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    10 hardware of Marketing Online to multiply his sales thanks to Internet

Nowadays, practically all the companies have presence in Internet, have their own web site, but the number diminishes drastically if we wonder all that of these realize a marketing online actively, which carry out actions of marketing in the Network of form planned and faced to a few targets according to the rest of the traditional actions of marketing of the organization.

Between the wide fan of actions of marketing online that we can develop, appear like principal someone, on that we are going to comment next in this article, but we want to emphasize the tremendous synergies that arise from the use of several of this hardware to the unison in our marketing campaigns online, and the limitations that he supposes using of punctual form the above mentioned actions, opposite to developing them of form coordinated inside a marketing plan online directed to a few concrete and quantifiable targets.

The Strategy Online 

To obtain the success in the use of these actions, it is essential that they are overlapped in the general strategy of the organization and are part of a coordinated plan that must take us to the looked target, be already an increase of the fame of our mark or product, the position of these, the reception of new clients, the fidelización of the current ones, etc.

Not everything sells online

Additionally we must think that not all our effort in marketing online has to take us to a sale realized across Internet, but the Network is turning increasingly into a powerful tool of prescription of buys, which then are consolidated across our traditional channels, well be by phone, in the physical shop, etc.

Thus practically nobody nowadays, he buys a car across Internet, but it is the same way true, that almost nobody comes to a concessionaire to buy the vehicle without having consulted earlier the information that exists in the Web on the above mentioned car, and that probably the decision to buy this vehicle has taken thanks to the Internet information.

In other sectors, as for example in the trips sector, we must remember that the information of diverse studies, like that gets rid of the biggest survey realized in Spain, the general study of means (EGM), according to which, we state that most of the buys that are realized across Internet, are related straight to the sector of the tourism. This way, 26 % of the Spanish Net users admits to have bought his plane tickets through the network, in addition to 27 % that has carried out his reservations of hotel and holiday bundles.

1. High and Position in Searchers

Some studies affirm that 60 % of the buys that are realized in Internet, has his origin in a searcher, and if we think that approximately 80 % of the searches in Spain is carried out across Google, we already have the fundamental information for posicionar the importance of this first tool of marketing online.

It is fundamental that our web is included in the principal international, national searchers and in the specifics of our sector of activity. But this is not sufficient, since the number of Net users who go beyond the first pages in his searches is very limited. We must strain for occupying the first places for those key words that our objective public uses to look for our services category.

To discover which these words are, to re-design our web in order to posicionarlo of form privileged by the above mentioned terms in the searchers, with special attention to Google will be the principal target of our work.

2. Linkage campaigns

To achieve that other web pages point at our pages is the target chased in a campaign of linkage or links.

To create quality content is a guarantee of at that in the course of time, more and more webmasters will decide to aim to our pages from his webs, but true technical like the exchange of linkage or the creation of content that we license in exchange for a linkage are strategies that will accelerate this process. We can write an article, a study or simply spread a press release, to achieve that other pages point towards our web.

An objective double moves us, on the one hand the traffic that comes from these webs is highly segmented, is free and it has big quality, but additionally, we are going to improve our position in some searchers like Google, thanks to the importance that it grants to the external linkage that point at our pages.

According to Page Rank (The PR is the importance that Google grants to every page and changes from 0 to 10) of the pages that aim at us and the number of linkage that should contain the above mentioned pages, since this PR that can be transmitted from one page to other one, splits between the linkage that there has above mentioned page, they will be able to help us in major or minor measurement to increase the importance of our page facing Google.

3. Advertizing campaigns in Searchers – Campaigns of Payment For Clic and Publicity Contextual

After an important effort and after several weeks and even months of work, we can appear in the searchers in a place emphasized from his results by a fistful of key words, but it is usual, that we need to appear by dozens or hundreds of combinations of key words (believe me, the Net users we are very creative at the time of looking). It is for it, that in common and with enormous synergies it appears the advertizing campaign in the searchers along with the campaign of high and position.

We can realize campaigns so that our announcements appear by any combination of key words, and we will only pay when a Net user, after seeing our announcement, and only, if he feels interested for our proposal, does “Clic ” on the above mentioned announcement and visits our web. Thus we will know all the persons visit us for certain key word in a time interval, and even which is the cost of acquisition of a client across every key word in every moment.

With the same payment procedure for targets, we will be able to do an advertizing campaign in big vertical portals, dedicated to a certain topic and with a segmented hearing, or in small web sites faced to a niche of even more segmented market, where our publicity will appear according to the context, the content of the page that is according to our service.

At present, this is the publicity tool online more used by the majority of the advertisers, given his high effectiveness and the echo of that allows any investment volume for modest that this one is with measurable results.

4. e-mail Marketing

The e-mail marketing is not only one e-mailing, a mailing route e-mail of our commercial proposal, it is a question of realizing coordinated actions of mailing of messages personalized to a database in search of such a commented marketing one to one. Obviously these actions can develop with the proper clients base to increase his buy level and to make them faithful, or opposite to new databases to extend our market and business.

Thus a company can send a commercial offer to a users database segmented according to diverse variable, socioeconomic (age, sex, province …), of interests (interested in formation, in motorcar …) etc, and if we use an extra cost service with a professional tool of management of mailing, to have steadfastness of those who open his e-mails, at what time and all the times read his commercial offer. At the same time, we can know those who click on the different offers that the commercial message contains, and react consequently with later actions.

Let's put a hypothetical example to clarify this point: A hotel sends a weekly commercial offer to a user group (they might be clients or brochures) in the one that contains two options, a rural accommodation and a beach destination. After there know those who open his post office and even who clicked in each of the offers, it can determine that throughout the month, in which it has realized a weekly mailing, those persons who clicked 3 or more times on the linkage of the beach hotel, following his knowledge of the client (information that can be lodged in his CRM) 9 has a level on 10 of deciding a beach holidays destination in the next 15 days. Thus it reacts and segments his database, so that he sends a message to the users who have had the described behavior, in which it offers them a percentage of discount, if his holidays decide about next 15 days in his hotel establishment. The client receives the offer of the product for that he is looking, in the moment in which he is interested in and at a profitable price. This is truly a marketing one to one, and not the mere fact of putting the name in the title of an e-mail then to offer the same offer to the whole database without personalizing for interests that so much we see round there.

5. RRPP. Online

Any organization has diverse types of publics, in addition to his clients, and one of the most important they are the creators of opinion, the leaders of opinion, the journalists, etc.

It is possible, thanks to Internet, to develop Public relations strategies online. We can create a press kit in our web site, with the press releases, our logotype and his rules of use, the contact with the means, and another information interest for this important group. But also we can incorporate our communications (dossier, notes, events, etc) of public relations in the portals faced to the journalists or to make them come from more agile form this information across e-mail, and of course we can create our means database to keep them comfortably informed about the innovations of our company.

6. Programs of Affiliates

The affiliates programs allow us to take our advertizing messages across dozens or hundreds of webs and we will only pay for targets, a fixed one for every visit or somewhat for every request of valid information, or even for every sale.

Thus we obtain an advertizing campaign enormously capillary that can come all over and wrapped up inside the supports context to that believer is our potential client, so that our commercial message remains an associate to the whole series of very desirable values.

The Affiliation programs, they are carried out usually when our marketing targets are more self-seekers since it is a question of actions of wide openwork and that they demand of a certain budgetary level, but they suppose the authentic sleep of a marketing manager; to have virtual sellers who only work to commission on results.

7. Viral marketing

The possibility of realizing certain advertizing pieces, which by his enormous fame can be transmitted from user to user of particular and free form is the target of the viral marketing.

We can sow the first seed of our message sending a few thousands of e-mails to a database, with the target that it is transmitted by every recipient to his respective influence circles, or use skills of marketing of guerrillas to encourage his diffusion.

It is true, that only I begin of that we send a message to a group of potential clients and it is forwarded by these to his acquaintances, already of for himself it is a profitable strategy, since in the most unfavorable case we will only have paid for making to come our message to the first ones and the following advertizing impacts will be free. But this is a too poor vision of what the viral marketing can offer to our campaign, since really, when our message is forwarded by a recipient to his acquaintances' circle, not only it is a free impact what we are generating, but there is the echo of which our message stops being perceived as something merely TV/radio commercial, and turns into a recommendation of an acquaintance, therefore, on having lost this commercial tufillo, they will diminish the defense barriers congnitiva habitual before the advertizing messages of the recipients before the above mentioned message and it will be perceived of a more friendly form.

Although, any advertizing action has some viralidad aspiration, in his last dimension, the viral marketing, it is of a territory forbidden for many, for dared of the actions to develop to reach the fame level wished like so that an individual after knowing it, turns out to be impelled to forward it to his influence circles.

8. Marketing of Guerrillas

Actions of low intensity, like the participation in lists of mail, blogs, news of Internet, etc in order to be recognized like a modality in the matter and to provoke visits qualified to our web, it is the habitual mechanics of the actions of the marketing of guerrillas.

This type of these actions more faced to business with a limited marketing budget, since zero talks each other of actions with a cost, but that demand of dedication of a person expert in the business to be able to be carried out.

9. Publicity and Patronage

We cannot obviate the most traditional publicity across the acquaintances banners and his multiple variants (skyscraper, layer, interstitial, etc) like fundamental tool to generate image of mark and sales.

Normally this presence that we will think about how to have in the web sites where our objective public is, goes to remunerate under the cost formula For Thousand impressions of our banners (CPM), although progressively we negotiate mixed formulae in which we pay for obtained targets; for visits, sales …

The patronage, it is a variant destined to establish a more lasting and ambitious relation between an advertiser and a support in this advertizing presence, and that we will restrict to those web sites that offer results demonstrated in the fields of generation of image of mark, position, prescription of sales or sales in.

10. Microsites

The creation of small web sites faced to a promotion or certain service, it is more and more used in Internet due to the freedom that we have to create a site different from the corporate one that is faced to a very specific target, often in a very concrete time period, as it can be supporting a certain promotion.

Every time it is more important for the companies, to have several web sites different from his corporate web, given the high quantity of contents that have these sites, and believe webs specific for concrete products, or promotions … that are more usables on the part of the visitor and fulfill fully better the concrete targets to which they serve.

To use an URL with a name that supports the target of the site is different of the reasons of the use of microsites. This way, for example, we can choose a site that is www.masters-cursos.es for the promotion of these services, so that the position of our microsite remains well clear, simultaneously that we will impel the possibilities of posicionarlo in the searchers for these key words.

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Marketing manager
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