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1. - Note of the Publisher.

Hello friends, How are you?. A greeting from Alicante - Spain. he is going to organize the dictated seminar
for me "Like selling in Internet" of 8 hours
of duration. I think that it is going to be in October and
In November and it will be initially in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona.
Later we will see the possibility of organizing it in other cities.
More information in"

Today we have an article of Myra Palacios about the design that
it has that tenner our web thinking about the searchers,
so that our pages remain as high as possible in
the same.

Next week we will have probably another article
related to this topic, with what you will have the opinion of
two experts and you will be able to contrast.

The new affiliates program is done, I already tell you
details of the gestation and I warn you to take part (50 % in

A greeting and up to the next week.

Francisco Segura.
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In this article I will try to reflect the questions more
frequent received for the support department of related to the effective promotion
of web pages. It is a very interesting article with one
series of advices that I recommend to every webmaster to apply
to his web pages to improve the ranking in the searchers.
Any web page in addition to having an attractive design for
the Net users it must have a good design from the point
of sight of the searchers.


When a Net user does a search for a word
key (keyword) in particular, in most cases they appear
hundreds of web pages that agree with this search and
only the pages most excellent and better designed from the point
of sight of the searcher they appear in the first 10 positions.
Naturally the whole Webmaster wants to appear in the first ones
10 positions since most of the Net users center in
the first results and probably find what
they were looking between the first 10 positions.

These advices will help you to approach more your goal:


He thinks about the words keys that you would introduce yourself
in the searcher to find your Web site.
For example if you have a Web page on "Collection
of coins", whenever someone does a search for
"collection of coins" undoubtedly you will want to appear in
the first positions. Normally we refer to
the first positions counting up to the position 30. Your words
strategic keys will be a COLLECTION OF COINS.

Every web page inside your web site will have words fix
different reflecting the content of the page, for example,
history of the coins, coins for countries, coins prices.
Here the words keys have changed and it would be a HISTORY OF
YOU COIN, for example. It uses words different keys for
every web page to obtain major visibility on your web page.
We recommend your words keys to be two or more
words or even short phrases. Most of the web pages
on coins they will have incluída the key word MINT like
the most excellent and there will be many competition for
this specific key word. Your possibilities of appearing in
the first positions for the key word MINT will be very low.
Do not lose the time trying it. If you concentrate on short phrases
or in two three words you will obtain better results.
The alone word coins it is very general, according to my experience
personnel is better a select traffic of potential clients
(looking for ancient coins collections) that not a lot of traffic
general you (coin) of person that perhaps they are looking for changes
of currency, the specific currency of a country, quotations of
coins. etc Also most of the Net users start to
to do more specific searches to avoid a few results of
hundreds of web pages on the same topic.
Anyhow also it depends on the category in which you
web page is incluída, there is more competition in a few categories
that in others. The best thing is to analyze your competition and to choose the words
fix to conscience. There is no golden rule that could be applied to
all the web pages and all the searchers, but these
recommendations will help to improve the ranking of
page and a few small changes can increase the traffic
to your web page.
These changes are done from the point of view of the searcher
to make easier to him the task of index-linking your page and of analyzing
the content.
It is not the same how it sees and the robot (Spider) analyzes your page
of a searcher that a Net user.



You have to place your words fix in crucial places
inside your web pages so that the searchers could
to find this information and to extract it.
The Title of the page is the most important thing. One of the causes
more common for that a very good and excellent page
it proves to be a very low ranking he is because there are no words fix
in the title.
He writes a concise, interesting title, which it reflects perfectly
content of your web page and it introduces the key word more excellent.
Also it uses words fix in the first paragraphs
of your web page. Words specific keys that they reflect
the content of your page. It does not serve for anything to include words
keys that have not anything in common with your content (for example
free, sex). Introducing words keys that not
be related to the topic of your web perhaps it will generate more
traffic, but the persons who conécten will not be clients
potentials of the product that you offer.
The more above of the page the words are placed
keys, your ranking will be better in the searchers.
Normally the searchers usually extract of the title up to
the first 60 to 80 characters (although there are exceptions),
it tries to introduce the most important text inside these limits.
Bear in mind that if you use stage they can do that
text does not appear above completely from the point of view
of the searcher (it appears above for the Net users, but if you look
the code source of the page the text will turn out to be great further down).


A searcher analyzes the frequency with which they appear
the words fix compared to the others
words of the web page. Those words that
appear with more frequency they will be qualified like
more excellent than the others.

Pages with little text, many graphs and Frames
they are more difficult to value and to index-link from the point of
sight of the searchers.
You can compensate these problems using MetaTags.

The use of MetaTags simplifies the task of index-linking your page
web (only in the searchers who support metatags) for
Spiders of the searchers.
The most important metatags are: the title, description
and words fix.
To insert Metatags is a way of controlling the information
that the searcher will extract from your page. The description of
your web that will appear will be exactly the description of
your Goal description. The title that will appear
it will be the title that you have put in the Goal Title.
When a Net user does a search for words
keys the target of the Goal keywords is to be opposing
for words fix.

Do not use the same word several times continued,
some searchers can penalize you. You can introduce
the same word several times but inserting it between
other words.

It always uses the plural and the longest form of the word
that you could (for example collect of coins,

It uses capital letters and small letters (ancient Collections
of coins) whenever it is possible to the beginning
of a phrase.
This way you insure yourself that if a Net user introduces
Collection instead of collection, your page will go out
in the search. The searcher Altavista for example gives great
importance to the characters. The same is not a Collection that
collection or collection.

Long qualifications are better that short qualifications, nevertheless
if you need to highlight a special key word, write
a short title introducing this key word.

Once you are in the searchers it is necessary to concentrate
in the position that you occupy. Do a search for words
keys introducing more
important. The ranking of your web page can rise continuing
these advices.

A greeting
Myra Palacios
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Programmer with strong programs knowledge of
development of Internet and Environment Unix as well as PHP, MySql,
Dynamic HTML and Javascript. Other knowledge will be valued
of programming.

Immediate incorporation.

The chosen, resident person in Madrid, will work
to develop interesting cultural projects and of
free time in Internet.

To go to sending résumé


Programmer with 6 months - 1 year of experience.
they will value development programs knowledge of
Internet and Environment Unix as well as PHP, MySql, HTML
dynamic and Javascript.

Immediate incorporation.

The chosen, resident person in Madrid, will work
to develop interesting cultural projects and of
free time in Internet.

To go to sending résumé.

Summary is offered curricular to be employed at the areas
of Internet, communications, publicity, marketing, and
mass media. For any offer that
favor arises in these fields to contact for this route.

Katy Fernández
Communicactions and Public Affairs
Andean Region, Latin America
Motorola of Venezuela, C.A.
Tfno: (582) 901 4641
Fax: (582) 901 4951
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