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1. - Note of the Publisher.
2. - Article: "Web sites and Aspirins or how to develop one
success web site?"
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1. - Note of the Publisher.

Hello friends, How are you?. A greeting from Alicante (Spain) where
summer it falls down already without compassion.

This week have to you an article of Alain Jordá, specialist in
Strategy for Internet.

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Article: "Web sites and Aspirins or how to develop one
success web site?" for Alain Jorda

I imagine what it will spend for the minds of some of you:
"Title goes! This Alain is turning us a little
So, you are going to excuse me, but I believe that I have not left any more remedy
if I think about how to make to react to most of the companies that
they try to enter Internet as business way and, even more, to
many of those who are thinking about being already close.

In effect, it seems that there are concepts that "the whole world knows"
that, if it was small, "nobody discusses" but, paradoxically,
"nobody applies". He might quote several of them (what resource
they dedicate
the companies to promotion of his places? But that does not prevent them
to complain then bitterly from that they do not receive visits and not
they understand why). It is a curious phenomenon: concepts that we hear
and we read repeatedly, that we give perfectly assumed
but that we do not apply because, perhaps, we think that they are only for
the others.

I want to tell in this article how and with what resources one will be able
company - it is of the size that it is - to develop a BUSINESS of
SUCCESS in the network (I put it in capital letters because it is a question of that.
Not only of developing a web site, but of developing one
BUSINESS of SUCCESS in the network).

And for it, I am going to combine an idea that it had in the inkwell
time behind - that of the web site like product - with the suggestion
a participant in a forum of marketing who was comparing a place
with the aspirins.


This is an important idea. On having developed a web site, what
we try the fact is that our potential clients visit it, that

visit repeatedly and that visit it every day more and more
Namely we try to "sell" our web site all that more
potential clients better. Therefore, we are going to have that
to think

With an important difference. And it is his relevancy for the march
global of the set of the medium-term company (or to shortly, in
some cases). In effect, this product is not going to generate sales
straight, but yes it is going to feed the growth of the sales
all the rest products of the company.

And, as we know already, ANY PRODUCT HAPPENS FOR
PHASES of I+D, production, commercialization and postsale /
update. Since also the web site.

Finally, in any product that our company sells, IT IS
THE COMPANY WHO PILOTS, at all times, all the phases
mentioned. How can we think that we can leave that
web site is developed, of above to below, by persons
to the company?

We are going to see how we must realize and/or pilot each one of
phases of development of our web site. And here it is where they enter
I play the aspirins.


Each of you, readership, can substitute in what it continues

word aspirin for that of one of the products that his company
it commercializes - so much if it produces it as if only it adds
TV/radio commercial-. So much they cost wines, like tires, clocks,
translations, mechanical pieces, juridical services or
buying and selling
of real estate.


In the first phase we define what type of product is going to be, to what
type of client is going to go, what problem it is going to solve to them,
characteristics it will have to have, with what attractions we are going to provide it,
what errors will we have to avoid, what is going to differentiate it of
rival products, etc.

Who develops this phase for any product of
company? The proper company. Sometimes, someone is hired for
to cover part of this process (research laboratory
that will bring us a technology, or perhaps let's acquire some type of
market report, etc.). But we always do it from
a few requisites that we have defined internally.

With the web site, the same happens. We must answer all
questions of a pair of paragraphs more above. And it must do it
company, since only she knows thoroughly his sector and his market.
possibility of subcontracting, in this case, centers on one
Internet strategic consultancy. Namely to count with
of an expert in business in Internet that it helps us to integrate
Internet in our company strategy.

To notice is convenient that in this phase the contents must be defined
and services that we are going to offer to our visitor in the network. And
this is the key of the success of the web site. The key for
of new clients. Namely the key so that every Net user
come to our pages happen to increase the lines of ours
clients' particular community.


With the title it remains definite. In case of a product
(the aspirins of the example), there fit the options to produce it in
our facilities, to subcontract it or to buy a product
existing to resell it.

In case of the web site, it is more than probable that we do not have in
neither the company nor the knowledge nor the hardware for
to develop it. Then, the most habitual option, and also more
reasonable, will be that of subcontracting his creation. I must insist in
we will have to give to the elected company all the criteria and rules
that we will have defined in the first phase. In case not
we were doing this way, or that we had not developed the first phase,
the subcontracted company will be able to create us a web site, but what
it cannot do, on having lacked the basic elements for it, it is
to create the base to construct our success business in

It is probable that, in this phase, we need also external help
to select the providers of services as the designer
of the web site or the provider of accommodation.


The most habitual thing to throw our aspirins to the market, is
to hire the services of some company of communication for
that takes charge so much of the design of the promotional material as
of the campaign in strict sense. Nevertheless, big someone
companies are provided with proper department for these functions.

For the web site, it is advisable, always according to
means of which he gets ready, to act in parallel in two lines
you would complement and, if possible, of permanent form in both.

One of them is the publicity of payment (banners, patronage, off -
line....) in the one that will be convenient for us to be provided with the collaboration of
specialists of the way who are capable of making a plan
to the measurement of our targets and budget.

Another line, it is that of the "free" publicity. Namely
that us
they contribute press releases, participation in forums and lists of
he debates,
organization of courses, edition of bulletins, use of
packaging of the proper products, signatures of messages of mail -
and, stationery of the company, publication of articles, etc. For
there is needed the dedication of some person of the company that
realize these functions every day.

Let's not forget that in Internet the promotional actions have to
to be done of permanent form. ALWAYS, every day, we must be
promoting our company. We have to, also, use
more average all that better. Each and everyone of the actions that
let's realize, for insignificant that they seem to us, if they are
in the same direction, they are penetrating the network and creating his grounds.
Little by little, we will manage to do a name and an image to ourselves. But
it will only be possible with the time and the perseverance in
promotional actions.


If in any product the service post-sale is important
the prestige, and the success, his equivalent for the web site, it is

Compiling the exposed thing till now, with the promotion
we will manage to bring over potential clients to our place. With
good design of the web site and a few good contents
we will manage to receive them like clients. But only if those
contents and the services that we give in the web are updated
they are renewed we will be able to guarantee that the clients visit one to us
again. Since they will only do it if they know that they are going to find something
different from what they already found the previous time. That one is
the fourth phase
of the web site: the permanent update and the innovation.

For that also we need internal resources (persons) that
entrust to inform the information, to edit the bulletins, of
to imagine new services and new possibilities for
(those who are the only vector, let's not forget it, of the web site).
assumption, according to our needs, we will be able to count
also with the collaborators used previously:
business consultant in Internet, the designer, the specialist
promotion, etc.


Like the first conclusion, we have seen the expediency of
to develop inevitably 4 phases if we try to have
in our presence in the network. Thus our web site
it will have all the weapon to generate an indefinite growth of
our clients' base: the attraction, the reception and

The second big conclusion is that we cannot discharge in
external companies all the work that the development and
maintenance of a web site implies. Even more, without ours
active contribution in the critical phases of the process, no
we can,
by no means, to aspire to receive fruits of an activity in

network that will be completely lacking and empty of the whole value
that our company might bring him.

Finally, an implicit conclusion in the previous ones that
it is convenient
explicitar. Having a business presence in Internet with
certain success guarantees, it needs a resource allocation
part of the company: 1) TIME OF THE MANAGING HIGH PLACES in
the first phase (definition of the strategy), 2) DEDICATION OF
OTHER PERSONS of the company (in three following phases) and
3) I BUDGET FOR THE necessary HIRINGS (in
each of four phases). If we are not ready to
to invest
these three elements, we can be sure that we do not go to
to obtain the results that we wish.

Alain Jorda <>, is a Consultant in Marketing
in Internet, Author of the Seminar "to Construct a Business of Success
Internet" and Publisher of "Commerce in the Network" <>.
It is Qualified in Headquarter for EADA (Barcelona) and
Top engineer of Telecommunication for the UPC (Barcelona).

Other articles published previously are in
our section "Interesting Articles":". Consult them.

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Alain Jorda - Consultancy in business Strategies in Internet

How to tackle the step of his company to Internet? How to receive
visitors and to generate sales? How to integrate Internet in his
commercial structure? What contents to include on his pages?

Alain Jorda <> Tel: +34 629 629 869
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5. - Feedback on the manual.

In this section we include comments about the manual of sales
"Like selling your product or service in Internet". This week
we have
Carlos's comment, that his business is going to migrate to Internet:

<<... I am applying little by little the skills that appear in you
manual, since I am in several fronts, but I promise you that
when it is
web I you already will count 100 %.

With regard to your manual to say to you that I love, since it fills some
gaps or
lagoons that exist between what is read in the articles and when
it sets one to apply it.>>

Carlos Alvarez
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