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Agency of Marketing. Agencies of business Marketing to business

The business to business or B2B are a deal or the interaction that happens between two or more business. The deals B2B imply generally the processes automated between the associates who trade. They are realized in volumes much more higher than the business to consumer or deals B2C. A company that makes plane engines it would sell his products to a manufacturer of the plane, which is another entity of the business. By contrast, when a company sells the such consumer goods like the products of medical care to clients, the deal that proves would be called like a deal B2C. The deals B2B include also the activities of the marketing between business and not the final score of the marketing. The term B2B is used also to identify the sales deals between business. The business to the marketing of the business is defined like ’el process of the planning and executing valuing, the promotion and the distribution of goods, the ideas and the services to create the changes for a business, generally an agency of professional's marketing, to satisfy the goals of the organization of another business ’. The goal of an agency of the business entered the Marketing B2B it is of establishing, supporting and increasing the long-term client relations with other business in a profit, so that the targets of all the concerned parties are found that's why an Agency of maketing comes well.

The real marketing implies generally the processes of market research, the products development, the administration of vital cycle of product, valuing, the administration of the channel as well as promotion of the product. Nevertheless, according to the agencies of marketing consulted by the author, marketing is not a direct person who takes the decisions in these processes. He makes sure that the products and the services are developed as the requisites sold and it is profitable.

Many business produces the sophisticated high products of the value that there need immense financier and the investments of time. They need exact information and reaction with regard to the viability of the product, the attraction, the band of the price, the answer of consumption to his product and similar products on the market. Such business prefers to entrust the marketing of the product and tasks related to agencies of professional's marketing. Many agencies of marketing B2B realize their own marketing in the Internet.

The business To The Marketing of the Business provides information detailed in the Business To The Marketing of the Business, the Business To The Marketing of the Business E-mail, the Business To business marketing Strategies, the Business To The Marketing of the Internet of the Business and more. The business is affiliated To The Marketing of the Business with Opportunities of Marketing of Network.


Pág. Principal:Marketing

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