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3. - Article:" How to obtain free and effective publicity for
your project"
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1. - Note of the Publisher.

Hello friends, How are you?. A greeting from Alicante - Spain.

Today we have an article about the press releases. This one is
a source of free publicity and of many credibility because
when a third one speaks about the kindness of our web
or product, credibility has more that if we say it.

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All this in a pair of minutes!!

Fantastic not? Well, we all are going to be able to be useful that one
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It is in the last tests phase and concerning one week
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Everything is supported by the program Ulises, who is that
it manages and rakes the affiliates and visitors sent by them
to calculate the corresponding commissions.

A greeting and up to the next week.

Francisco Segura.
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Press ArtículoNotas: How to obtain free publicity
and effective for your project
Mercè Castells

It gives to the mass media what they want and
probably they will give you what you need: publicity

Constantly we read or listen in the means of
communication, press releases on new web sites,
innovations, modifications, etc. Y the key question is:
Why not my web?

The simplest answer, possibly be that they do not know
our web site.

So it depends on us doing that our web is
acquaintance. This is a fundamental part of the on-line marketing.

The mass media are looking constantly
new informations and news about interest for his readership.
On the other hand, the e-mail is replacing little
to little to other means as the press releases in role,
to the fax, or to the phone. It is more rapid, it is simpler and it is more
economic. Nevertheless, the spam or indiscriminate publicity,
it is an error that we must not commit.

We can order a press release to any way of
communication with a simple click and to obtain a wide diffusion
of our web. It is easy, it seems simple and it is practically
free. But there are some things that we must bear in mind
before starting writing it. An inadequate press release,
not only he will not benefit us will help us to obtain ours
targets, but it even can harm us very much. We go to
to see what we can do and what we must not do.

1st) How to write a press release

1. Before writing, he thinks what is what you want to communicate.
Look at it from the point of view of the journalist who will read your message.
Why might he be interested in your message? What him reaches port?. It is much
important the title of your message. The journalists are professional
very busy and they have two things in mind: the topics that are of interest
to his readership and the interests of his publisher or publishing group. With one
the first reading of the title and of the first lines possibly already
they will have decided if it can be interesting, or definitely, it it is not,
and your message goes straight to the recycling wastebasket.

2. The press release must be brief, clear, concise and informative.
With a page it is sufficient. Do not tell them your life. He remembers that
in fact, they were not previously interested. It was you who have been
who have you sent a message to them. If they think that it is interesting and
they need more information, do not worry, they will get in touch already
with you. The best way of avoiding complaints about message not
requested, it is to order a brief note, reporting of the topic, and requesting
permission to order a longer note with more information.

3. He writes in the left top end the date, name, phone
and e-mail address of the contact person, as well as
the date to be published. Example:

Date of the day. For immediate publication
Contact person.
Phone of the contact person.
E-mail of the contact person.

4. The title and the first paragraph is the most important thing. He must sum up
target of the press release in a few lines: who, where, what,
when. Use neither signs of exclamation nor phrases excessively
you chatter. He avoids adjectives like "fabulous", "wonderful", "the only", etc.
It must be written in the style of the mass communication media to which
you go. If the way is very "formal", do not order anything too much
informal. If the way is informal, do not send a message
excessively serious and/or pedantic.

5. Honest and do not put yourself any more flowers of those who exist. For example,
do not say that you offer a product or a service, if in fact, of
you do not offer moment. When you do it, he writes a new note
of press.

6. Once you have written it, check it. Forget that it is you who are who
he has written it and put in the role of the journalist: What would you do if you were receiving
this message? What impression do you obtain of the person or company that
has he written this press release? It is very important that you reread it and
re-scribes so many times since it is necessary until you are
completely insurance about which you are saying what you mean and
of the most correct and suitable form.

Once you have written it, do not order yet it. He keeps on reading …

2nd) To who we order our press release: quantity vs quality

It uses the "marketing of scalpel". It selects carefully
mass media that can be interested in what you
you announce. If you have just inaugurated the best web on the Point
of cross, possibly be a wasting time that you order one
press release on this matter to a specializing publication in
Stock Exchange. To do an indiscriminate mailing to all the press means
known, in addition to being a wasting time, it can be
considered spam (not wished publicity) and it can harm you
more than you imagine. It selects the mass media
that are centred on the topics that you touch or that go to
public that you are interested in. If you do not realize it very well, question to your
clients about the magazines or newspapers usually read. And
whenever you visit a friend, to an associate or to a client fix in
that have type of press in his office or waiting room. You will know it
for the next time.

As soon as there were selected the means to which you want to go, NO
send massively the same message for all. It personalizes you
press release. Take the necessary time to find out the name
of the journalist who possibly could be interested in reading your note.
It is the best way to maximize the suitable answer. For example,
in a newspaper, there are several sections. If your note alludes to one
economic topic, do not send your message to the journalist who goes
society chronicles. It is important that your press release goes
directed to the suitable person. This way you will be able to do a pursuit
and the next time that you order him a press release, already you will not be
a stranger for him.

Have patience and do not be afraid to be losing the time. He thinks in
positive impact that will have the publication of your press release in
your targets. Of what does it serve to you to order a press release to 200
mass media if then it is not published or if it it is, it is
written in such a way that it harms you?

He remembers: it selects and personalizes, but be careful. To personalize
it is not synonymous of tutearle as if you were friends of the whole life.
Be "politically correct". It shows your respect to the professionals
to which you speak by means of the form in which you write and the form
in that you communicate.

If you have photos that you want that they include, he writes a note in the end
communicating it. If they are interested in, already they will ask you for them. Do not be in charge
still this marvelous video or collection of photos that occupy 8 MB …

Before ordering your press release to all the means that exist
chosen, testéala. It chooses a few mass media and
he waits for the answer. According to the results, check it and continue.

3rd) What is what we must not do.

To order a press release with more than one recipient in
To:, CC:, and much less BCC. If, already we know that it is great
more rapid, but in fact, possibly you are losing
the time and the possibilities. Again he remembers: it selects and
it personalizes. It is the key.

To hope that the press release should be published on the following day.
Once they have received your note and have decided to publish it,
possibly take a few days (sometimes weeks) in publishing it.
He remembers that as you, they have a tight agenda
and they have already done his planning.

To be a "heavy one", calling and writing constantly
to ask if they have received, have published or have doubts
or you ask on your press release. If you have ordered it to
suitable person, probably has received it. If it has
you doubt or ask, it will get in touch with you.

Not to return a called phone companhy or an e-mail of a way
of communication, or to do it late.

To lose heart if they do not publish our press release. It checks
the steps on that we have commented and it begins again again.

Once the press release has been edited, to forget to send one
gratitude note.

Not to support your updated database and to order a piece of news
press release to that journalist so amable…pero that already
it does not work there!

To order a press release with spelling errors or
typographic. Be specially careful with the name of the person
and mass communication media to which you go.

A press release well written, published in the way
of communication adapted, it is a free quality publicity
(and in quantity :-).

Mercè Castells

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our section "Interesting Articles":". Consult them.

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