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1. - Note of the Publisher.

Hello friends, How are you?. A greeting from Tijuana!! where me
I find sharing with the Mexican friends.

Today we have an interesting article as always of
Alain Jordá: the page of double entry. Do not get lost it.

To communicate to you on the other hand that we have already thrown the web
What are the purposes of

To create a Community and to make use of the "force of the group".
To realize a selection of quality linkage that they save
time in the information searches.
To help to the multidisciplinary formation.
To create a marketing laboratory where to obtain turned out
so that you could apply them to your own projects.

There is a forum on marketing in Internet moderated by one
series of marketeros online of Hispanic speech: Alain Jordá,
Alvaro Mendoza, Iván Maldonado... and myself. There you will be able
to do your consultations and we can learn all of all.

VIRUS: They have communicated to me that there is a virus that
it transmits in an email with the title "A VIRTUAL CARD
FOR YOU", so that if some email comes to you with that one
title, you erase it straight.

A greeting and up to the next week.

Francisco Segura.
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Nearly that you move in Internet in the marketing places and
I trade, you will see that the aspects of promotion and publicity of
webs are treated by them profusely everywhere. Nevertheless,
other steps of the sale talk each other much less like
there are the reception of the visitors that we receive, the establishment
of a stable relation with each of them, the construction
of our credibility or the clients' fidelización. And, nevertheless,
these aspects are, almenos, so important as the promotion,
so, if it trumps the only one of these steps, we do not come to the final target:
the sale.

Really, it does not serve of anything to invest in promotion to attract to
many Net users to our pages if, in the moment in
that approach, spend brief moments looking down over the front of
our web site and, seguidamente, they go away towards other places.

How do we receive them? How do we retain them? how do we manage
that remain the sufficient time to know our offer and
to allow us inicar with them a relation with continuity tints?

To these questions it is to that I try to give you answers along
of this report.


Before seeing how we construct it, let's try to define which are
the targets to be covered for our web site.

1) To "hook" the contacts that approach to
to visit for the first time

2) To achieve that they transfer his direction to us of
mail and along with the authorization for
to order them information periodically

3) To be of interest permanently also to
"relay" visitors

These must be the priority targets of our web site. If
we reach them, we have already the base for the continuation
of the process of the sale. We will be able then to establish relations
perms with our clients, to gain us his confidence, to generate
sales and repetitive sales.


To reach these targets, it will be fundamental that our page
of front fulfill a series of requisites. From it they will stem
consequences also for the structure of the set of ours
web site that we will describe later.

But let's see now, what is going to need our front for
to fulfill the targets that we entrust him. And the first one of those
requisites that we cannot take from ourselves of the head in no
moment is:


Yes. what would he like to find our client? How do we can
to facilitate the life to him? How can we serve to him better? The web site not
it is neither for we nor for our company not for ours
manager. The web site is for our clients. Then,
let's think about them when we create it.

And the best thing is to think about what we do each of us to
to enter a web site that we visit for the first time. What I do
it is to fly over with the sight the set of the page in the hunting for that one
word or this detail that receives my attention. Certainly, in
the first glance I usually devote myself not to read big talks. Me
interest has to be received of some another form, of a form
rapid, to the flight.


In my opinion, the visitor must find in the front
following elements:

1) It must be able to identify what is what the web site provides to
his visitors. Namely "why does this web site serve him to him".

2) The new visitors must find "to the flight" these hooks
that will make them decide to penetrate into the place.

3) There must exist also a rapid and direct form of access to
different sections for the habitual visitor who already knows what
he is going to look.

4) We must arrange of someone (or several) way of obtaining
direction of mail and of every visitor who enters. For it,
ideal tool is a periodic bulletin. We offer them
free subscription. To order it to him, obviously, we need
his direction. Other options are the supply of a report
I limit, refilling a survey, in exchange for which,
they will take part in a drawing or will receive a certain service
for 3 months (of step, we make them know the service and, if
they like, they will subscribe already after three months)

5) Finally, the information quantity must be the joust. Not small,
not great. Not so small that I turned out to be insubstantial - the clients not
they will do the effort to enter another page without knowing what they go to
to find-. Not so much that the page turns out to be overloaded with
multiple fine print texts. This information surcharge
it takes as a principal effect masking the information
important, that one that is capable of receiving the attention of the client.


What it continues is a proposal for the design of any page
of front. A guide who will allow you to design pages
completely personalized for every case but, simultaneously,
to make sure that they expire with the requisites demanded for a good one

This proposal goes out of the process of reflection that I have carried out
for the creation of my own web page. I have tried
later of applying it to different types of companies and
sectors and it me has seemed perfectly applicable to all of them.
I think, therefore, that it is a proposal of enough application
general and that can be useful in most of cases. Let's happen to
to see it.


The front page, since we have commented, must be useful to
new and relay visitors. It must receive the first ones. To
the second ones, to take them as quickly as possible to the section to
the one that they direct for themselves. Let's put, then, two different ways of going out of
she to penetrate in the web site for two different routes.


One of them, dedicated to the repeaters, is classic. It consists in
to place a menu of sections and subsections, probably in
a side street, so that each one punctures the section that he is interested in
to gain access to her straight. Very well. Clear and simple.


Another way of entering towards the place from the front must be
thought for the neophytes. How to receive his attention and to manage
what do they bring in? The answer is "putting a mirror that he returns them
your own image". That is! If the visitor turns out to be painted the portrait in
page will think: "that one is it is me who! here they speak about me and of what I
I look. This is the place for that I was looking".

Do you want an example? Let's imagine a virtual cycling shop.
We might identify several types of potential clients:
professional, the fan and the cicloturista, who only wants one
mountain bicycle to go out occasionally with his friends.

What I propose is to present an explicit call to each one
of them in our front. For the third client we would set, for
example: "Do you like the touring by bicycle? Click here and happen to ours
ciclomundo (or "it finds everything what you need" or
"We have a few pages that you will love") ". I believe that
hardly, a visitor who answers to this profile will stop entering.


Well, already we have our front with the double exit route.
Also we have all the contents pages
(articles, catalog, page of orders, linkage, forums, etc.) Well,
but, as a result of the front that we have created, us
something is missing. We must create a new pages level.


In effect, returning to our example, once the clicloturista
it has touched the button for that we were asking him must enter a page
entirely dedicated to him, to the cicloturistas.

On this page we must present all the options, products to him
and services that it is going to find for him next. For example,
a place as that one should offer the bicycles catalog and
accessories, but also routes information cicloturistas, a forum
of contacts for exchange of secondhand materials, a board of
announcements for the organization of joint excursions, etc.

Therefore, on this page, which I call of orientation, it talks each other of
to tell to our new visitor cicloturista all the sections
that he has in our place and what does each of them offer him.
From this page, our cicloturista will be able to gain access straight
to each of the sections that we offer him.

When the same cicloturista returns to visit us, probably
he will gain access already straight to the section for that he looks from the menu
of the front. Certainly, now he is already a repetitive visitor.


So far my proposal. To conclude, I am going to sum up
exposition. It is a question of having a web site with pages of
three levels:

1) The front, which will contain a sections menu for
habitual visitors and also a claim for every type of
objective client who will allow to receive each and everyone of
new visitors who approach our pages.

2) A few orientation pages, each of them dedicated to one
of the client's profiles type that we are interested in. In her, that one
of client it will find a handlebar of everything what the web site offers
for him.

3) The contents pages.


I think that the application of this model can serve to you, not only
to improve substantially the results of your web site,
but it will have the effect of changing the form that you had of
to conceive it. The alone fact of trying to apply this model, you
he will have to think about the types of clients that you have, or want
to have, in the contents that you can offer each of them and,
finally, it will help you to restate from one more optics
adapted to the Internet way, all your presence in the network.

I wait for your comments and suggestions.

Alain Jorda <>, Consultant in Strategies
of Business in Internet, Author of the Seminar: "How to Create and to Develop
YOU Strategy of Success in Internet?"
Publisher of the free bulletin "Commerce in the Network"
Qualified in Headquarter for EADA (Barcelona) and
Top engineer of Telecommunication for the UPC (Barcelona).

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