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1. - Note of the Publisher.
2. - Article: "How to choose the best affiliates program?."
3. - Classified Announcements.
4. - You offer and demand of Work.
5. - Feedback on the manual.
6. - Collaborations Mailing for this bulletin.
7. - Information of subscription and contact.
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1. - Note of the Publisher.

Hello friends, How are you?. A greeting from Alicante (Spain).

This week we have an article that comes to story of the topic that we take now
in combat in the affiliates programs. The article is
"How to choose the best affiliates program?." where Maria Angeles Sanchez us
he analyzes the important points to select one.

On the other hand to say to you that this month an interview of mine appears in PC World
(edition in Spain) alumnus "The keys of the sale in Internet", as well as other one
he interviews in the business magazine in Internet EKO. If someone buys these
magazines, throw a glance. ;-)

The program of affiliates (with commissions of up to 50 %) it is not yet ready:
he traces the sales and assigns them to the correct associate, but it does not provide
statistics of correct visits. We are going to keep on arranging it and
preparing it. It is being tested. When it is ready we will throw it.

I remind to you that you can send your offers and demands of
I use related to Internet marketing, electronic commerce etc.
Send please announcements that have to do with this topic.

A greeting and up to the next week.

Francisco Segura.
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Article: How to choose the best affiliates program?

For Maria Angeles Sánchez Goyanes

Has been called into question the possibility of establishing its own affiliates program?
He wants to harvest some extra profit, selling foreign products or
directing his traffic to the places of other persons? Here we say to him like
they produce these programs and like choosing most indicated to do a good business

Let's start for defining that an affiliates program is an established contract
between two parts, in which one of them promises to pay to the second one one
concrete sum whenever, thanks to the promotional action of this one, a new one

simply he gains access to the place of the contractor, or
realize the buy of a product or service, or
Carry out other actions, like the achievement of a form,
subscription to a bulletin, the request of a sample or gift, etc.
How to know who is the best?

It is very simple, since only there him will be really useful those that:

1. Have direct bearing on the subject-matter of his place, and, therefore
with the interests of his visitors.

2. That it could integrate them so that they are part of his content and extend it
and engrandezcan. That suppose an extra cost and not that are a simple plaster

3. That is a program endorsed by a signature that offers guarantees so much to
you, like associate, as to his possible clients.

Let's imagine that Eduardo mounts a place dedicated to his big love by the bonsais
and after a certain time it is consulted every day by approximately thousand persons,
so that he decides to obtain some economic benefit of his effort. What
programs does he have to choose?

Who visits search, fundamentally and how in most of web sites of
any subject-matter, information and, possibly, contact with other living beings
that share his love.

Therefore, the best offer will be, first of all, that one who adds more
information whom it is possible to find in his place:

linkage to other places on bonsais, especially if they pay to him simply for
the visit (his public does not have to extract the change purse to visit other places,
so that it is sure that it will do it);
secondly, sew for that yes it is necessary to make use of the vile metal,
but that offer information about the object of the desire, or, of course,
proper object: sale of bonsais, books on these arbolitos, videos, cd's and
in the third place, what separates from the target of the visitor (the search of
information about bonsais) but that is closely related to him:
accessories and specific hardware of work for bonsais, medicines against
plagues and illnesses, and, also, linkage and products for plants in general.
For the sale of bonsais, instead of limiting itself to putting a dry banner of
shift shop, Eduardo should affiliate to "", one
place that, of the simplest form, he allows him to choose the bonsais that he wants
to sell and leaves that are acquired from their own pages.

This way, "", that is not dumb, makes use of the sales
propitiated by the confidence that Eduardo's public has already deposited in him, and
it realizes, in the shade and for his mediation, deals that otherwise not
they would have existed.

And how if it collaborates to some program relative to trips? After all,
we can reason that the one that likes the bonsais he likes the nature, and to
that he likes he has to like to travel the nature, although it is only to the mountain.

But in case of Eduardo it would be an error. The people who comes to his place go in
search of information about bonsais and to distract it of his target is going to be, also
of difficult, completely erroneous.

It is here where there resides the importance of being able to choose the program adapted to
needs for the business. Otherwise, to lose of sight the niche to which
he wants to come, it will bear problems not only of organization, but of many

Maria Angelez Sanchez Goyanes
she is a Phoenicians' Director in the Network

Other articles published previously are in
our section "Interesting Articles":". Consult them.

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3. - Classified Announcements:

Information and tariffs about publicity in this bulletin and in
the web in"
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4. - You offer and demand of Work:


THE COMPANY: BIG INTERNET ROUTE: Leading corporation of Services (Consultancy
Strategic, Development of Applications, Recycling of components
technological and Design and and-marketing) "One-stop-shop" for projects of
importance in Internet.
Framed in the Department of Development and leading projects normally
with 2-4 persons to his charge, he will take charge of the design and development of the component
creative of the projects in which it takes part.
It will have to establish a fluid relation so much with internal speakers
(designers and developers) as external (clients).
One thinks about a professional proceeding from similar functions that should reach port some
two years of experience in the WEB web-design in projects of true
For it, it will have to contribute technical knowledge at his level of HTML, Javascript,
Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Adobe Go Live and Freehand.
Preferably it will contribute good knowledge of the English language, given
expectations of exterior development of the Company.
Work place: Madrid
The remuneration will be according to the worth of the candidate.
Interested to contact with Cristina in
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5. - Feedback on the manual.
In this section we include comments about the manual of
sales "Like selling your product or service in Internet". This one
week we have the comment of Alexandra Lairet.

<<Your manual turned out to be very good to me like starting point, he is a general, it includes
many topics and it gives me a general vision of as the marketing works online>>
Alexandra Lairet
Santiago - Chile
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6. - Collaborations Mailing for this bulletin.

You can make come your articles and analysis of topic
of electronic commerce, marketing online etc. for his
publication in this one
bulletin to mailto:francisco (25 pound) effective marketing (point) com

We save ourselves the right not to publish articles
that contain information that commits an outrage against persons,
institutions, organisms, etc., and than to our personnel
criterion should not be published.
Also, we save ourselves the right to edit or to request to
author who edits the article to be published.
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7. - Information of subscription and contact.

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To resign: to resign to send an email to:
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If this bulletin has come to him for accident or you already
it erased previously excuse the inconveniences and send again one
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Publisher and comments about this bulletin:

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All the opinions and ideas reflected in this bulletin
of news they belong to his respective authors.
The Publisher does not take responsibility of the damages caused for
the use of the information contained in the same one.

All rights reserved.
(c) Francisco Segura Ramón


"Francisco Segura:
It receives you and your collaborators a cordial greeting and my congratulations from El Salvador, I center America, for fulfilling 5 years with your bulletin "The Useful council of the week", which has been helpful for persons that as I we begin to sail in the world of the Internet. I hope to keep on being provided in a lot of time with your advices. Congratulations.
Margarita González

Bienesraices (Peñaflor S.A. of C.V)"

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