloudy days announce the Christmas.

Today we have an interesting article of Roberto R. Closed.
The article is a radiography of the situation of many kidlings
companies with regard to Internet.

I want to congratulate myself also of the last fact here in Spain
on the Internet connection, where in this year that it finishes
the Internet users have doubled happening to almost 6
million users connected to Internet, what 15 % throws
of the population. This fact comes to counterreduce the psychosis that
it are of companies puntocom that are having problems.

The reality is that the people are getting connected to Internet and this one
next year foresees that it is the Internet year, like the past
year it has been of the mobile telephony.

I wish all one Happy Christmas and a new year full of successes.

A greeting and see you soon.

Francisco Segura.
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Article: What happens with the marketing in Internet?
What future waits for him?

The marketing on line is "a science" that scarcely begins.
And on the other hand, it is logical, in Spain for example, Internet there is not
done more that to appear only one year ago (46 % of the million
six hundred thousand connected hearths have done it this year) and
companies had not gained access to the web of constant form.

If there are web many, but: who is doing really e-marketing?.
An adventurers' fistful of the cyber-company, outstanding boys, that
they have bet for the network and the majority does company in the business of
Internet. Do all the companies, PYMES especially, do e-marketing?,
how many have a strategy planned?: how many have they marked
tangible and realizable targets?: how many have a plan of
have all that put in writing the e-marketing plan?. Believe me,
I take like consultant more than 12 years and can say to them that the majority
of the Small and Medium companies of Madrid, they do not even have
a written Marketing plan, as to have a Plan of E-marketing.

I am full of "walking along the network" and with seeing "guebs" of PYMES, the big one
majority that they offer only a catalog full of photos of his
products. They have not realized yet that Internet is one
tool of so powerful marketing, which never the SME, there would be
dreamed to take access to something as what offers to him the NETWORK. But like
I am full with hearing children and medium businessmen. "I want
web, because it is fashionable, to be able to put in the cards that thing about

Nevertheless the things are changing, thanks to the sky, and
businessmen are taking conscience of the opportunity that they have
to his scope with Internet and that does that they are deposited in
the annual budgets, concrete games to do something more
that to be exhibited in Internet.

If this is like that till now: all the jobs there is for
e-marketers? since logically few ones. Why on the other hand what
the businessman wanted and he still wants, I face it one day if and
other also, it is a very nice web, which it has graphic in movement,
good and with the Flash, I do not say to them how the things are.
Another day in a golf party, was playing with one
businessman, more than 200 employees has his company, which me
he was commenting on them proudly that was of the web page that he was
fact. So much I speak about her that I did not have any more remedy that, as soon as
I came to house, to get connected to Internet and to see the big marvel. I in
house I have a connection RTC, mess about the corresponding www and that
I happen. 2,23 minutes in loading the first page, of course, really
it was very "nice" and animated. Now inside well: that
was it offering?.
Since what they imagine, a marvelous catalog of his products, some
magnificent conference of the factory, a touching history of
and a contact form. And for his position all that must be in one
web, but if he was asking him about all the accesses it has his page, all that
contacts it has realized, all the commercial relations it has established,
if he will ask him if he knows who there are those who visit his page, for
they visit it, that is for what they look, they find for what they look...
although I have not had the opportunity of which me that of, they her can
to imagine.

With similar panorama it seems clear that the e-marketers have had,
till now, little past at the time of finding a work.

Fortunately the things are changing. For my pleasant surprise,
a new client of the counsel, came a few weeks ago with one
exposition that truly I surprised: HE WANTED THAT HIS
WEB WAS GIVING A REAL SERVICE!. Finally he did not have to convince him
of that a Corporate Web that does not offer a real extra cost
for the clients and brochures, which a service does not offer, although
be of transference of information and knowledge, it serves for enough
small good.

This is good because new possibilities and new ways are opened
for the e-marketing and his professionals, although sincerely there is not
many. We have been months looking e-marketing consultants and
the truth is that in the end we have had to choose to take to
in traditional marketing, to recycle them and to give them a formation that they
the sufficient thing as to be able to begin to work. And the fact is that in
business, and less in the University, now one is newly
to give formation to the Bachelors on the commerce and, business and or
marketing and.

The future seems to me, when less, promising and the fact is that, in
moment in which a company takes more than two years in the network and has not
obtained, at least a result threat, the businessman, the manager,
one begins raising that it has to do something with this topic, because
although till now he has not supposed very much payment, it is taking
he makes aware of that the survival in the next decade, happens for
And the fact is that it is already hearing them for many sides, the newspapers,
the government, Europe..., and the Professors of Economy. Also
skeptics "per nature", begin to speak about the change in the form of
the macroeconomic agents behave and enter reason, many
of us we already saw it a decade ago. Now they are conscious of
that the NETWORK is one of the determinant factors of the growth
economic supported of the USA, let's not forget than in February
spent the Americans beat a historical record, on having obtained 107
months of supported economic growth, the period longer that
it has known the American economy, with a valuation of unemployment lower than 4 %
and an IPC in historical minimums. And all this: why?. They affirm
economists that thanks to the progressive increase of the productivity and
curious fact, while from 95 to 99 the productivity was growing to
2,8 %,
of 96 2000 it is located over 5 %, I joust when Internet
it detaches in USA. And: why has it increased and not in a sector but in
all the sectors? Since there explain the economists, that thanks to
investment in the new technologies, which although this alone sector
it takes part
in 10 % of the American GDP he is responsible for 36 % of the growth.
And when the skeptical economists begin respecting already
of Internet in the business cycles, there does not stay any more remedy that
to accept,
those who still him have left doubts, that the Internet, banner of
of the information, and the new technologies are having much that
to see in the new economy, which is connected in the axis of the capacity of
to transfer knowledge, service and extra cost. And to triumph in
this new paradigm, it is going to need very much, but that very much,
marketing, refined marketing "LIVE".

Roberto R. Closed
He is a president of, licensed in marketing and master's degree in
international trade. He has been a teacher of "internationalization of

company" in ECADE and the European School of Business and he collaborates in
diverse specializing publications.
Other articles published previously are in
our section "Interesting Articles":". Consult them.

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