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1. - Note of the Publisher.
2. - Article: "To have a success web in the network do not run
to entrust his pages."
3. - Classified Announcements.
4. - You offer and demand of Work.
5. - Feedback on the manual.
6. - Collaborations Mailing for this bulletin.
7. - Information of subscription and contact.
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1. - Note of the Publisher.

Hello friends, How are you?. A greeting from Alicante (Spain).

Well, since the course went out already to the light in casettes. I want
to be grateful for the big reception that it is having. All of you
you have special conditions. It is the way of being grateful
your loyalty to this publication.

This week we have again an article of Alain Jordá,
specialist in Strategy for Internet.

This next week we throw, if everything is fine,
affiliates program with commissions of up to 50 %. These
days we are in tests phase. If everything is fine, the next one
week we throw it. I already inform you in detail.

I remind to you that you can send your offers and demands of
I use related to Internet marketing, electronic commerce etc.
Send for
favor announcements that have to do with this topic.

A greeting and up to the next week.

Francisco Segura.
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Article: To have a success web in the network do not run to
to entrust his pages. For Alain Jorda

No, do not run to entrust his pages if, previously, there is not
done his duties.


The achievement of his pages is a task that they can do
well for Vd. a multitude of offices and designers
And their mission is to contribute three formal elements
that they will form a well made web site: the texts,
graphs and the technology, as well as providing a suitable balance
between them. But these professionals need, to develop
his task with the maximum efficiency, a solid base on which
to work.
They must know: what is the target of the web site? what
must contents develop? what services must they implement? which
it is the approach and which the proper personality of the company to that
is it necessary to "take" Internet? what image must they transmit?
how many interaction will have to be on every page? Any this one
information, and someone more, will have to transmit Vd. whom it realizes his
pages to obtain a result that he answers to what his futures
clients wait of a company to which they are going to entrust one
part of his provisions.

If Vd. does not give them this information, the best creators of
web sites will fail with his. Said otherwise:
he imagines Vd.
to the best actor of the world whom they were putting before the cameras
to roll a movie without any script? without telling which is
the personality of the personage whom it personifies not which are
tones that the director wants to see developed? Still
more: what would happen if that itself was doing with the three
principal roles of the movie? it is possible to imagine the incoherence and
the absence of sense of the final score? Well, since
web sites designers need also a script, the most finished thing and
tinted possible to be able to do a big work. That is to say that, for
to create his web site, Vd. not only must be the producer - the one that sets
the money - but he has to be also the scriptwriter and
the director. Only this way it has probabilities of being successful in the network.


So, first of all, must define which wants that it is his
OBJECTIVE PUBLIC IN THE NETWORK. I put it in capital letters
because Internet gives to his company the opportunity to gain access
to publics to whom till now it had not spoken or to
that could not reach. Perhaps clients of other geographical areas, or
of other business sectors, or..... Do not forget that it is
relatively frequent in Internet to be with clients that never
we had imagined that they could be interested for ours
products. On the other hand, it is obvious, but sometimes he forgets,
that for Internet we can only gain access to the public who is connected.
No, in that they it are not. Bear it in mind and support his
open fan.

Next he will have to think about WHAT HIS TARGETS ARE
IN INTERNET. Does he want to sell straight the public? or only
it is going to spread his products so that it is his sales force
the one that bandages them? perhaps do not have sales network and he wants that
Internet turns into his virtual sales network to expand his
do I negotiate? or he wants to inform the public to influence on
sales (some studies indicate that, in the countries with major
Internet penetration more than 30 % of the sales of cars
are they done after consulting the diverse marks in the network)?
To extend his clients' base? To innovate creating new products for his
the same market? or perhaps to reduce costs?

From this point it is when it is necessary TO DEFINE WHAT GOES TO
point is crucial. In effect, Internet, opposite to other means
of communication - press, radio, TV - that they go of the advertiser
towards the public, it is a way in which the role of the advertiser / company
it is passive. Once we put the pages in the network and do
corresponding promotion, we have not left any more remedy that
to hope that the public should come. We have not left any more remedy
Once it has approached our front, the responsibility
of that it prolongs his visit and of that it repeats it often it is
of the design of our web pages, of his contents and of his


In fact, nobody better than Vd. to decide it. That's why it is
therefore Vd must be the ARCHITECT of his web site.

To define a web site means to define his contents and
way of structuring them and of presenting them. To define also the spirit and
the general aspect that must breathe the place. And all this
it will depend on his specific business. Namely of his products,
services, clients, competitors and also of the resources of which

Nevertheless, an idea must guide him continuously in everything
POINT OF VIEW OF HIS CLIENTS. What do they wish to find?
What would they like being able to enjoy? What problems have that
Can Vd. solve them? Realize of that to his clients
they are not interested in the products that Vd has. His clients have
problems for resolving or needs for covering or,
simply, desires to satisfy. Center on these aspects and say to them
how is it going to satisfy his needs.

In any case, please, do not start with a big one
logotype of his company as front page. Certainly, this one
front does not solve any problem of his clients. Only
he bores them, makes them lose time and costs them money - of
called phone companhy-. Most of those who come there, will change to
another page before his logotype has been printed
completely, and it they does not it will see again never again; there are so many people and so many people
interesting and useful pages in Internet! Why are they going to lose
time with one who does not say anything to them?

A small track not to be wrong: once defined his
pages, them one be read one. If some of them speaks more of
Vd. and of his company that of his clients, throw it and return to
to start. His clients will be grateful for it............. and his business also.

Alain Jorda <> is a Consultant in
Business strategies in Internet and in Digital Marketing
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3. - Classified Announcements:

Information and tariffs about publicity in this bulletin and in
the web in"
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4. - You offer and demand of Work:


I would like finding a work related with
world of the marketing. I am qualified in Management
TV/radio commercial and Marketing.
e - mail:


I want to be employed in Spain at some company of
Marketing, since I am Licensed in Marketing, newly
received and at present I am employed for REPSOL-YPF at this one
Andrés Martínez
Lic. in Marketing
Mendoza Argentina -
cel. 0054-261-155653025
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5. - Feedback on the manual.
In this section we include comments about the manual of
sales "Like selling your product or service in Internet". This one
week we have Humberto's comment:

<<Mr. the Francisco Segura the first allow to congratulate me for so
valuable information that exists is his course I help myself especially that we were beginning
correctly, we have only in June in the web since we go out
on June 1 and we have already as sponsor to yourself to compaq contact and linkage with
newspapers of my country as with other news networks
really we are directed in the business but we were lacking
that one final guidelines so that now be a page of managerial information and
soon of electronic commerce from venezuela we congratulate it
sincerely all that we work in intranet services c.a issc>>

Humberto Blanco
The director ISSC
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6. - Collaborations Mailing for this bulletin.

You can make come your articles and analysis of topic
of electronic commerce, marketing online etc. for his
publication in this one
bulletin to mailto:francisco (25 pound) effective marketing (point) com

We save ourselves the right not to publish articles
that contain information that commits an outrage against persons,
institutions, organisms, etc., and than to our personnel
criterion should not be published.
Also, we save ourselves the right to edit or to request to
author who edits the article to be published.
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7. - Information of subscription and contact.

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the use of the information contained in the same one.

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"Francisco Segura:
It receives you and your collaborators a cordial greeting and my congratulations from El Salvador, I center America, for fulfilling 5 years with your bulletin "The Useful council of the week", which has been helpful for persons that as I we begin to sail in the world of the Internet. I hope to keep on being provided in a lot of time with your advices. Congratulations.
Margarita González

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