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                             Francisco Segura: Manager of internetmarketingtest.com:Internet marketing, on-line marketing, electronic commerce, online marketing, electronic commerce, electronic commerce, on-line commerce, Internet publicity, online commerce, Internet sales, publicity, web publicity, Internet publicity, Internet promotion

Francisco Segura, 42 years, native of Albatera (Alicante - Spain), is a specialist in on-line and creative Marketing of internetmarketingtest.com and Posicionamiento-eficaz.com

After graduating in management Computer science in the University of Alicante one incorporates the teaching team of the academy CEMA, branch of EDI (School of Computer science). It gives classes of office computerization and programming.

(1996) The first courses of Internet, HTML and email in Edicurs (Elche). The first courses of Marketing and Sales in the Chamber of Commerce of Alicante.

(1997-98) It realizes the Master's degree in Marketing in the business School Fundesem. Once concluded, it goes to the USA to join Berkeley's University and realizes the "Marketing Program" in the above mentioned university (1998).

(1998) It realizes diverse courses in the University (on-line) Ziff-Davis: "Internet Business Strategy", "Internet Advertising" and "Building Online Communities".

(1998-99) One incorporates the Depto. of marketing of the company NetUSA, Inc., located in Silicon Valley, California, where it is employed at diverse projects for Internet.

His work has been principally related to the software shop online: www.softwarecenter.com. It has been wrapped in the design of the website in herself to make her more attractive to the clients and to the manufacturers of software. Finally it has realized the optimization for the searchers and the commercialization of proper products of the company like Mac-In-Dos 3.0. in other electronic commerce websites.

Property of NetUSA has taken part also in the planning of additional strategies for other websites as www.kidscenter.net  and www.candycenter.com, as well as in the corporate web www.netusa.com

(1999) After his stage in NetUSA, one incorporates like Marketing manager and Sales a situated company of Computer science and Internet in Alicante - Spain: Marblenet S.L. (Totware S.L).

(2.000) Later incopora like manager and responsible for e-business to LinuxOne S.L. (Elche - Alicante), subsidiary Spanish company of LinuxOne Inc. This company dedicated to the development of the Operating system Linux and it is located in Silicon Valley, California.

At present he administers the web Marketing-eficaz.com and Posicionamiento-eficaz.com.

Publisher of the weekly bulletin on marketing skills, "The Useful Council of the Week" with more than 40.000 subscribers.

Author of the Manual of sales in Internet "Like selling your product or service in Internet"

It has been interviewed on e-marketing topics for:

- Newspaper The Provinces (Supplement "Euro") - Spain. On February 13 of 2.000
- Magazine Management - Ecuador 5 - April of 2.000
- Bulletin "business Network" - Mexico. - February of 2.000. "What do think the Big ones of the Hispanic Internet?"
- Magazine Advanced Company - Spain. November of 1.999 (Press release)
- Magazine Urban Shops - Argentina. April of 2.000. Section "the experts Speak".-
- Magazine EKO - Spain - July 2.000
- Magazine PC World - Spain - July 2.000: "The keys of the sale in Internet".
- He programmes "The virtual window" (Channel 7 of the Peruvian TV) - September 2.000
- Laser radio 98 - La Paz (Bolivia) 30-11-2.000
- He interviews for the weekly one "The Linkage" of San Diego (USA) 22-11-2.000
- Interview for The San Diego Union Tribune (use) 22-11-2.000
- He interviews for the newspaper "Border" of Tijuana Mx 21-11-2.000
- Chat with the readership of the newspaper ImparMéxico 21-11-2.000
- for Eduardo Ruíz-Healy in Radio Formula for the program: Eduardo Ruíz-Healy and his 40 commentators (22-Jul-2002) Mexico D.F.
- for Oscar Mario Beteta in Radio Formula Managerial Dome (21-Jul-2002) Mexico D.F.
- for Leonardo Curzio in Radio Thousand for the program: Approach (23-Jul-2002) Mexico D.F.
- Newspaper The Economist, interviewer Guillermo Aguilar Lozáno (25-Jul-2002) Mexico D.F.
- Newspaper The Universal one, interviewer José Melo (25-Jul-2002) Mexico D.F.  
- OndaCero Radio - Programa "Hoy por hoy" - 12-12-02
- Newspaper Truth - Elche - 11-12-02
- I remove Elche - 12-12-02
- For Strategists of Attachmedia - Peru. 7-1-2004  
- For Infonos.com - Madrid 4-2-2004

In October 99 the magazine PC a reportage published Magazine on www.internetmarketingtest.com like recommended e-marketing resource.

www.internetmarketingtest.com it is a marketing resource in Internet recommended in webs managerial like: www.iberpyme.com, www.infonegocio.comwww.centralpyme.com etc.

Francisco Segura gives seminars on Marketing in Internet. If he wants to inscribe or organize a seminar in his city or in his company the section visits Courses and seminars attend them with Francisco Segura. It can see also programme and calendar.

It has given seminars on Marketing in Internet the Chamber of Commerce of Valladolid, in companies (Cesvimap - Gupo Mapfre, Group Setel), as well as in Lima - Peru, Tijuana-Mx, and La Paz and Santa Cruz in Bolivia, Santiago de Chile and Mexico DF.

It has dictated the conference "Internet: Business opportunity for young businessmen" in the University of San Marcos (Lima). It has dictated the conference "Banners: like increasing more than 1.000 % the result of a campaign" in the school They Heures - Universitat of Barcelona.

He has been a teacher of Marketing in Internet in programs Master's degree of diverse business schools: ESEM (Madrid), EOI (Madrid), Fundesem (Alicante) and ESUMA (Alicante).

There has been Expert in Marketing in Internet in the office of the magazine Entrepreneurs and adviser of contents of the bulletin of the virtual shopping center of Banesto (Escaparate.com).

It has achieved that internetmarketingtest.com it is considered continuously, from 1999, between the five best marketing resources by the principal searchers, like Google or Yahoo, on million webs of marketing.

Other one of the current business lines is the creation of webs of content. These pages are done based on articles about original content, later they improve themselves in searchers, rentabilización across announcements of Google Adsense and finally they sell normally in USA. Examples of these webs are:


In 2007 it creates the service Enlace-eficaz.com that gives place in 2008 to the creation of Posicionamiento-eficaz.com . A service of position of web pages in searchers. Francisco Segura manages in this service a New System (c) that posiciona a web in the first positions of the searchers at the most accessible price of the market.

Free weekly bulletin:
Sign up to our bulletin: "The useful council of the week", and you will receive weekly in your mailbox ideas, strategies, advices... that will make you be on the day of the most effective skills of promotion (and sales) in Internet. Suscíbete now and you will receive in a few seconds the article: "7 ways of developing the sales in your web".
Privacy: I never rent, sell or trade with the information of contact of nobody for no reason. I respect your privacy and hate the Spam so much how you!

"Francisco Segura:
It receives you and your collaborators a cordial greeting and my congratulations from El Salvador, I center America, for fulfilling one year with your bulletin "The Useful council of the week", which has been helpful for persons that as I we begin to sail in the world of the Internet. I hope to keep on being provided in a lot of time with your advices. Congratulations.
Margarita González

Bienesraices (Peñaflor S.A. of C.V)"

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