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61 - 12-Sept-2.000 / Throw: 4.993 copies.
Publisher: Francisco Segura.
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1. - Note of the Publisher.
2. - Article: "THE DESIGN."
3. - Selection of products and services.
4. - You offer and demand of Work.
5. - Feedback on the manual.
6. - Collaborations Mailing for this bulletin.
7. - Information of subscription and contact.
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1. - Note of the Publisher.

Hello friends, How are you?. A greeting from Lima - Peru!!.

Somewhere here I walk after the celebration of two organized seminars
with GS Publicity and Marketing in Lima and I have to say to you that they have
been a success of participation (54 persons) and acceptance: the assistants
they have remained satisfied to the point of which we are already organizing together
with some companies assistants, new editions of the seminar here
in Lima, for October, therefore if someone did not help,
it will have the opportunity again to come.

On the other hand, we are going to celebrate the seminar also jointly
with a company that helped of Asunción, Paraguay, of way
that the people of over there also will have opportunity, it will be at the beginning of October, but be attentive to the bulletin to know details.

Today we have an article of Oscar Vega, who is the second part
of other that was published, it does two numbers.

The new affiliates program is done, I already tell you
details of the gestation and I warn you to take part.

A greeting and up to the next week.

Francisco Segura.
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In this matter there is - as in almost quite in this life - different options.
The first concept determines to all the rest.

The investment

"I do not want to spend very much" From.... 50.000 ptas (a few US $ 350)

Unfortunately at present there are majority.
Although in fact almost nobody knows them, because almost anybody visits them.
They are in the Internet catacombs and few ones are that sabrían
to come... with the exception of some of his clients, and/or relatives to
that communicated it to himself.
We speak about businessmen and entrepreneurs who really are not
conscious of what they do.
They lack a proper domain that identifies his company.
They think that with a free shop provided by his provider
of telephony or some company dedicated to the creation of shops
virtual clonal, it is sufficient.
Two years ago, it could be, NOW NOT.
Nowadays it is a very cheap way, of course, of beginning for ground
the image of our company.

"I do not want to spend too much..." From.... 250.000 ptas (a few US $ 1,500)

They are those that as it usually say... "they sail between two waters".
They know that they must be and to invest but without investing "too much".
In this, skylight.
The mediocrity never leads to the success.
To come to him all the links of the chain must be fortresses,
and the design and the promotion are two of the important ones that need
more investment.
Nobody discusses the money necessary for the starting of one
physical business.
Inside the possibilities of each one, it is frequent and habitual
to request credits for the achievement of reforms and throwing
of a business.
They meet many people that should have done the same to set in
does a business go in Internet?
I suspect that the quantity must not be very big: truth?.

"We are going to invest the necessary thing..." From.... 1.500.000 ptas (a few US

Businessmen's rare species, which thanks to God, and for evolution
native of the way, there tend to be every day more.
They understand that as in the real life, to develop a business
in Internet they must invest very top quantities, if they want to have
the opportunity to triumph in Internet, and they must make use of it investing
They know that tomorrow it will cost them more and will be less effective, or rather,
it will be more complicated to obtain the effectiveness.

Once we know about the budget that we have, we can happen
to treat the following concept.

The programming technology

Basically three types of programming are used: HTML, DHTML and FLASH.
His use determines also the budget:

HTML can be used in three investment levels
Alone DHTML at the last two levels
FLASH only in the last budget level

Inevitably Internet it is going to turn into a multimedia way of
diffusion of contents, culture and commerce, but very nearby to
TV concept.
Fortunately the interactivity level is much major, and with (and this
it is the best thing) the control in hands of the user.
Well, the reality is that nowadays the tool that it guarantees
"like way" (another thing is that one can, or not, use and be useful)
an entire interactivity with the user, is the technology FLASH.
- Does it have risks his use?
- It had.
Approximately one year ago, those that opened the way to
this technology there were those who more endured the problems of
to implant "the new thing".
Today it has turned into standard, and already all the new versions
of the navigators they have incorporated it.
But a risk not inherent in the technology exists FLASH, and that one is
It is perhaps the most difficult to avoid, since it implies that the client,
or better still, the company in charge of the design, have a dpto.
of marketing specializing in Internet.
This debit to know and to be able to make use of the resources of this technology
for the sake of a good interactivity and thinking about the user.
Thus it will always end up by reverberating in benefits for his

The usabilidad

This term implanted by Jackob Nielsen, integrates the whole series of
concepts in reference to a web design as they are:

the navigability
the use simplicity
the ideas clarity
the good orientation

All of them are characteristic exigibles to the company in charge of the design.
Far from being the designers those who have the last word, this one has to
to say it the user.
To know it it is necessary to ask them, therefore you need to have one
well definite strategy and the structure of your web prepared to realize
you poll between your visitors.
Now it extracts conclusions of his opinions.
It modifies and consults again.
He remembers that the way towards the perfection, has no end, but every time
it is more gratifying on having increased the grade of satisfaction of your clients.

The quality

The presence of your web is initially, the whole artillery which you have
to gain the war of the confidence of your visistantes.
The use of the multimedia technology is essential.
Much especially I want to refer to the use of the sound.
- You knew that studies demonstrate that, before two TV sets exactly
be equal, and to which only the quality of his sound differentiates them
does it attribute to that of better sound a major image quality?
- Really, it has been proved that sound and image together produce
a sensation of major quality in the human brain.
Of course I am not speaking about these sounds MIDI type toy organ.
Of course it is worse that to have no sound!
(Unless you have good excellent sound card with a good bookstore
of sounds)
From this point, which is a ligerísimo revision to some of the aspects
more excellent at the time of the design, it is convenient to request the company of
a sample of his works, which of insurance they must have installed in
his web (looks at this example
He already only remains to visit them and verify like users that quality and usabilidad
they have.

In the next chapter we will center on another two big props
of the success; the strategy of marketing and the promotion.

Oscar Vega
"Adviser of Marketing in Internet"
[+34 965921310]
Other articles published previously are in
our section "Interesting Articles":". Consult them.

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3. - Selection of products and services:

Information and tariffs about publicity in this bulletin and in
the web in"
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ways of carrying on business in Internet
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4. - You offer and demand of Work:

I remind to you that you can send your offers and demands of
I use related to Internet marketing, electronic commerce etc.
Send please announcements that have to do with this topic.
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5. - Feedback on the manual.
In this section we include comments about the manual of
sales "Like selling your product or service in Internet": This one
week we do not have any comment.

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6. - Collaborations Mailing for this bulletin.

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