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                           Program of (distribution) affiliates   

It gains Money Promoting the Manual
"Like Selling Your Product or Service in Internet"
I will pay 50 % to you In Commissions in 2 levels!
Subscribe now here and start in 5 minutes!   

If you are interested in distributing our manual "Like selling your product or service in Internet" you have 50 % of commission on the sales.

The idea is simple: Basically it consists of putting a linkage (I announce with linkage in your bulletin, banner in your web or linkage of text in your web) to the page where the manual sells. This linkage is personalized for you and it provides you to itself on having subscribed. There is indicated you so the special link / linkage across which you have to send visitors to our special web so that there remain traced the sales that take place and subscribe you in your account.

Without inconveniences. The advantage for the associate is that it does not have to refill orders, she does not have to receive cards, does not have to have inventory or stock, does not have to worry about returns of product or of mailing of the same one, does not need service of attention to the client, anything of clients' questions..... he has only to send visitors to our web across his special linkage and we take charge of everything.

The web where the visits sent by your linkage go or banner it has a software that it detects from which the visit comes for, when the visitor does the buy of the manual, to calculate it to the affiliate who caused the visit.

The software of the program of affiliates needs to be "connected" to a shop, (or better to a page where they receive the sales from themselves), to trace the sales that take place by means of card and to rake from what affiliate there has come the visitor who has carried the buy out. Thus the commissions are calculated to every affiliate.

This alone trailing is possible to do it to the buys that are done by card, it would be impossible if a sale takes place by phone or for bank transfer, therefore only this form of payment is free: for card. This software is similar to the one that generates the statistics of a web site and detects from which the visitors come, at what time etc.

This is done by means of "cookies", that there is a system by means of which, a web (in this case the web where the manual sells) sends an information to the computer of the visitor the first time that this one visits the web. Then, if the same visitor returns to the same web, this one "recognizes" it as this information that in due time sent him (cookie) and this visitor associates the affiliate who sent for the first time the visitor. This does that if someone comes from an affiliate and does not buy in his first visit, the buy is calculated to the affiliate if it comes later to the web page and writes in his navigator the domain root where this system is:

This cookies “cuida system ” of that the sales assume to the corresponding affiliate and also THE AFFILIATES WHO REGISTER stay “bajo ” the corresponding affiliate.

The linkage that you will obtain to connect to the web where the book sells would be of the type:

where there is a key word, username, that you choose on having discharged you in the program.

If you send a visitor to the web where the manual sells and does not do the buy in his first visit (normal thing), and return a few days later writing and realize the buy, this sale assumes to the distributor that the visitor sent. Even if the visitor comes several weeks later and does the buy, the distributor will be calculated in question. This it stems to, as was telling to you earlier, the use of cookies. In particular the software keeps this information for one year after the last visit.

Or for example, if someone comes across your linkage and neither does buy he does not even subscribe like affiliated to yours turn, it is possible that he subscribes to the free bulletin. Well, if during the next year, he goes so far as to buy the manual or subscribes like affiliate, although root is across the directory, the commission will recognize the system after the affiliate across whom he visited this web or if he subscribes like affiliate, it will stay in the group of the affiliate who recounted it.

In case the visitor should come several times, across different affiliates links, the sale or subscription him will admit to the last affiliate that it recounted it. For example, if the visitor comes across the affiliate A, then it comes across the affiliate B, and then across the affiliate C, and does the buy, the commission is granted to the affiliate C. (of equal form if he subscribes like affiliate, it stays under the last one that recounted it)

But if for example it comes across a member linkage, and he does not buy but he subscribes to the bulletin, and at the age of 2 weeks, receives the bulletin, and buy, this sale will assume him to the affiliate who caused the first visit. Since it has not "happened" again for any other affiliates linkage.

To affiliate to this program is free, and you can generate instantaneously a constant money flow for you without any cost or obligation. You must operate or have a web or a publication (bulletin, list of mail or physical magazine). In fact this is the best way of generating visitors of an immediate way: across your bulletin if you have it.

You receive commissions simply connecting to our web and receive commissions for every product sold by means of your linkage or banner.


This is the best part of the program.

Commissions program: The commissions program is the highest of Internet, with
 50 %!!!! of commission for the affiliate with the following structure:

1er level: 40 %

2nd level: 10 %

We are going to see it with an example:

Let's suppose that you have a list of 4.000 emails (I always refer opt-in, of voluntary subscription): you realize the campaign of email (whose text I facilitate to you or you can use other of your creation), always with your affiliate linkage.

This campaign generates, supposing an index of click of 20 %, 800 visits to (across your special linkage)...

1er level: Of these 800 visits, 24 direct sales take place, to a ratio of 3 % , the people who sees the email, it clicks in your linkage with you go, and it goes to and buys the manual. That supposes 24 commissions to you for direct sale.

Whole: you have done 24 commissions of 40 % of the price of sale. If the price is 67 €, there would be 24 commissions for 26,8 Euros. Whole: 643 euros

2nd level: Well, of these 800 visitors that you have recounted, 15 subscribe like affiliates to gain commissions. They in turn do the mailing to his lists of emails.

Let's take one of this 15, it does his campaign and generates 10 direct sales. He gets 50 % of commissions, that is to say 20 euros for direct sale BUT YOU GET 10 % of commission for every sale, or 6,7 euros for sale, with which you get from this second level 6,7 euros for 10 sales = 67 euros!! of this affiliate only.

This belongs to one of these 15 affiliates who have entered the program "below" or across you. Others 14 also do the email campaigns and generate direct sales for they and sales of the second level for you, from which you receive 10 % of commissions. In this case 5 euros the same way of every sale.

Whole: you gain 10 % of commissions or what is the same, 6,7 euros for sale, OF ALL THE SALES THAT EACH OF YOUR SUB-AFFILIATES DOES.

In short:

you gain commissions of your direct sales (40 %),

commissions of the sales of the affiliates that you introduce (10 %),

Commissions in 2 levels!!!!.

ESTIMATION: In the year 2001 I threw my first affiliates program under the platform of, on my list of signed 12.000, in one month I came to 1300 affiliates!!, and that that the commissions program was not so generous and only there were commissions for the first level or direct sales... therefore did not have the "viral" possibility of geometric growth that has this one. To notice that in every number of the weekly bulletin it was doing publicity of the program of affiliates and therefore every week new affiliates were joining. Also in my web there is a section dedicated to this program and of the proper visitors to the web many people were subscribing to the program.

Since you it is already possible that you know, the manual "How to sell your product or service in Internet" contains heaps of advices and ideas for persons who have a business online or think to have it. It is one of the first manuals in Castilian on e-marketing and it has received experts' big praises in the field of the marketing in Internet.

You can see here some comments. Also now it is possible to discharge automatically of the shop in 2 minutes!!!: the client pay with the card, the same one is validated in this moment, and if it is accepted, the system provides in 2 minutes the instructions and discharge keys. This supposes a spectacular increase in the sales, since the client knows that in a few minutes it is going to have at his disposal all the information.

In the last months it has been selling only across our web and has turned into manual of reference to the business online in the whole Spain and Latin America, without forgetting USA, where numerous copies have sold also.

Bundle registers clic: here

VERY IMPORTANT: To receive emails from welcome and instructions, insure of adding in your program of email the domains and


1.-A GOOD PRODUCT: This program is based on a manual or ebook adapted for any page or business on Internet. Any web will benefit from this manual. Only in Spain it are more than 900.000 webs that are all potential clients for this manual. Let's not say in the rest of Latin America and especially in the Hispanic population in the Usa!! a segment of high purchasing power and that is already provided with 15 million Internet users, with more than 1 million webs. Mexico, Argentina, Colombia etc. etc.  

This manual is therefore a product with an enormous sales potential with several million potential clients.

2.-GENEROUS PLAN OF COMMISSIONS. Since you have seen the commissions plan it is unbeatable. And it is possible now thanks to the powerful program of management of affiliates installed in this web.


Other one of the big characteristics of this program is constant “training ” that provided the affiliates: since I have access for email to all of them, every week prepared new strategies, new text of promotion, to be cheering the affiliates to promote up constantly this product and be generating commissions for all. This way the affiliates stay "active".

Really not at all more to register, you receive an email with the exact steps for your first promotion with which “arrancas ”, obtaining your first direct sales and your first affiliates (of whom you receive 10 % of his sales), who in turn also receive the same email with the exact steps to do his first sales (of which they 40 % and it is you who charge 10 %).




The commissions are liquidated monthly; on the 1st of every month they prepare the checks for themselves with the piled up commissions of the previous month and are sent by mail.

Minimal payment: in case your commissions do not reach 100 Euros in this month, the amount is transported for the following month. So that the minimum necessary to send to you a check is 100 euros; this is to avoid expenses of administration, mail etc

Forms of payment:

If you reside in Spain: heel addressed to the affiliate, bank transfer or Paypal.

If you reside out of Spain: Paypal, other means have expenses and important commissions when they are done abroad.

PROHIBITED SPAM. -  is not allowed the mailing to lists of emails that have not given his permission to receive email from the affiliate. Under no concept.


How much finds it hard to take part in the Program of Affiliates?

Not at all. To take part in the program of affiliates of the course "Like selling your product or service in Internet" is completely free.


Which are the requisites?

The requisites to take part are so simple as to possess a page or web site where to promote the links and/or banners proposed. Also they can improve themselves by means of a newsletter and this is in fact the most rapid way of generating income and subaffiliates (for whom you receive commissions on his sales also)


Can I see my sales "online"?

If. You will be able to see all his sales activity, visitors sent per day, week etc, conversion ratios entering with his user's name and key (that they are provided to him automatically in the welcome email)


How much am I going to gain?

This will depend on the size of your bulletin, of the hearing of your web and also on the segmentation. There is no type of guarantees on the quantities that you can generate with this affiliation, since she depends on its own performance, type of hearing of his bulletin, web etc...


How is the sale realized?

After his special affiliate link is touched in his bulletin or web site, the client gains access to our web site. If the client realizes the buy then or in the following year, you gain the commission of this buy.


Am I an independent affiliate?

Completely. It does not take place ever, any type of society between you like affiliate and You as affiliate is only an independent representative.


Can I cancel my account when I want?

If. The affiliate can cancel his affiliation in any moment. Alone debit to remove the linkage of his web page and bulletin to remain completely detached. It can request also the elimination of the system, then his affiliates are inserted in the top level (in particular to the affiliate across whom you entered)


Must I pay taxes?

The generated taxes are a responsibility of every affiliate and they will have to pay all his taxes to the corresponding organisms in his residence country. Every affiliate receives his heels for our part monthly.


What raisin if someone recounted by me tries to buy in redirecciona at the time of paying to the same page that, where there is installed the software of trailing and management of affiliates, therefore, since the visitor has the suitable cookie, on having done the payment, is recognized by the system and the commission is calculated to the affiliate who recounted it.


Responsibilities of the Company

The company does not become responsible for the abuses or damages that the affiliates could produce in our program abusing our promotional material, banners, links or texts.  

How do I discharge myself in this affiliates program?

To be discharged only he needs to refill a form here:

Automatically, in a few seconds, it receives an email with exact instructions to begin sending visitors and gaining commissions

Register now here

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"Francisco Segura:
It receives you and your collaborators a cordial greeting and my congratulations from El Salvador, I center America, for fulfilling one year with your bulletin "The Useful council of the week", which has been helpful for persons that as I we begin to sail in the world of the Internet. I hope to keep on being provided in a lot of time with your advices. Congratulations.
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