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Publisher: Francisco Segura.
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2. - Article:" When will the business be profitable in the network?."
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1. - Note of the Publisher.

Hello friends, How are you?. A greeting from Alicante (Spain).

This week we have an article of David Fernández, where they appear
questions much in vogue lately: the profitability of many companies in

Since you know, here we are wrapped in the topic, nothing simple, of implanting one
affiliates program for the sales manual. Well, since to instances of one
reader of this bulletin, Rafael González, of Barcelona, I am going to report
adventures and misfortunes of this starting, so that it serves to all.
This will serve like practical case study, and you all will be able to be useful me
experience for the use of this powerful tool of marketing, which
there are the affiliates programs.

We will put all this in a new section in the bulletin that we will call for
Every week I will count, the advances that should be take place, the steps that it goes
giving etc. Nevertheless, I am going to begin from the beginning, so that we see it
from zero and you I will try to inform as soon as possible.

On the other hand, I want to do to myself echo of pompous news in
Panda Software throws, with the support of the Department of Science,
The signature will provide for 15 days, from his web site, an anti-virus
free. I have unloaded it and it seems that it is fine.

I remind to you that you can send your offers and demands of
I use related to Internet marketing, electronic commerce etc.
Send please announcements that have to do with this topic.

A greeting and up to the next week.

Francisco Segura.
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Article: When will the business be profitable in the network?

for David Fernández. Expert in on-line marketing.

In the latter 18 months we are helping to the beginning of the curve of
Internet throwing. Let's not deceive, the previous stage is only
prehistory of the network. We live through a key moment about which they will speak the books
of the modern economy in a future. But....: when will it reach this Internet
maturation point so that the business not only is a heap of

The companies run gone wild to transform in what what
false wise persons of the network (that is to say persons who have just discovered what is
Internet, which they do not know his functioning and which hide enumerating
technical-Anglo-Saxon terms that they do not know even more) they call ""
and that we will call "integrated to the network" or simpler "of network".
For his part, the big heavyweights of the traditional economy,
banking institutions, after preparing the deceitful effect 2000
they venture to the investment without limit in the network, betting clearly for
client in line and this way saving the costs of the traditional office of 10
to 100 times higher. Will it be a step to be continued?

But at the moment, since we are in the beginning of a cycle, it is strange
to find companies that obtain really economic benefits of his
implantation in network and it is more, the losses are large in many cases,
for the excessive confidence in the future yields or for a bad strategy
current of marketing. And better not to enumerate the companies that only they obtain
loss of image for a disastrous approach and an enormous oversight was doing his
potential clients to whom they do not attend by no means.

If we adhere to Spain, it is clear that a medium or small company
it has presently complicated to live alone of the income in Internet.
market is still small: four million potential users, but not more
of one and I come up real. But soon it will exploit (from 6 until 12 months) with
awaited universal access coinciding with a flat rate within reach of
average citizen: ADSL, cable and technologies of radio, and then let's integrate
in our everyday life the use of the network. At the moment only they generate
benefits at present the services entities about the network:
offer of connection, hostel of domains, advertizing agencies, formation
on Internet, software for the network, facilities, etc.

Up to the arrival of this explosion: what must an average businessman do in
Internet?. Since we enumerate 3 key actions:

1. To have presence in the network: to adopt a good domain, a good design and one
good strategy of marketing specializing in the network and according to
company in his set.

2. To learn of the mechanisms and functioning of the network and to be adapting everything
the company to answer efficiently in the network when it should be necessary. Now
it is when we can test, later there will not be time.

3. To create marks, that is to say: to be announced and to create memory habits of
where it is placed in Internet, of which extra cost offers and why
visitor must come to us and not to the competition.

If now we manage to strengthen these steps, we will be prepared for the challenge
that supposes the network: it is not important that now we do not sell, trust in
opportunities that are offered to us very short-term, but always working
and arming ourselves with patience and with faith.


At your disposal, he greets you:

David Fernandez

Other articles published previously are in
our section "Interesting Articles":". Consult them.

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I tell you how I started with an affiliates program: taking part in one of

Well, everything starts a few years ago, in 98, when I was in the depto. of
Marketing of NetUSa, a company of computer science in Silicon Valley. I there was
done some HTML courses and email in Spain, in 96 and in 97, but"
holiday" it started there.

All the ways of making marketing of that time were looking at this phenomenon that
it was Internet and that there it was exploiting. It was something similar to the current state
that has the Internet phenomenon in announcements for all
places, for the TV.... all the big companies coming to Internet to everything

Well, in this climate, I was in a company that was not very big (some
25 employees) and that therefore did not have a budget of big marketing,
therefore, it was necessary to sharpen the ingenuity to promote our products
in a way that it will not cost money, as it was for example Internet: email and

What yes existed was a time, Internet, digital lines T1 to gain access to
Internet (that there are a heap of times more rapid than the RDSI) and there it is where
it begins my learning on marketing in Internet: an effective tool,
economic but which needed of knowledge that had not given to me in
the Marketing Program in Berkeley's University (they begun being included in
following promotion).

That's why I subscribed to courses online on publicity, strategy etc for
Internet. I subscribed to diverse ezines and lists of discussion of marketing and
I began learning everything what I could to apply it to the promotion of ours
products in NetUSA.

I remember that experiments were done, "it was putting the paw" even, but we were going
learning. I remember to do email mailing to universities to promote
our product, since between our clients were great of
they. Today this would be considered spam, although it is a mailing to a public
potentially interested. But in that time it was not so serious and the people not
one was taking it badly.

My first contact with an affiliates program was on a marketing course
that was costing approximately $ 200 and that in every sale were giving a 65$ commission. I put one
page of free accommodation in Tripod, with a few banner of the Course and with some
all the actions of promotion I managed to sell 2 courses!!, that brought me 130$.
(Which I used in buying an autoradio, which I still have in my car)

Well so this has been what I am going to tell you this week. The next one we will see
since I find out that a software exists in Spain to manage this and
changes that I have had to do in my web to "accommodate" the program. In
The United States there is more offer of this type of software, but here in Spain not
there is scarcely. I will comment to you on the two most feasible possibilities.

That you interest I propose to you to visit the page that I am
preparing where there is explained the functioning and commissions of the program"

it is not public, and not completed page, but it will serve to the interested parties.

up to the next week.
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5. - You offer and demand of Work:


Professional offers to work like freelance:
Graphic design and Communication for his Web place, experience in creation of
Intranets with help of HTML, Flash and Javascript...
Very accessible prices. Interested to contact with
Leonardo Cabrera
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6. - Feedback on the manual.
In this section we include comments about the manual of
sales "Like selling your product or service in Internet": This one
week we do not have any comment
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7. - Collaborations Mailing for this bulletin.

You can make come your articles and analysis of topic
of electronic commerce, marketing online etc. for his
publication in this one
bulletin to mailto:francisco (25 pound) effective marketing (point) com

We save ourselves the right not to publish articles
that contain information that commits an outrage against persons,
institutions, organisms, etc., and than to our personnel
criterion should not be published.
Also, we save ourselves the right to edit or to request to
author who edits the article to be published.
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"Francisco Segura:
It receives you and your collaborators a cordial greeting and my congratulations from El Salvador, I center America, for fulfilling 5 years with your bulletin "The Useful council of the week", which has been helpful for persons that as I we begin to sail in the world of the Internet. I hope to keep on being provided in a lot of time with your advices. Congratulations.
Margarita González

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