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Publisher: Francisco Segura.
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1. - Note of the Publisher.
2. - Article: "Internet for obligation NOT THANK YOU!."
3. - Selection of products and services.
5. - You offer and demand of Work.
6. - Feedback on the manual.
7. - Collaborations Mailing for this bulletin.
8. - Information of subscription and contact.
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1. - Note of the Publisher.

Hello friends, How are you?. A greeting from Alicante (Spain).

This week we have an article of Oscar Vega, on campaign to raise public awareness of
companies to come to Internet. Oscar directs a company that devotes itself to
project implantation in Internet and it shows us some conclusions much

I continue with the topic of the starting of our program of affiliates and
his details so that you see all and know on this interesting topic.

The next week probably you will not receive this bulletin since one I take


On the other hand, to say to you that on the 8th and 9th of September I am going to be in Lima -
Peru giving the seminar "Like selling in Internet".
All the interested parties you can obtain more information and subscribe in or in
The 5 first ones in registering in every group have the free sales manual.

A greeting and up to the next week?.

Francisco Segura.
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Article: Internet for obligation: NOT THANK YOU!.

They say that million are the web's nowadays installed.
But of course there is more.
Realized by companies, less.
Of those, few ones are of institutions and important corporations.
And those who stay, are distributed between:

Those who surrender to Internet
And those who are still to be

That badly stays the above mentioned! truth?

So if it stays badly: still WORK WORSE!

If you are a businessman you must realize the fantastic opportunity that
History drinks to you to do a change or to initiate a new way, creatively and
replete with possibilities.


It is necessary to see, that little I like to have to use the argument of the competition.

But the fact is that many do not manage to comprise it of another form, more than with
fear from which his competition conquers part of his market.

But an entrepreneur as YOU, profession innovator, it cannot establish his
way of acting in the business, only and exclusively based on pushes of

First because we will always go to tow.
And second because if in our area or sector it is not very active we either
we it will be.

- Very well, but: What MUST I DO?
- The question is good, but that you do not scare the answer


I feel it really, but the days of the corporate pages, realized for
a student of 2nd of Computer science (curiously nephew of the manager), does
enough time that they have already spent.
But do not believe, neither is a success guarantee the one that a company invests
hundreds of millions in the achievement and promotion of a project in Internet.
Obviously, the millions in promotion contribute to that thousands of visitors
approach your web.
But it does not guarantee to you that they repeat.
The important thing there is the QUALITY OF THE EXPERIENCE of those who visit you, be great
or few ones.
This is of what we must take care first of all.
Of what does it serve to us to attract many people, if the content, design, facility of
navigation and another series of basic qualities of a digital business, they have not been
thought for those who are going to use them.
Only almost to have the certainty of which THEY WILL NOT RETURN.

It is curious, when you read in the mass media the interviews to
responsible for these millionaire projects, the facility with which they speak of
to reach 15, 20 ó 30 % of the market share.
But more curious is to join several of the same sector, you add the levels of each one of
they, and 100 % overcomes several times.

I suppose that they do not believe it themselves.
The visionaries are many of the investors who support them economically.

And I say this, because a sensation begins growing between some businessmen of
that, if they have not a big budget, it is not possible to triumph in Internet.


But neither it is possible to think that it is possible to construct a serious, FREE business.

There are opposite ends, and that is never good.

If you have already an "earthly" business,

do you remember what your initial investment was?

Of course little to the current change, but the whole investment in those times and
in your situation.

Depending on the type of project, you will need more or less investments.
Initially you must appear the following ones:

Marketing in the NETWORK
Promotion in Means


More important than the economic facet, it is the selection of a suitable personnel.


Many people forget it, but one of the principal tasks of a businessman is that of
to form and that of forming to his personnel.
Major all that is the biggest quality of your people will be the quality of your company.
You must manage to integrate them in your project.


Nobody said that it it was.
But precisely that's why, only those who obtain it are closer successful.

The people are not easy at all to find with a good ATTITUDE (before the project) and
APTITUDE (before the type of tasks to be realized).

But now the good thing comes:


Yes, this is valid in ambience of any company, and great more in one

We must already know that everything goes much more quickly for Internet, and to be supported
it is necessary to grow very quickly. It is necessary to extend business, to establish multiple
relate with companies, so much of your sector as of others, even rival,
of your country or of another side of the world.
Everything accumulates.
And then the burdens begin, and the business losses for not being able to do it


And although DELEGATING IS NOT TO FORGET in hands of third the responsibilities, debits
to manage to become...


Then, and only then, you will be able to begin thinking in big, making to grow with
good ideas to your company, while others take charge of these kidlings realize
tasks that were mortgaging you every hour of the day.

I speak to you from the experience of having managed to come to this point.
I direct a company of 32 persons, have happened for all the positions of the same one and
I am employed from house at five proper projects in Internet and design
strategies of marketing of several companies.
What how do I obtain it?
Delegating tasks the same way as I am opening new projects.

Imagine that you are in the forest opening a new highway.


In the next chapters I will analyze the rest of investments that you will need
to attack to carry out your project in Internet successfully:

Marketing in the NETWORK
Promotion in Means
Oscar Vega
"Adviser of marketing in Internet" [+34 965 921310]


Other articles published previously are in
our section "Interesting Articles":". Consult them.

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3. - Selection of products and services:

Information and tariffs about publicity in this bulletin and in
the web in"
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Last March I was of visit in in Ab-Server: a provider company
of Internet services and that has the software of creation of shops
electronic Ab-Shop.

Well, the manager proposed to me to take part in the distribution of his program Ab-Shop
since many of the visitors of my web could be interested in this one
software and which was my surprise on having verified that the distribution way of life was
across a banner whose delivery address was the web where it was selling

but with my distributor's code, so that this way then I could
to see the visits and sales that had taken place across this linkage
special. So that my linkage would be:

This way, with this special linkage traffic begun being created towards the Ab-Shop web.
I could see the generated visits and could see the sales.

I then thought: “Un moment, I am in front of a made affiliates program
in Spain, I do not know another company that has this software and a program
of affiliates it is one of the most powerful hardware of marketing, so that
porqué not to speak with the manager to implant it in my web? ”

Therefore I spoke with the manager to see that requisites were needed for
to implant the affiliates program in my web and power to distribute the manual of
sales across other webs and bulletins.

These requisites were, to part of the cost, that my web had to be in one
servant under Windows NT, since the program was implemented in asp's. Whole
that my web was in a servant under Linux, therefore it could not be. No
obstante the importance of the implantation of a program of affiliates not me
they made to doubt and I prepared a new web, with a new domain, in the servant NT
of Ab-Server:

In this web there is the essential thing to sell the manual in his version
electronic and printed and the course in casettes:
the principal page, the page of sales where there is described the manual, that of
I study in casettes and a page on the author.

An important part of this page is the shop:
the affiliates program has to rake whenever a buy is done for
to assign it to the affiliate in question, therefore in this web we have implanted
shop AB-Shop for three products: manual in two versions and the course
in casettes.

The three are connected to the program and the sales that are done stay
When someone wants to do order, after reading the description of some article,
it enters a linkage:

that takes him to the shop, to select the product and then to buy it. In
this alone domain there are two ways of doing order, which are those who are
capable of being traced by the system: validated card online and
bank transfer. Others for draft, I counterreimburse etc, they are not
available in this web.

I am not sure, but I believe that if a web has a collection form of
information (the typical form CGI) as that there is at present in in sure Servant, also he can be applied
affiliates program.

The advantage of doing it with the shop is that it is possible to apply one to the same one
software of virtual TPV (paying the difference and requesting to our bank that
send it to our servant) so that when a client introduces the information of
the card to pay the product, this software validates in real-time those
information and if (and only if) the card is valid, the software generates an email with
the information of the order that is going to stop to the mailbox of email of the owner of
shop so that it serves the order.

Therefore we have to request in our Bank a virtual TPV that goes
connected to our account and that send it to the servant where we have lodged
our web, so that they "connect" it to our web and to the Bank. Of this one
way when someone introduces the information of the card, this one is validated in that one
the same moment, and if it is accepted, the money subscribes in our account (less

The price that receives the bank for this software is void, alone one loads us
percentage of the buy with that one has proceeded. This percentage last year in
Banesto, whose footbridge I have from last year, was between 4.1 and 6 %
depending on the card Visa, Amex etc. Now I have requested a TPV in the BSCH
and it seems that the commission is going to be 3.5 %.

To say that in the B.Sabadell they need of a deposit for 500.000 pts for these
operations. In other banks with which I have had dealing, they did not need me
this: Banesto and BSCH.

An advantage of using the ratification in real-time (whose implantation price and
connection to the shop for Ab-Server for example is of approximately 15.000 pts) the fact is that if
the client is wrong on having introduced the information of the card, can return to
to introduce them since the system returns him a message of which the card there is not
been accepted.

Of another form, the information of the card is received but then they interfere in
the TPV "at a later stage", with what if the information of the card is not good, there is
that to contact the client and the experience demonstrates than about 30 % me
they cannot already recover, because they have lost the interest in the product, have
changed of opinion... etc.

I put to you the information of a fictitious affiliate so that the interested parties you could see it
with a concrete example:

Example of direction of an affiliate to the program:

Direction of access to statistics and buys done under this direction:
password and pasword: test

The week (or the following one) that comes I keep on telling you some details that existed
and that have been corrected in this program.

Francisco Segura.
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5. - You offer and demand of Work:

I remind to you that you can send your offers and demands of
I use related to Internet marketing, electronic commerce etc.
Send please announcements that have to do with this topic.
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6. - Feedback on the manual.
In this section we include comments about the manual of
sales "Like selling your product or service in Internet": This one
week we have:

"Dear Francisco and team,

Many, thank you very much for the magnificent bulletin, for the manual
and especially for teaching me something new whenever I receive news
I would like to be part of the program of affiliates and
if you do not put any objección I will do it.

Without much ado, my congratulations for the manual that has served to me and
it will serve very much, practically it is my head book.

Greetings and up to next, a grateful friend:"

Vidal Escalante
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7. - Collaborations Mailing for this bulletin.

You can make come your articles and analysis of topic
of electronic commerce, marketing online etc. for his
publication in this one
bulletin to mailto:francisco (25 pound) effective marketing (point) com

We save ourselves the right not to publish articles
that contain information that commits an outrage against persons,
institutions, organisms, etc., and than to our personnel
criterion should not be published.
Also, we save ourselves the right to edit or to request to
author who edits the article to be published.
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8. - Information of subscription and contact.

To subscribe: He sends an email in target to
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Publisher and comments about this bulletin:

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All the opinions and ideas reflected in this bulletin
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The Publisher does not take responsibility of the damages caused for
the use of the information contained in the same one.

All rights reserved.
(c) Francisco Segura Ramón


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