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It is very strange that only one strategy makes you be successful in your business in Internet. It has to be a process, a marketing strategy at several levels: dressmaking of a web page faced to the sales, marketing for email, optimization (marketing) for searchers (the best publicity tool and free), bulletins, etc (all this is gathered in our course  click "Like selling your product or service in Internet"). A set of skills of and - marketing that the visits and sales will shoot in your business in Internet.

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Today to have a web page without much ado serves as little. If nobody knows of the existence of this web, it is like opening a shop in the middle of the desert. Who is going to go to visit it? Probably few people.

Every week we publish the called "Useful council of the week". It is a section where we speak about a marketing topic in Internet. We send this article in our weekly bulletin. It is free and you it will receive in your mailbox every week to be able to consult it later.

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Francisco Segura
The director of internetmarketingtest.com

Last number of our bulletin  "The useful council of the week":

Published: 19/February / 2009 

Dear subscriber.

One of the questions that more the interested parties rise in signing the service Effective Position is on the obligatory nature to remain a number of months in the service.

I have prepared a small video (4 mins). answering this question. It is below completely in the questions section


I put also two of the last testimonies to you:


A brief message to comment to you that we are very satisfied because only in two weeks we have recovered our 1st position in Google - Argentinian for the phrase "Cartons". We had lowered a few positions and we decide to resort to your system. Concerning days we have returned to the number 1:!

This is a good way of verifying that the system is very effective, the first target was already fulfilled and in very short time, we go for more and that they continue the successes.
Ah certainly, very interesting also the Video that you have published on our web in Youtube.

Thanks for everything.
Sergio Garcia



In a little time that I entrusted you the position of me
web: www.eladiestramiento.com
we are already with two criteria on the first page of google and other in the second one. and rising. I am confident of coming to this step to the first 3 positions of Google in a little time.

What I have surprised also is that we are receiving visits from Youtube.com, since the promotional video that you realized has already had more than 200 reproductions:!!
I see also that the video appears in in the first video positions. Google.es primera Zango page,
truveo.com, .

Really a work completes, at many levels to obtain linkage and hearing of clients interested by my manual of training for dogs. I hope that it should go also quite equally for my second web in your service: Laguiadelembarazo.com.


A greeting :-)
Francisco Segura. Manager.
"New system" posiciona a web in the first positions of Google at an accessible price (19 /mes).
Last positions:

He visits http://www.internetmarketingtest.com/comovender.php"
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