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1. - Note of the Publisher.

Hello friends, How are you?. A greeting from Alicante (Spain).

Today we have an interesting article of Miguel Trincado. The artí
bottom is an interesting reflection on the Internet phenomenon,
as a new channel with his similarities and differences.

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Francisco Segura.
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Article: The Internet conquest

Every time there is more light at the end of the tunnel, Internet is to
point of stopping having secrets, since every time we know
more of this new channel and the more one knows the less
differences we find with any other channel like
it might be with the radio, the press, the television, or with
any other sector of the economy.

These affirmations are not free, so if we analyze
the natural evolution of the companies that have been created
and developing from this new way, we see that
there exist some points that begin being a common rule,
it might affirm that it has already gone over on the Internet "West"
and many have already been established there to remain, now
we enter a new stage in which the companies they have
of evolving with the peculiarities of this new sector,
that must mature with its own characteristics. What
we do not know yet it is great on as it will be this
development or evolution, that is to say that business models
they will be those who conquer definitely this new "ground",
since we must still happen for a stage in which
define the business models that were working in Internet,
since the existing ones at present, it can that not
work in one year, six months or simply
a pair of months, and must evolve, also they will continue
appearing companies with a clear vision of the future and
be able to react to the changes that take place.

But there are aspects that begin being defined, like that
Internet, as the rest of sectors begins being
conquered by the big managerial groups and
big capital. Every time they remain less hollow for
small independent projects, but, it does not happen
the same in the rest of sectors the real economy, where
new entrepreneurs keep on arising but to set off
of niches of market not covered by the big ones

An example is what happens with the big cake
that will suppose the business between companies, the B2B, this one
it wants to be cornered by companies endorsed by groups
of which his alone name indicates the support that
they have behind him, how Telephone "Adquira", BBVA,
Repsol, with the technological Ariba support... another example,
"Opciona" informed by Endesa and PricewaterhouseCoopers
with the technological support of Commerce One, even
we can reduce the level of managerial power and come
to Areab2b initiative endorse for Internet Wave... for
initiatives exist assumption that although of minor importance
a hollow is trying to be done in this one already competitive
market segment, like Plasticsarea, Consumalia, etc.
But the big initiatives commented previously
they try to corner the market of the business between companies in
all the sectors and they are not going to curtail resources and his
you influence for it.

To begin the first thing that is needed so that it works
in these moments a Marketplace like the described ones, is
very much cardinal that allows you to have an army of
TV/radio commercials who visit straight companies and they
convince in the benefits that this one would bring him and decide
to take part on his market. It is tactical also they her can
to realize small initiatives that surgan in this type of business,
but that happens if one enters a struggle of margins fit
and prices, here the big groups can reduce more
prices and to last more on the market while the kidlings
initiatives are burned.

Persons' steadfastness exists already that after promoting his own one
managerial initiative, it has ended up by leaving it for one
position in one of big projects commented
previously where they have the possibility of a big promotion
personnel, safety and a very attractive position, on the other hand
nothing debatable at personal level taking this decision, analyzed
coldly it is the surest.

I mean with this that possibilities do not exist already to tackle
projects in Internet for new entrepreneurs or for companies
traditional that want to begin a new adventure penetrating
in this new way, which is Internet. Not further at all of
reality, what it spends is that we come again to the origin point
previous to Internet, there will be business opportunities, you demand
not satisfied, market hollows, etc. etc. that will allow
to make use of them to entrepreneurs or pymes that propose it,
whenever for the way since it happens sometimes, they are not absorbed
for a big managerial group. Anyway they will have to be right
in his managerial vision, in the creativity of his initiative, in
differentiation of his project and in the position for that they look
on the market.

Also there will always be sectors where the demand will be covered
for many not so big companies for the peculiarities and
typical of many markets. In a brief revision to sectors
like that of the motorcar, aviation, maritime transport, the banking,
the chemical, pharmaceutical industry, Hoteles, Distribution, Manufacturers
of hardware and software, etc. In these sectors we know that today
in day there exist a few barriers of entry enormous in the market and
it needs slightly more than a group of persons with illusion for
to enter them. Nevertheless in the middle of these sectors they coexist
small and medium enterprises that are the majority in number,
and that constitute an authentic chandelier cloth about
big groups, from the auxiliary industry, final distributors,
intermediaries, etc. the same happens in the sector services,
consultancy, professional offices, studies, you obtain and one
I chatter etc.

In Internet it will not spend a lot of time and we will see the same design
already planned enough at present, big groups that dominate
important market segments but in turn surrounded of
small-scale enterprises that support him in complementary activities
or superfluous for these big groups, that is to say out of his
central activities, in the middle of all this managerial ecosystem
there will keep on arising undoubtedly small initiatives that will go away
doing a hollow on the market and why not how has it happened
other times will give the jump and will go so far as to turn into one of
big managerial groups of his sector.

Also we take time reading that to be able to gestate, mature and
to make to detach our project in Internet, we need to return to
beginning of the times of the managerial management, to be professionals
of our sector or but to surround ourselves with the above mentioned professionals, to begin
relate with the sectorial confederacies, the associations
managerial, chambers of commerce, foundations, etc. More than
that one is never in force of "shoemaker to your shoes", it does not cost to have
an idea, but also to know the sector, his characteristics,
behavior of the market, the existing companies, the tendency
of the consumers, to analyze his needs, they sounds to something
plan of business, business plan or business plan, it is necessary
to plan and to analyze what it surrounds to our managerial project.

And that to say of a coherent execution, the management of the box is done
so important as it it has been always, to analyze the destination of every
peseta or of every euro, in games that they allow us to increase
the possibility of obtaining benefits, we cannot allow ourselves the luxury
of looking for another type of targets that make sink before time
the new initiative, the financial discipline triumphs again,
to take up office
risk of studied form, etc., etc.

Recently in a few days the case of one is mentioned
company that began working in April, 2000 and closed in August
of the same year, and that that they were arranging of more than 100 millions of
pesetas obtained in the first financing round, they spent
all the money in obtaining the values that were fashionable to
beginning of the Internet explosion, publicity, image of mark,
and they were leaving fundamental aspects of the company to the margin, only
they were selling smoke, since there was nothing solid behind, some time ago
that we know this type of strategies how they finish.

And after all this that was happening with the new economy, such
time turns the ancient economy, or the fact is that only an economy exists,
with a few rules that govern it and the one who fulfills them it remains in her. For
assumption we must accept that from time to time the man
it evolves and there take place revolutions of major or minor scope,
as well there explains to us a person who knows much of these topics,
Peter Drucker, who analyzes perfectly the economic evolution
in the managerial management, and the effects that take place when
deep changes exist in the managerial ecosystem due to
revolutions as that took place with the appearance of
it presses,
the railroad, the radio, the television, the computer science... we will be able
to affirm that Internet is a revolution more that it has made evolve
once again the relations between companies, the economy, but that
it does not invalidate the basic beginning of this discipline.

For Manuel Trincado
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